Greasby Green Belt Public Meeting and Defend Greasby’s Green Spaces Action Group

greasby green belt mtg 1

We’re pleased to note that the Green Belt campaigns are spreading across the peninsula and happy to publicise the latest developments emanating from Greasby :

Press Release


On Saturday 12th January 2019, residents attended a standing room only public meeting at Greasby Community Centre about the threat to the Green Belt. Dozens more residents were turned away at the door.


Residents heard from a number of speakers about the proposals to build hundreds of houses on the last remaining green fields around Greasby and the negative impacts that the proposals will have on the local community and the environment. Speakers included a renowned local ecologist and representatives from the Wirral Society and the CPRE (Campaign to Protect Rural England).


The very informative presentations covered topics which included the impacts of climate change and  threat of increased flood risk, threats to wildlife, pressure on local NHS services and increased traffic and air pollution. We heard about threats to ancient heritage sites near Greasby Copse, dating from 8500BC one of the oldest dated settlement sites in the country. We also heard from a local tenant farmer whose family farm and livelihood is under threat.


The Defend Greasby’s Green Spaces Action Group are overwhelmed from by the unanimous support which they received on Saturday night and would like to thank all the residents who attended  – and apologise to those who were unable to get in. It highlighted the great community spirit that we have in Greasby and showed that the Green Belt is highly valued by residents. The local community are determined to do everything they can to save it. Further public meetings are being planned for the next few months.


Everyone at the meeting agreed that Wirral Borough Council should not be releasing precious Green Belt land for development, when there are enough Brownfield sites and empty properties on the Wirral which should be brought back in to use. Wirral requires affordable homes and social housing in the right places not executive homes on precious green spaces!


The Defend Greasby’s Green Spaces Action Group are always looking for additional volunteers to help with the campaign. We need people to help with printing, leafleting, fundraising etc. We are also looking for people who may be able to offer particular skills such as legal knowledge, planning knowledge, research skills, media contacts and I.T. skills. However people with no particular skills are also very much needed – all that is required is enthusiasm and time.


Anyone who would like to get involved with the campaign, please contact Phil Simpson on 07988 677270


Defend Greasby’s Green Spaces Action Group – January 2019


2 thoughts on “Greasby Green Belt Public Meeting and Defend Greasby’s Green Spaces Action Group

  1. G’day Leaky

    Big crowd in your photo.

    Might be semi intelligent by the look of them.

    So why do they vote in people like “Philly “FUCKING” Liar”?



    What has to happen before intelligent, honest decent people stand?

    Doesn’t matter the game is F U C K E D.


    Just look at the driving accidents, Boris, BREXIT, EVERTON, “Philly “FUCKING” Liar” .

    The place has as much hope as Papua and New Guinea.

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