Halliday Money : The Rising Son of York


Hooray! Hooray! It’s a Halli-Halliday ?…

You may recall that we brought you the news of the appointment  and resignation of Brian Bailey, Wirral Council’s Corporate Director for Economic and Housing Growth  , a significant role which includes overseeing the production of Wirral’s non-existant Local Plan.

We’ll give you one guess as to his successor…

Good guess. But no, sorry it wasn’t Martin Liptrot . As you know some CCTV footage may have put paid to his meteoric – and  Cllr Phil ‘Power Boy Pip’ Davies -assisted – rise through the Wirral Council ranks …

Have another go .Yes, that’s right, it the other one. Stewart Halliday, the rising son of York. The man who arrived with a chequered past from over the Pennines and the adventures of whom Wirral Leaks have chronicled for the past couple of years.

Here are a selection of Halliday’s (and our) greatest hits :

Wirral Council – Where Transformation Means More Of The Same

Reference Point

Happy Halliday

Secret Chamber

We may never know what Halliday did (or didn’t ) get up to in York but from the reaction we’ve received from contacts in City of York Council they’re not best pleased at the appointment :

After pocketing around £300k for 21 months ‘work’? as a consultant at Wirral …, he’s now been made a Director by this LA….
It stinks !!!!
Meanwhile as far as we can see not a peep from Wirral Council or its councillors , Wirral View or the local press on the prestigious and highly remunerated new appointment. Shall we await a big media splash or will the powers that be not want to cause any waves or muddy the (Wirral Waters) about their fishing in the shallow end of the local government talent pool? …

5 thoughts on “Halliday Money : The Rising Son of York

  1. Deffo worth a read of those links to Hallidays ‘greatest hits’…. good to refresh the old memory bank.

    What a fuckin racket!

    Kisses to the Aussie

  2. Is this some sort of sick joke? York is an even worse offender that Wirral is in terms of refusing to adopt a land use development plan. York hasn’t had an up-to-date adopted development plan since 1956.

    I have had the responsibility of deciding two planning appeals in York. This is what I said in regard to the development plan in 2008: “The adopted development plan for the area is the City of York Development Plan 1956 (DP). No DP policies have been saved by a direction made under paragraph 1(3) of Schedule 8 to the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004. I have treated them as having expired.” In that case, I had to rely upon national planning guidance (the now revoked PPG24 – Planning & Noise) to decide the appeal. – Appeal ref: APP/C2741/A/08/2073364

    The other case involved development in a conservation area, also in 2008. I said the same about the 1956 plan in that case but I had a little more help from the abortive 2005 plan: ” Similarly, although having been used for the purposes of development control since April 2005, Policies HE2 and HE3 of the City of York Draft Local Plan (LP) have been neither formally adopted nor saved. However, I consider them to constitute important material considerations in this case and have attributed moderate weight to their contents and supporting information”.

    Although I also had a little help from the now revoked Policy Y1 of the Regional Spatial Strategy for Yorkshire & Humber, published May 2008, I was forced to rely mainly upon primary legislation to decide the appeal (i.e. the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990 and national guidance (the now revoked PPG15 – Planning & the Historic Environment)). – Appeal Ref: APP/C2741/A/08/2069834

    Is Wirral heading in the same direction? Are we going to lurch from abortive plan to abortive plan, with decision-makers needing to increasingly rely upon what national guidance says? This is no way to manage land-use in the best interests of the Borough, local businesses and residents.

    This appointment is hardly going to make the council’s relationship with MHCLG (Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government) any better. Indeed, it is likely only to further enrage ministers, making the direct intervention of Whitehall even more likely.

  3. Oh dear old Charles will have a David Ball with this news. Maybe best we just brush this under WTH mayors parlour plush carpet and say no more. Let’s see what unfolds over the coming days I watch with interest

  4. Harry:
    I am sure that Halliday feels very much at home in the corrupt cesspit that is Wallasey Town Hall.
    Just don`t let him anywhere near contracts!

    The honest and decent people of York will be shaking their heads in absolute horror at this appointment as they were when his £188,000 “consultancy” was eventually brought into the public domain by Wirral Leaks and other seekers of the truth.
    As his consultancy was extended by at least 9 months he pocketed circa £300k of OUR money.

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