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There’s a curious email doing the rounds that inevitably found its way to us. It concerns Cllr Kate Cannon who was elected as the Labour councillor in Pensby and Thingwall following the fall from grace of her former Labour colleague Louise Reecejones . I’m sure we don’t need to recount to Wirral Leaks readers the LRJ rap sheet – but what about her successor?

It is interesting to note that information about Cannon is only coming to light now only after she was elected in May 2018  so we have to question the motivation for this particular leak with local elections (not involving Cannon) coming up. Whatever the motivation it’s all blog fodder for us – so let’s go:

First of all we are told that Cllr Cannon “set up a Ltd company to provide services as a ‘consulting nurse’ to solicitors…”


Kate.M Cannon – Medico legal Consultant – K.M.Cannon Consultancy Ltd | LinkedIn

View Kate.M Cannon’s profile on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional community. Kate.M has 2 jobs listed on their profile. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Kate.M’S connections and jobs at similar companies.


So what you might say is so concerning about that ? Well ,the answer provided is as follows :

“What is worrying is that Cllr Cannon was “struck off” by the National Council of Midwives for “academic malpractice’, “dishonesty’ and “attitudinal problems.

It is actually the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) and its report can be read HERE

Now as is our wont we thought we’d check out the detail of the Conduct and Competency Committee hearing held at the Old Bailey in April 2014 which Cllr Cannon did not attend and which led to the following sanctions

screen shot 2019-01-30 at 16.37.28

The charges against Cllr Cannon who was employed as a trainee Advanced Midwifery Practitioner by the Wirral University Teaching Hospital Trust (WUTH) and studying on the Advanced Midwifery Practitioner Course at the University of Chester were that :

  1. Falsely represented that the following written academic modules were all your own work when that was not the case:
    1. Clinical decision making; and/or
    2. Fetal blood sampling; and/or
    3. Post anaesthetic recovery skills
  2. Failed to notify the Trust that you were being investigated for academic malpractice by the University of Chester.
  3. Your actions as set out at charge 1 and/or 2 were dishonest.

So it would appear that ‘Copycat Kate’ had plagiarised colleagues work and, when found out, at first denied it , then continued to lie about her misconduct :


screen shot 2019-01-29 at 16.28.57

Whilst the author of the email who disclosed this information makes the valid point that “It would seem that Cllr Cannon has a history of lying that lead the (NMC) to strike her off, but that is fine with the Labour Party for her to be a Cllr…” we consider that there is the  more significant wider issue of public interest to be considered. As we know the local Labour Party is riddled with world class liars (yes, we’re talking about  Cllrs Davies , G & P and Cllr Foulkes in particular) who make Copycat Kate seem like a rank amateur. So it should come as no surprise that the local Labour Party endorsed Cllr Cannon as a election candidate. However the NMC considered that there was a risk that she may act dishonestly in the future :

screen shot 2019-01-29 at 16.54.20

Isn’t it ironic that we introduced Cllr Kate ‘Copycat’ Cannon’s controversial mother Yvonne Nolan to our readers with a post titled The Nolan Principles

Doubly ironic as our many readers – but seemingly very few councillors – will know that  ‘The Seven Principles of Public Life’ are:

  1.  Selflessness
  2.  Integrity
  3.  Objectivity
  4.  Accountability
  5.  Openness
  6.  Honesty
  7.  Leadership

In the light of The Nolan Principles and the judgment of the NMC we have to ask ourselves whether Cllr Cannon is fit to hold public office, especially when we are not aware of any appeal being made against the NMC sanction and when it includes making decisions that impact on her former employers at WUTH ? …


13 thoughts on “Cannon Fodder

  1. If one thought LRJ was bad,having read the adjudication on this lady it is worse than her predecessor or am I missing something.

  2. And knowledge like this also gives the public the ability to go back and re-examine certain difficult situations that the council leader and proven liar Philip Davies found himself in (both foreseeable and avoidable (and not exhaustive – many others far too numerous to mention)).

    1. Ex-Councillor Crabtree, former Chair of the Audit and Risk Management Committee rings up a former council colleague and makes a menacing death threat. Council leader and proven liar Phil Davies bestowed rapid promotion through the ranks upon Crabtree despite his woeful attitude and reckless, loose cannon behaviour, including using special needs kids to distribute election leaflets.

    2. Ex-Senior officers Noone & Fowler are found to have involved themselves for many years in unlawfully charging learning disabled council tenants for their supported living accommodation, totalling £736,756.97 – tip of the iceberg. Council Leader and proven liar Phil Davies chaired a disciplinary panel which reinstated the two abusers in the teeth of a welter of evidence against them. He later oversaw their gagging, paying off (£110,000 each) and the issuing of clean bills of health to secure their future employment prospects. Fowler got a senior finance role paying top whack at the Brook Young People alleged “charity”. Noone slid herself into an alleged “public health” role at Northamptonshire County Council and got out just before the axe fell and commissioners were called in, but landed on her feet again as the Head of Social alleged “Care” at Reading Council. Wirral Leaks and Wirral in it Together did for her, she was forced out, and the public interest was finally served in the end, despite the serial protective, shielding behaviour of the Council Leader and proven liar Phil Davies.

  3. G’day Leaky

    With “Philly “FUCKING” Liar” on his way out.

    Shut the fuckin door quick behind him.

    Hey “Philly” who was the briber and who was the bribee over the Wirral “Funny” Bizz £2,000,000.00 knock off?

    Why were they paid for a further 18 months after you and Davies, Jones, Jones, Foulkes, Wilkie, Tour, Norman and Armstrong all knew?

    Don’t tell me you don’t know?

    When did you ask Bradbury, Ball, Basnett and Adderley?

    How come some of these are still around public monies?

    Who’s idea was it to tie “Highbrow” up with his grievance and for the little fat welsh egit that is the biggest, fattest, ugliest joke in (Harry) Seacombe to get him an incompetent solicitor to divert him from attacking the clowncil and ensuring




    Bye bye “Philly”

    FUCK OFF and don’t ever ever talk to the grandkids about your wonderful career it is a sick sick life of lies and deceit.


    Proper public apologies are waiting you buffoon



    • Hello Chief Constable of Merseyside…
      Could you explain why someone has not been prosecuted for all of the above?

      Isn’t time for a new and improved investigation?

  4. Unfortunately the local media are unlikely to touch this revelation with a barge pole being so in thrall to the Labour controlled Wirral council.
    Hence, the good people of Pensby and Thingwall are most unlikely to learn of the very dubious background of the councillor they elected.
    Can we expect the Conservative opposition to take up the cudgels?

    • Oh yes and what a fine outstanding character the conservative rep is just ask all those he worked with at the council.And i use the term worked very loosely indeed.

    • G’day Billy
      Looks like her head has been up her arse an awful long time.

      Thought no one would spot the cling ons.



      Non political clowncils would be the only way.

  5. With reading the 7 principles of public life.That rules out the would be wanna be conservative council rep for a start.

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