The Nolan Principles 2 : Money and Power



Expect to see and hear more from Ms Nolan in 2019 

Strictly – and relatively (!) – speaking we should have done this story straight after our Cannon Fodder post as it concerns Cllr Kate ‘Copycat’ Cannon’s mother Yvonne Nolan. However such has been the extent and significance of this week’s leakage we’ve had to delay until now.  Let’s call it a case of ‘leakus interruptus’ . The same applies to the much anticipated  glittering ‘Leaky Awards 2018’  where such has been the response to nominations and suggestions that we’ve had to put them on hold until we can fully do them justice.

But back to Ms Nolan who, as you can see below, has attracted a lot of attention for someone who is not yet a Wirral councillor  – although she has been, no doubt will be again come May and indeed, come what may .

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The Nolan Principles

Exit Stage Left

Enter Stage Right

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Most , if not all, of the attention and uncomradely comment has come from Cllr Moira ‘Matron’ McLaughlin who has taken umbrage that Nolan is on ‘her patch’ (geographically  and politically) ever since the latter ousted Cllr Chris ‘Yus, Milady’ Meaden as an elected member candidate for the Rock Ferry ward.

Now anyone who rubs ‘Matron’ up the wrong way is OK with us , so we thought we’d do a bit of digging as to what Councillor -in -waiting Nolan was up to before she rocked up in Rock Ferry.

We uncovered this Freedom of information request made to Manchester City Council which is most informative in many respects as we understand the ‘named individual’ involved is Ms Nolan herself.

Screen Shot 2019-02-02 at 09.29.39


Screen Shot 2019-02-02 at 09.37.53

We understand that the cool half a million + for three years work was paid to one of the prospective Wirral councillor’s companies – which is very ‘tax efficient’ of Nolan isn’t it? Nice work if you can get it and you can certainly get it in the Socialist Republic of MCR where there are 96 Labour councillors (count ’em) and er,that’s it!

Now we’ve got no problem with people earning a wedge (or in this case a very,very big wedge) as long as it comes with the requisite understanding that whenever we hear councillors (rightly) complaining about local government cuts and the emaciated state of council finances that it comes with the acknowledgment that somehow from somewhere there’s always money for council consultants and there’s always consultants ready to swoop upon the council cadaver and pick it clean.

This situation is ,of course a recurring Wirral Leaks cri de coeur and something which we have previously set out in Consultant Insults and Consultant Insults – Continued

Quite how Nolan squares any future ‘hard left’ rhetoric with the information above when she sweeps to power in May will be interesting to observe as will her thoughts on her Labour colleagues record on safeguarding vulnerable adults over the recent past and Rock Ferry Cllr Matron McLaughlin’s appalling track record in particular.








14 thoughts on “The Nolan Principles 2 : Money and Power

  1. Given the “tax efficiency” of agencies companies, how does this square with the Socialist mantra of “From each according to their means” ?

  2. Is that the same Yvonne Nolan that spoke at the call-in meeting of Wirral Council’s Adult Care and Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee on the 27th November 2018 (video below)? Isn’t Cllr Moira McLaughlin on that committee too?

  3. The information set out above reminds me that I will be continuing to publish a blog and I will not be joining the Labour Party at any point in the near future.

    The two being mutually exclusive and absolutely unable to exist on the same planet at the same time.

  4. This info should be very widely shared, since it highlights the depth to which “hard left” snouts are in the trough. Very pertinent, at a time when Labour MPs are accepting cash for votes from the Tories.

    • Fiona;

      I agree but, sadly, the local media including Wirral Globe are unlikely to run with the story being totally in thrall to the corrupt Wirral Council regime.
      I wonder if Wirral Globe will ever get around to publishing the Halliday departure?

      • I’ve shared as widely as I can in some FB groups, and also on Twitter. I’m sure this sorr of scenario is being replicated up & down the country. And that, in the context today of nurseries in vulnerable areas being closed because of funding cuts, the whole thing is nauseating.

  5. The remunerations of directly employed senior Local Authority staff is a disgrace but the amounts paid to consultancy firms, when those senior staff are incapable of doing what they are paid for, is a rip off paid by the long suffering residents.
    At least Manchester City Council were prepared to give a general costing of the consultancy posts whereas, repeated Freedom of Information Requests to Wirral Council were blocked on the grounds of “commercial confidentiality”
    It was only through leaked information from Wallasey Town Hall that the £188,000 a year (later paid for an additional 9 months) for the late and unlamented Halliday was brought into the public domain.

  6. I’ve shared as widely as I can in some FB groups, and also on Twitter. I’m sure this sort of scenario is being replicated up & down the country. And that, in the context today of nurseries in vulnerable areas being closed because of funding cuts, the whole thing is nauseating.

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