‘Bring It On’ – The Brand New World of Wirral Council

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The only way to start this journey was to bravely use honesty of the past in order to present a different future

They call it ’employer brand’

We call it ‘reputation management’

Nowadays the ultimate goal in personal achievement is to become a ‘brand’. From royalty to rock stars to multi-nationals to public institutions. A world where a logo and a strapline become a recognisable saleable commodity and human worth is counted in economic units.

Now if any organisation needed a re-branding we all know its Wirral Council especially after several lamentable attempts in the past which have done nothing to shift the public perception of a toxic,dysfunctional organisation. Those of us who remember ‘What Really Matters’ and ‘Destination Excellence’ might be forgiven for thinking that yet another costly shit-glittering exercise couldn’t any more woeful. We were wrong.

We’ve previously posted a link to Bring It On Wirral  and we would implore you to  particularly view  The Roles .  We think you’ll find it hard to disagree with an apoplectic reader who wrote to us with the following questions :

What the fuck is this????

Who is paying for this?

Why is it only officers, are elected officials irrelevant? 

What is the purpose of this website?

How much is it costing to set up and run?

All we do know is that the media geniuses behind this farrago are Penna . On their website they tell us :

A very recent example of bold EVP development is the work Penna has developed for its client Wirral Council. On a big change journey Wirral asked us to create a leadership employer brand that truly positioned the Council in a fresh, more dynamic and commercially focused way. Through research and fact-finding meetings reviewing their past, present and future we developed some compelling messages aimed at both supporting and challenging some of the perspectives the external audiences held.  

Centred around a leading strapline of “Bring in on” (sic) we developed advertising collateral, a microsite and a video. The investment in attraction will be realised when people have a different view of Wirral and start to see them as an employer of choice. The only way to start this journey was to bravely use honesty of the past in order to present a different future

www.bringitonwirral.co.uk  – Still live the campaign has so far received over 1.25M impressions with 1,500 clicks through to the microsite for more information. Enormously satisfied with the applications so far (and with fresh and new people coming through), we are confident that finding ways of embracing a brand identification (or re-identification) can be fundamental to any such strategy being a success.

There’s more to do to change and embed new perceptions of Wirral, but the campaign is a real positive start. Paul Satoor, Chief Operating Officer said ‘I recognised that we needed to a bold and impactful employer brand if we are serious about what we wanted to achieve. By creating ‘Bring it On’ Penna have captured the essence of our ambition and aspiration, and although we have a long way to go it is an employer brand that we can be proud of and we are already seeing a positive impact on our recruitment campaigns’

Read more here

If you managed to view members of The Senior Team (and some random extras) repeatedly uttering the immortal words ‘ Bring it on’ without gagging you’re doing well – for us it was not so much a case of ‘Bring it on’ but ‘Bring it up’ !  Our first impression was that we don’t know what filter Penna were using on ‘the Senior Team’ but can we suggest that ‘slapped across the face with a frozen kipper’ is not a good look.  We also noticed that it was left  to a kiddiewink to read the line ‘no fibbers’ . Might we suggest that after  finding out that Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy don’t exist that Wirral Council having ‘no fibbers’ will be the poor boy’s third big disappointment in life.  More significantly what is Children’s Services Director Paul Boyce doing talking about the Wirral Growth Company? And as for the performance of Wirral Council CEO Eric ‘Feeble’ Robinson is there anyone less suited to uttering the gung ho expression ‘Bring it on’ ?

Bring it on ?  Wirral Council should be careful what it wishes for , whatever the branding Wirral Leaks doesn’t need any further encouragement, especially as we ain’t buyin’ what they’re sellin’…

12 thoughts on “‘Bring It On’ – The Brand New World of Wirral Council

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  2. Amongst all the stinking garbage was the telling phrase, ” To start the journey was to bravely use honesty of the past in order to present a different future”
    Presumably we will now have an honest and detailed list of all the past cover ups, pay-offs, corruption, hidden enquiry reports, mismanagement, lies, deceits etc. in order that we might “start the journey” and move onward to the sun filled uplands or maybe, even the new West Kirby golf course if we are wealthy enough.
    Most thinking residents know where the journey started and what the future will bring.
    More of the same as the peninsula continues to sink into the cesspit before it is totally swallowed up. Instead of basking in the sun, or playing golf, we will be drowning in excrement.
    Hopefully, one of the many honest employees of W.B.C. will furnish Wirral Leaks with the costs of this claptrap.

  3. The more I read about Wirral Borough Council, the more I’m drawn to the inherent flaws in the designs of hierarchical organisations.
    We build hierarchies. We’ve always done it and we always will. There’s a third of a billion years of evolution of mankind that hot wires us all to create them and take our place within their social structure. We simply can’t help but build them and as is the case with all hierarchies, they inevitably fall through corrupted elements, they become tyrannical, they then fail and we then go back and build them again in the hope that we can learn lessons, correct corrupted elements of the hierarchy to avoid future tyranny and the whole thing goes round and round.
    Of course hierarchical groups can be protected from tyranny and collapse. All you have to do, and hierarchy’s are doing it all the time, is to identify the corrupted element within the structure and correct it, thus you avoid the next stage that becomes tyrannical and the whole thing collapses.
    The incredible thing about WBC, and it is remarkable, is that despite the corrupted elements of the hierarchical structure that have been popping up on a regular basis for many years within the Council, nothing is ever done to correct and rebalance the safety and the structure of the hierarchy.
    Indeed, what makes the Wirral unique is, despite The Mighty Leaks, Paul Cardin, John Brace and many other well informed critical commentators who react noisily to the failure to address and correct corrupted elements, nothing ever gets done to resolve the problem. What’s more, despite an obvious conclusion that the Council hierarchy is tyrannical and has been a tyranny for many years, the whole empire if dirt seems to flourish and defy all the accepted that hierarchies always fail once they’ve reached a tipping point toward tyranny.
    It’s a conundrum isn’t it. The only hirearchy that I can think of that survives tyranny and can continue unabated no matter what ever happens, is probably a crime organisation where everyone within the hirearchy just comes to accept its ideology and ignores the corrupted elements that ever made you think, ‘things aint right here’.
    What’s particularly interesting about the Wirral is not only do they ignore their own corrupted elements and tyrannical rule, they oddly import corrupted elements from other Councils into the hirearchy that make matters a whole lot worse. It’s really odd!
    You could argue it’s a madness. Or you could acknowledge that behind this chaotic tyrannical hierarchical structure is the mind or minds of very clever people who can survive anything.
    Who knows. I don’t!

  4. I’ve just read it JJ. It’s not bad if I say it myself. Just goes to show how the addled mind can construct a thought, articulate it into a written sentence without their being a need to have supped eleven pints with the lads in my local Ale House.

    Yep! I’m feeling quite smug about this. Where it came from is a mystery. It ain’t up there with the big hitters of this forum but it certainly elevates me above rock bottom, a place I’ve occupied with relative ease for God knows how long.

  5. why is the Merseyside police taking so long to send their coorperate fraud squad in to investigate all the illegal deal,s over atleast the last 20 year,s by wbc ? or perhaps a outside force has already set to go anytime,before the leader of the labour council clr phil davies, disappears to Canada, in may to enjoy his ill gotten gains.in his retirement,,out of sight out off mind.??

  6. The senior officers look bedraggled as if having been dragged through a more of lies, corruption, nepotism, and having breathed a miasma of bribery, insincerity ,whist facing a welter of irresolvable contradictions.

  7. Just checked out that Penna website page. Seems their stock-in-trade is polishing turds, reviving zombies and a neat line in the branding of transformational holographic unicorn eggs.

    Errrrmm…bring it on?

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