Halliday fallout : Will Wirral Council Deputy CEO David Armstrong be the fall guy ?

Armstrong & Pip

David ‘Kingmaker’ Armstrong – Power Boy Pip’s right hand man among Wirral council chief officers

And so the fallout from the Stewart/Stuart Halliday ‘situation’ begins…

As you may have read in our EXCLUSIVE : What’s in a Name? – Is this the real reason the controversial, high profile Stewart/Stuart Halliday appointment was suddenly dropped by Wirral Council? story the man who’s name appears prominently on the invoices at the centre of the mystery with so may unanswered questions is Wirral Council’s Deputy Chief Executive, David Armstrong. Therefore it would be reasonable to assume that Armstrong was the one signing the invoices off and in the light of recent events perhaps not giving them the proper scrutiny they warranted.

Now we understand that last Friday (two days after our exclusive story) Wirral Council CEO Eric Robinson circulated an email saying that Armstrong’s health has deteriorated. Something to do with eyesight apparently . Shall we expect an early retirement announcement soon ?

For us at least , Armstrong has been the very model of a modern public servant which these days means serving the interests of the powerful and not the public. More specifically he has been the power behind the throne and as ‘kingmaker’ to Wirral Council ‘leader’ Cllr Phil ‘Power Boy Pip’ who has depended on his  ‘loyalty’ . With Pip popping off next month we predict that Armstrong will follow soon after . If so, here’s the fitting epitaph we recently received from a long suffering Wirral Council worker :

Armstrong – the silent assassin who knows where the bodies are buried , does not take kindly to staff whistleblowing . So staff go to councillors for help, then David says to the councillors , ‘it’s a concern that staff feel that they can’t come to me, can you tell them my door is always open’… Fork tongue David. There exists only respect for the organ grinders .  And you wonder why capable people leave after a few weeks / months . They are in shock …

Meanwhile we’re gratified that whilst Googling for an image to accompany this update we got this from one of our old posts (our thanks go to John Brace for the picture above):

Screen Shot 2019-02-09 at 17.36.58

Whilst Armstrong’s culpability in matters relating to the Halliday situation may still be open to question we firmly maintain that the period when he was the interim CEO between the hopelessly compromised Graham Burgess and the utterly hopeless Eric Robinson may well prove to be part of one of the darkest episodes in Wirral Council history…








9 thoughts on “Halliday fallout : Will Wirral Council Deputy CEO David Armstrong be the fall guy ?

  1. G’day Leaky

    Oh what a lying snake you highlight here.


    One of my highlights so far with the Wirral “Funny” Bizz £2,000,000.00 scandal was….

    When the little arsehole lied to “Highbrow’s” face outside the Clown Hall I told the orrible scruffy little man to get inside with the rest of the shower of shite

    What did he do?

    He went inside to the rest of the shower of shite.




  2. This man will never be forgiven until he tells the truth but then he would loose his pension .. eternal damnation jeez all for the stuff you can’t take with you 😬🤣🤣.. greedy fool

    • G’day Ali Pali

      Don’t you worry he will be eaten up from the inside when he waddles off to a sad sick retirement.

      Even “Philly “FUCKING” Liar will not go near him as he knows all the crud, dross and shite.

      Lv yer Ali but you more Lordy XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  3. I met David “special place in hell” Armstrong outside the town hall a couple of years ago and spoke to him for about half an hour. He gave absolutely nothing away. Not sure about him, but practised colluders and those who would lie under oath as soon as breathe never do give anything away do they?

    The ‘best’ ones have been around the block a thousand times, whilst lives are shortened, money goes missing, favours are called in, defenceless, vulnerable people find their bank accounts have been emptied, etc. etc. etc.

    The colluders and abusers’ every waking moment is focused, uncomplicated and one-tracked. Statutory obligations, set out in legislation, to look after defenceless people don’t feature. They’re too wrapped up in guarding the fortress to worry about such things.

    WHY is that? Would be a good question.

    This is the great conundrum. The only answer being that there is a strange and dangerous psychopathy at play. The money is useful, but that gets tedious once you’ve gathered enough of it.

    Whereas a private enjoyment of dishing out suffering is worth getting out of bed for every morning.

  4. As you suggest Mr.Armstrong may well be the fall guy for the very expensive, for the Council Tax payers, Halliday debacle.
    If he does leave he will be well cushioned by his generous pension which many Wirral residents can only dream about.
    However, the real villain in the piece must be the C.E.O. Robinson.
    Shortly after Halliday`s consultancy became public knowledge, I e.mailed Robinson and drew his attention to all the adverse criticism of Halliday`s behaviour whilst employed by York City Council which was in the public domain.
    He replied that all the necessary background checks had been carried out and he had no concerns about Halliday`s £188,000 a year consultancy.!

    As Council C.E.O. one would have thought that the buck stopped with him but, in the words of one independent enquirer, in Wirral Council the “abnormal becomes the normal.”
    Big salaries do not carry with it any responsibility in the crazy world of Fantasy Towers.

      • Ye Lordy

        The Blinking CEO is just a dodo whereas Legweak is a fucking parasite that has shat on all sorts of people.



        The fucking lying prick Legweak should just be shown the door.

        Meanwhile Davies Davies Jones Jones and Foulkes are probably taking the piss and the shpondoolies.

        I know Leaky how hard it is.


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