Birkenhead – A Tomb with a Vue


And so to the cry of  “have you got any spare change mate” the slow, agonising  death of Birkenhead town centre continues.

Whilst Wirral Council’s Wirral Growth Company seems to be in desperate need of anabolic steroids and the Wirral Chamber of Commerce is doing what exactly ? Birkenhead seems to be zombie-walking into an open grave…

Now having taken over control of Birkenhead Market and Milton Pavement with grandiose plans to make it somehow resemble Barcelona and Las Ramblas (where the beggars and scammers are at least entertaining) Wirral Council have hit upon the bright idea of buying the Vue cinema for a knockdown £7.1 million ! Whilst it’s understood the cinema will continue to be run by Vue, it will be owned by the council and presumably the Wirral public will still have the added cost to pay for the privilege of parking outside. Dare we ask has anyone checked out the financial viability of handed over millions of pounds of public money to a private company ?  Has anyone checked the demand and turnover?  Or is this all about maintaining a cinematic presence in the town rather than sound economic sense?

Meanwhile a couple of readers ,aghast at the move, have contacted us to express a vue :

  1. Read in the Globe that the Council have spent £7 million on the cinema in Birkenhead…WHAT?…No money to regenerate New Ferry though! Probably give it to Princess Paula (Wirral Chamber) in a few months anyway!
  2. The most expensive ticket is around £5.99 … no wonder we’re in the shit

As the song goes ‘this town becoming like a ghost town ‘ and whether this will be enough to raise the dead from the tomb of a town centre we will vue with some caution – but with Wirral Council (and partners) past track record we’d say there isn’t a ghost of a chance of those artist’s impressions coming to life…

4 thoughts on “Birkenhead – A Tomb with a Vue

  1. I can only wonder why, if the Vue cinema was a profitable business, the owners were happy to unload it onto the hapless Wirral Council.?
    I will forecast, with some confidence, that a couple of years down the line the Council will not only be into a loss leading venture but the cinema will require large amounts of OUR money to update or renovate.

    The senior ranks of Wirral Council would be hard put to run a street corner sweet shop as I guess none of them will have ever invested their own money in any commercial venture but have spent a lifetime on the Local Government gravy train clawing their way to the top by any means,

    Meanwhile, our elected councillors are so busy infighting and backbiting that their highly paid senior staff are allowed to run rings around them.

    • Part of the Halliday WGC ambitious plan spend, spend, spend next thing you know the clowncil are in financial intervention with Government bodies. Was it a wise purchase? Was it worth £7.2m? Was it the decision of a leader who is leaving? Has an FOI been submitted to find all of this out? Times are hard and I’m struggling to pay my bills yet you see articles in the Globe about a £48m hole in the Council budget but yet go and by a cinema that has not even broke even the past 3yrs….. who signed this off?

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