Cllr Chris Meaden : Not so much a declaration of independence as an exercise in pointlessness

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We were alerted to the fact that Cllr Chris Meaden had changed the party status on the Wirral Council website and that she now classed herself as ‘Independent’.  This struck us as somewhat ironic as Cllr Meaden aways struck us as one of those councillors who did as they were told by the local Labour Party elite and was quite content to be swept along on Rock Ferry councillor Moira McLaughlin’s coat-tails as it was an easy ride. We were once again minded to recall that old joke  Q:   What’s the difference between a supermarket trolley and Cllr Chris Meaden ?  A:  A Supermarket trolley has a mind of its own.

The belated declaration of ‘independence’  was all very reminiscent of an adolescent flouncing off  Facebook when no-one is paying them any attention and hoping for a few ‘U OK Huns ?’

Despite the Liverpool Echo headline  Yet ANOTHER top Labour politician quits party -blaming ‘hard-left’ takeover  our initial reaction to such a political hasbeen was CBA.   However reading the local media coverage it is clear that Meaden  has taken her acting out her adolescent angst to another level and be seen a-bitchin’ and a-snipin’ and a-moanin’ all over the local papers (the story in the Wirral Globe written by the same ‘Local Democracy Reporter’ Tom Houghton is a barely disguised re-write ) . As washing your dirty linen in public goes, the soon to be ex- councillor Meaden seems to have dug out the skiddy undies from the bottom of the washing basket , talking of ‘verbal attacks’ , ‘public attacks’ and ‘double standards’ . Much of her bitterness is directed towards Yvonne Nolan , her successor as Labour Party candidate for the Rock Ferry ward.

I believe over the coming months more information about Ms Nolan`s past involvement with politics will emerge and I don’t believe she is fit to serve the people of Rock Ferry. With her term coming to an end this spring, Cllr Meaden was ousted at a selection meeting back in October. But she said some of those present had “never attended” a branch meeting, while others had “never so much as delivered a leaflet’.That makes me believe that the meeting was packed with the aim of removing me and replacing me with Yvonne Nolan and the intention is to bring her in to lead the group.

Now we can’t comment at this stage whether Nolan is fit to serve the people of Rock Ferry but we do know that there are a few current Labour councillors who are DEFINITELY unfit for public office but has Cllr Meaden ever publicly voiced her concerns about them?  No, she hasn’t ! – and it suggests to us that the Rock Ferry selection committee made the right decision in getting rid of someone who was quite happy to follow the orders of a PROVEN dishonest,bullying and controlling Labour cabal whilst it suited her which makes her  declaration of independence nothing more than an exercise in pointlessness.




6 thoughts on “Cllr Chris Meaden : Not so much a declaration of independence as an exercise in pointlessness

  1. I reject them all. Every single one of these narcissists who place themselves in elevated places high upon their own little deluded imaginary podium of ‘self’ that’s been built within our political hierarchical structure of importance. The lot of them. I reject them all. Not a one of them is sincere. Not one. A bucket of phlegm upon them all.

    As if this particular Councillor matters. She doesn’t. They don’t matter. If they’d all stayed at home and did bugger all then the many and numerous outcomes that they all promised us would be in a great deal better state than they are today following their wise involvement in whatever it was they decided to get bloody involved in. Tell them to stay in doors if my thoughts are worth a jot of notice. We’d all be a lot better off!

    As if there’s any real political differences existing nowadays. Generally speaking, the New Labour generation, and most of them seem to be embedded and still sucking air are resident amongst Wirral Labour, well they hate the Conservatives and their money more than they want to help the poor because they’d quite like to have some of their money.. As for the Conservatives, they dislike everybody including the poor, the meek, the mild and the downright dispossessed. Whatsmore, most of the Tories are old money and understandably I suppose they don’t want to share it with the Blairites who’d like the money because their tastes in how to spend it, invariably on themselves, are far more pleasurable and interesting than the way the Tories manage their fiscal bloody activities.

    God only knows why I’m writing this. This particular Councillor is probably no different to the rest of them. To them, shifting political ground and rejecting their once slavish following to an ideology and going Independent means nothing other than it’s another tiny piece of news to glue into their Scrap Book titled, ‘Me. Me. Me,’ and a little slice of public attention that ain’t going to conclude, ‘How On Earth Can We Possibly Manage Now She’s Gone’.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. When these narcissists do well during their tenure of local governance, give them a slice of a Dundee cake or a bag of sweets. If they do badly, shoot them in the leg with a Pellet Gun. That’d sort the problem out. That’d get them thinking about us, others and those many others who are bereft and can no longer be bothered to object.

    Not my finest literary offering but it’s sure helps calm the eczema that makes my fat face glow red whenever I read something relative to the Wirral peninsular.

      • Somethings happened to me JJ. It’s not unlike that Travolta film Phenomenom when, after he was struck by heavenly lightening, he underwent a change that resulted in him becoming a genius.

        I believe I am evolving. Just as long as I avoid becoming, you, Paul Cardin or John Brace I’ll embrace it all. Mind, I don’t want to go the same way as Trevolta in that particular film.

        When I begin to levitate You and Her Ladyship will be the first to know, Rob.

  2. I know of another exercise in pointlessness.

    It was a legal challenge against the election of a sitting MP back in 1989. I say ‘pointless’ because the Establishment got their man and it was never going to be overturned.

    Yes, soon to be ex-Councillor Meaden jogged my memory with her talk of anonymous people, bussed in to wield their long knives against her.

    But who was this MP in 1989 who stuffed the seats of the crucial selection meeting with anonymous “Labour members”, indeed people who were never qualified to vote, despite being reassured by Eileen Murfin that they could?

    Who was the person – latterly a hero for many decades to Councillors Meaden and McLaughlin – who benefited from the skulduggery and the tearing up of the Labour Party rulebook?

    Step forward … Independent MP Frank Field.

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