Kingdom Suspended !


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BBC North West Tonight are claiming the credit for the suspension of Kingdom Security following their ‘investigation’. Tip off  more like.

But will the ruling administration Wirral Council dig their heels in as a show of strength or finally realise their support for how Kingdom operate on their behalf will be calamitous at the May local elections.

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11 thoughts on “Kingdom Suspended !

  1. They won’t back down. You know how this shower work, they are never wrong. I think they will have an amnesty for maybe a month to allow people to get a waste contract in place and Kingdom will come knocking again. I hope I’m wrong and both Kingdom and that shower in Seacombe are soon history.

  2. Ay ‘Tip off’ would appear to be the correct word My Lord….

    … and guess the connection between Cathy Roberts (the bookshop owner featured in the report) and none other than the Wirral Globes ‘famous’ ‘Granty’ of ‘Grantys Inferno’…

    So that makes it both a tip off and a ‘rip off‘ from from your original leak. Methinks.

    • Hi Paul this ill thought out policy was doomed from the beginning & Wirral council who have no shame in employing Kingdom in the first place without going out to tender in accordance with standard practice is I feel is also illegal.
      The sooner both the Labour group & Kingdom are kicked out the happier Wirral voter will be. The suspension of Kingdom is a vote catcher which hopefully the voters of Wirral will see through.

  3. We have a suspension in the sorry state of affairs whereby the Incompetent engage the ignorant to enforce legislation neither understand.
    I remember the days not so long ago when the Councils officers engaged with businesses to advise them of their obligations under the waste regulations. The officers would go from business to business and engage in constructive tuition. Unfortunately with the “restrictions” on budgets this changed over night and the officers were instructed to “Change Tack” to one of enforcement. Even then, a notice was issued to businesses giving them time to put their house in order before any penalty was enforced.
    Where this sorry state of affairs will end is anyone’s guess.

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