Kingdom Comeuppance? – Part 1

Cathy & Granty

#sadface pic courtesy of BBC website

Grant us this indulgence but we’d like to comment further if we may on stories featured this week on Wirral Leaks with a mini-series of quick fire posts .

First up is a follow up to last night’s Kingdom Suspended ! story where in our haste to get the BBC footage on the website we missed the opportunity to comment on some aspects of the latest saga in the Kingdom Security debacle and particularly the role of the  mainstream media and local politicians in ‘exposing’ how the cash for trash company operate on the say so of Wirral Council. No doubt Kingdom will still be operating to full contract value (much like the other Wirral Council suspendee Stewart/Stuart Halliday) and so will now have the capacity to have more operatives out on the streets of Wirral hounding those least able to pay a fine for what is essentially a trash tax on the poor and very little to do with environmental protection.

The most curious aspect for us was how the suspension of Kingdom Security from dealing with the business waste aspect of their contract with Wirral Council ended up on the telly. Perhaps a clue is to be had from one of yesterday’s commentators on our blog :

Screen Shot 2019-02-15 at 16.54.12

Taking time out from from name-dropping to comment on litter-dropping Peter ‘Granty’ Grant in his ‘Granty’s Infernal’ column was surprisingly low key on the Kingdom story (not even mentioning them by name) he merely stated :

While Wirral Council comes under fire for “Waste-Gate” (the incredibly ill-thought out fixed penalty notices blitz on businesses… )

“Waste-Gate”, eh? Now where have we heard a similar turn of phrase ? Ah yes  – “Wirralgate” . Now we know that Granty is keen on recycling – and as has been brought to our attention before, often from this very blog – but we very much doubt Granty will be referring to “Wirralgate” any time soon and certainly not in the run up to May’s local elections like he did last time round (see below). Well, not since July 2017 when the editor of the Wirral Globe got his hands on the “Wirralgate” tape anyway!

Screen Shot 2019-02-15 at 17.39.10

Talking of ‘literary musings’ let’s get back to Granty and Cathy Roberts , the ‘co-owner’ of the ‘Literally’ bookshop in New Brighton, who was on the telly complaining about being fined £300 over sandwich wrapper . The TV and website records Ms Roberts in full flow  complaining that sweet papers, newspapers, milk cartons and tea bags weren’t commercial waste. Whilst we agree it made us wonder a) just how much butty munching, sweet eating and tea bagging goes on in ‘Literally’ b) was Ms Roberts reading ‘Granty’s Infernal’ column in the picture on the BBC website above c) did Granty  pull a few strings with his extensive media contacts to enable the story to get such prominent media coverage ?  and d) why has the Kingdom business waste story attracted so little attention at the Wirral Globe until this week? If they had covered the matter as Wirral Leaks had done so here back in October 2018 and highlighted “the incredibly ill-thought out fixed penalty notices blitz on businesses” perhaps the co-owners of ‘Literally’ might have known what was heading their way !

Shall we await “with bated breath” to see whether Granty answers these questions in next week’s Wirral Globe column…


11 thoughts on “Kingdom Comeuppance? – Part 1

  1. I suspect Peter Grant’s influential network of friends includes a few undesirables.

    When I posted to his Globe column a while back to tell him about #Sorrentogate, the ugly racism and a kick off on a bus allegedly involving Elaine Foulkes, wife of Councillor Steve, my comment was deleted and I was rewarded with a lifetime ban.

    Imagine that. A member of the public reports an alleged crime and the Globe Web Editor intervenes with a sledgehammer to prevent justice taking its course and its partner organisation coming under the spotlight.

  2. OK time to clear up some of your points regarding the BBC coverage of our Bookshop encounter with Kingdom. I’m Cathy and I run the bookshop with Pete – Granty’s Inferno Columnist. Yes it was a deliberate decision to fight this not as Pete the media man, but as two people defending their business. As a columnist, Pete can and will highlight issues to raise debate. I was determined to approach the council, and Kingdom as an ordinary business owner. This issue is all about getting at the truth of how such an insidious policy could be adopted. I sent emails to just about every senior councillor, and officer, including Steve Rotheram who has yet to reply. I researched and followed up every source to support our representative case.
    But no, the intervention by the BBC did not happen because Pete’s a journalist. It came via another New Brighton business who passed on my name to them.

    • Dear Cathy,
      Thanks for the confirmation and clarification.
      Although being of a literary bent you will know that ‘the truth is never pure and rarely simple’ it is our belief that the insidious policy has simply been adopted for cold hard cash.
      Did you research our posts that go back to 2015 where we first started reporting concerns about Kingdom’s approach to support your case?

      • I’ve only recently discovered your blog as I’m rubbish at social media, but I was really glad to see you following this. I sat up late watching the scrutiny group meetings and this issue is clearly a symptom of a wider undemocratic process. I’m just trying to draw attention to it. Ironically the BBC rang when I was in the middle of clearing flytipped rubbish in Egerton St, as a volunteer for Environment Day.

    • Hi Cathy,

      While you’re attempting to clear things up, please ask Peter Grant – whom you say “will highlight issues to raise debate” – the following…

      a. Why didn’t he use his column to raise debate, when informed, and highlight the issue of alleged racism, involving a senior Wirral councillor and former leader?

      b. Why was “the messenger shot”, his important message deleted, and the messenger banned for life from commenting in the Wirral Globe in return for pointing out an alleged crime?

      c. To what extent is Peter Grant’s journalistic freedom being curtailed? Is he happy to roll over, lie prostrate, ignore alleged criminality, and accept this unhappy state of affairs, with the reading public seriously short-changed, as long as the Wirral Globe’s payment cheques arrive in his bank account on a regular basis?

      Hope you don’t mind my own attempt at “getting at the truth”. I ask you because Peter Grant now seems to be rather unreachable to me,

      Best regards,

      Paul Cardin

      p.s. Excuse me quoting your own words back at you but do you think a member of the public being banned for life from a local newspaper for reporting alleged racism is “insidious”?

      • Hi Paul
        I honestly don’t know the details of this, but I do know that all editorial control remains with the Editor of the paper. I’m in this forum to raise awareness of the fact that the waste contract for Kingdom has been passed without any scrutiny.

  3. Does it really matter the source? as long as there is an expose of the injustice from WBC.
    I would like to throw my twopence worth and say, when people are targeted and falsely accused, the choice is appeal, which is heard by kingdom.
    So refusal to pay (be mugged) ends up in the magistrates court…where WBC bring their solicitor. So now double humiliation and stress and anger because you are falsely accused and can’t afford a solicitor, then you face huge court costs if you don’t win. Magistrates on a their word against yours case goes for the person in office, even though they’re on incentive pay! and kingdom get their incentive pay, so win win for biggest scam in town.

  4. The lady in the photo is appealing unlike the mugshots you took from WBC’s Bring It On parade of worn faces lined with care and horrors seen.
    A fair though disapproving face!

    • Fair comment from the Mighty Highbrow….. but let’s face it, he has always been one for the Women. (Thinking of the lovely judge) haha

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