Frank Field : Is he or isn’t he?

Frank's In A Mess

Why isn’t this all going to plan ?!

Is everyone enjoying ‘The Less Than Magnificent Seven’ show as much as us ? The Labour Party splinter group known as the United Kingdom Independent Group (UKIG) are providing us with further validation that following Brexit UK politics is broken and fit only for satire. UKIG? Seriously – you’re going with that? From UKIP to UKIG  – how far we’ve travelled on the road to political disrepute.

However our interest in this particular debacle is piqued by local interest and our favourite MP Frank Field . The eternal question is whether he’ll have the courage of his convictions, grow the requisite genitalia, get off the fence and join UKIG. After all you know what they say – those who sit on the fence are likely to get splinters!

We’ll go out on a limb and suggest that he won’t . As befitting passive aggressive bullies like Frankenfield he’s quite happy to keep paying his Labour party subs , snipe from the sidelines , fail to call a bye-election and let others make an unholy show of themselves.

Whatever his decision Frankenfield will no doubt be very tolerant of people like UKIG founder member Angela Smith who ‘misspeak’ about people having a ‘funny tinge’ – especially when his own electoral agent, Cllr George Davies, has done the same.



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