EXCLUSIVE : And the new Chairman of Wirral University Teaching Hospital is…


As instructed by scary NHS Chief Executive Janelle Holmes we are ‘cascading’ the news that Sir David Henshaw has been appointed as the Chairman of Wirral University Teaching Hospital (WUTH).

Well I never! What a surprise! Knock us down with a feather! Who’d a thunk? etc;etc;

Of course this announcement will come as no surprise to Wirral Leaks readers who have chronicled the Henshaw ascendancy since he was controversially appointed as Interim Chair  in March 2018 :


Now nearly a year later and after a ‘robust process’ (no laughing at the back) we provide a reminder as to why we think this appointment may not be the right one for a beleaguered organisation plagued with allegations of bullying .

Read our back catalogue of Sir David Henshaw stories and what was going on the behind the screens that led to his appointment as Chairman at WUTH  here


4 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE : And the new Chairman of Wirral University Teaching Hospital is…

  1. And the Gravy Train rolls on and on.
    I was told, confidentially, that the Wirral is proposing to build a huge new station for the Gravy Train Line to accommodate all those wishing to alight
    Return tickets can be booked 2 years in advance in anticipation that none of the passengers will stay long.

  2. G’day Leaky

    I think about all the money in the NHS and the lack of accountants and people like from Brighton Street who can’t help but cheat and lie.

    Why oh why is there no corruption in that organisation?

    Err I mean why does no one ever ever even talk of the possibility of a little bit of self service.



    Is everybody in GREAT Britain HONEST ha ha ha ha


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