Tales from the Chamber : Food for thought…

Woodside Food & Ferry

Pic: Woodside Food & Ferry

Next week we will be making information appeals for some ‘Special Reports’ that we’ve been working on .However before that we thought we’d catch up on Wirral Chamber of Commerce which will be one of our forthcoming areas of investigation.
However we understand it’s been an interesting past few weeks at the Chamber. An insider tell us :
Gemma Nichols, who was brought into the chamber to be Head of Visitor Economy and BID has left quietly although through no fault of her own. She signed up to one thing, was moved onto another and then was put under the ‘former model’ Kate (Eugeni). It was the usual Paula process.
Kate was appointed as Director of Visitor Economy and over saw the BID (Birkenhead Improvement District)  –  (Wirral) council refused to pay Kate’s salary to Princess P(aula Basnett) and so now that there’s no money in the pot…what’s a girl to do?! 
Well, spoiler alert!
Their bright idea is to set up a Marketing and PR firm….and Kate is leading it. It’s due to launch in April……Just like the visitor economy she led for a few months, she has loads of experience in doing just that. She couldn’t write a press release to save her life…but then it’s not like she’ll actually do any of the work…is it?
I wonder what the PR and Marketing businesses who are members think of this? 
If the Woodside Ferry Village is anything to go by: they have nothing to be worried about.It’s worth having a right good rummage of the Woodside Ferry Village though…could one of the directors be  due to resign his position? Can accounts from WFV had to pay some of the BID’s bills to help balance the books because the BID money has been loaned to the WFV to set it up ?- and with Kate getting paid out of that pot…could there’ be nothing left to pay the bills?  
So: Gemma – good luck and well done for getting out. When the BID is up for vote with Birkenhead businesses – it was not you who let them down … 
Meanwhile an unquestioning local press is willing to publish overheated souffles about the ‘food concept venue’ Woodside Ferry Village which we’ve previously ridiculed here
Following the newly established pattern of publishing a  Wirral Chamber of Commerce/Wirral Council press release in the Liverpool Echo before exactly the same story is re-heated by the same journo in the Wirral Globe we get news that there are  Plans revealed for’next Baltic Market’ with shipping container shops and stunning River Mersey Views
Needless to say there are the compulsory artist’s impressions and quotes from, no!, not Chief Executive ‘Princess” Paula Basnett but the ‘Interim Managing Director’ of the Wirral Chamber of Commerce  , Sharon Stanton, who happens to be ,er, Princess Paula’s sister!
Our Shaz provides some unintended hilarity by saying:

“We have been looking at it for some time. We applied for the lease, and luckily enough, we got it and it went from there…”


Well I never! Funny how that happens isn’t it ? Some organisations have all the luck! A building here, a building there! Another fortuitous acquisition for Nepotism Central !

With one of our incredulous sources stating : “I can’t believe they keep getting away with it…”  we asked our Chamber insider who would be likely to challenge Princess Paula and the Chamber of Cronyism

Eric Robinson: his son is currently there…and Eric HATES confrontation and difficult conversations…so he won’t challenge the ‘norm’.
Phil Davies: he’s going and equally never stood up to her.
Alan Evans: he’s sown up in the Chamber, the Woodside Food Village, and the council. 
And Jesus wept, don’t get me started on the little **** who’s currently up Paula’s arse… Warren Ward.
Back to Woodside Ferry Village – they’re talking Baltic Triangle, we’re saying Bermuda Triangle , they ‘re talking Las Ramblas, we’re saying ramshackle .And before we get accused of pissing on the barbeque we do so in the knowledge that as long as cronyism, and nepotism are the guiding the way the true Wirral innovators and visionaries won’t get a look in and Wirral (and particularly Birkenhead) will continue to depend on the sorry shower who are currently running the show…and look where that’s got us!

14 thoughts on “Tales from the Chamber : Food for thought…

  1. My Lord,

    Excellent first rate read from yourself. (Nice rhythm and climax to your script) 0uu…

    But on one point, you are WRONG….

    ….that is not an ‘artist impression’ that has been furnished to us it is a computer generated THING. I doubt an artist has been involved. Which, in its own way, reveals something to us I feel…

    (Yes I am out of bed before the Aussie once again….)

    • Computer generated THING. We’ll have to remember that phrase.We’re very old and not as clever as the people who press a few buttons,twiddle a few knobs (we’re not au fait with the technicalities) and hey presto! , before your very eyes appears a computer generated THING.
      When it all goes from computer generated THING to actual,real life 3-D reality you’ll have to get your Box Brownie out and furnish us with a Cartier-Bresson inspired ‘Decisive Moment’ …

      • You certainly couldn’t invent this
        sort of stuff!

        These clowns haven’t got the brains they were born with it would also appear the clowns who pay to be a member aren’t too far behind (brainwashed comes to mind)

        This new leisure concept can’t fail they’ll just bring Mr ‘Iam a director of 37 companies and what I don’t know about business you could put on the back of a stamp’ their very own JQ

  2. G’day Lordy

    The only surprising thing what you just said…………

    It took you so long to mention Ex “Clowncillor Emergency Ward 10 year old” and him sniffing around the stinky worn out liar that is “The Chamber Potty”.

    To(r)y Boy comes to mind



  3. The businesses on Woodside Business Park will need to look out…Princess Paula will have her eyes on that. What with Pacific Road theatre and Woodside ferry terminal she will soon have as much prime riverside as Peel Holdings…maybe “Paula’s Palace” with view across the Mersey will be our next exciting installment in the sorry saga!

  4. I recall Paula convening Women in Business groups during the tenure of w…z, cannot repeat the name, but do 90% of all the Chamber’s employees have to be women?? Let alone Full Blooded SISTERS!!

  5. Political people.

    Coming together in a photo to TARNISH each other and SULLY one another’s reputations.

    Makes our job easier.

    More of the same I say!

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