Kingdom Consensus

The redoubtable Wirral Against The Litter Police (Kingdom Security) Facebook page is currently a meeting point/melting pot for interested parties seeking to expunge Kingdom Security from our shores and high streets and car parks and promenades and country parks and bus stations and …you get the drift …

All political denominations are there – look there’s the Lib Dems belatedly requisitioning a ‘Special Council meeting’…

Screen Shot 2019-02-24 at 09.45.41

…and oh look over there , the 4 Labour CLPs are calling for Kingdom to be kicked to the kerb and elsewhere high flying Labour councillor Jo Bird offering her support…

Screen Shot 2019-02-24 at 09.50.16

…and then there’s the Green Party reminding everyone that their sole councillor Pat Cleary  was the only one to vote against a motion where Wirral Council rejected criticism  of Kingdom’s conduct…

Screen Shot 2019-02-24 at 09.54.21

…and of course there’s Tom ‘Media’ Houghton picking up the scraps promising write ups in the Echo and Globe (in that order obvs) and celebrity shop owners Sean Martin and Cathy Roberts brandishing their letters and sweet wrappers respectively and now mainstream media favourites. Ms Roberts also achieved what we consider the ultimate accolade in social media by appearing on the Angry People in Local Newspapers Facebook page.

Indeed we understand that the Fry’s Chocolate Orange wrapper , although not being the sweet wrapper that resulted in a threatened £300 fine, has its own agent and publicist and is in negotiations for a reality TV series.  Oh and there’s even  a link to Wirral Globe’s Granty’s Infernal column where there was no conflict of interest acknowledged but at least we got a passing mention…

Don’t get us wrong these are observations not criticisms .We’re celebrating both a growing political consensus and the tireless efforts of campaigners. Nor are we after bragging rights that Wirral Leaks first raised concerns about Kingdom way back in 2015. After all we are commentators not campaigners and our weapons of choice are sarcasm and satire.  However the point we want to make (and we do have one) is that much of Wirral  only get involved in local politics when something impacts on them directly – be it  being hassled on the street or issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice by Kingdom operatives. But remember whilst you may not always be interested in local politics ,  local politicians are always interested in you and involved in almost every aspect of your life…

6 thoughts on “Kingdom Consensus

  1. In answer to the end comment, it’s true we only complain when things go wrong, it shows how wrong this private company Kingdom, other brand names are available . Private companies have to make money sometimes by foul means.

  2. If ever there’s a good example of hierarchical corruption thats been left unchecked that then evolves unpleasantly toward tyranny it’s this issue created by the Council.

    It’s very common. You simply identify a problem which is invariable one based upon a noble cause and then you let the forces of greed lose to bugger it all up. It happens every single time.

    It survives for a time because it’s essentially a good and noble cause and people at the base of the hirearchy don’t protest to much because you’d be denying the problem wasn’t a worthwhile enterprise and you’d set yourselves at odds with those who are trying to make your lives better. People simply want to believe that the noble cause is being managed by people of noble intentions and it’d be a grand idea to get rid of unwanted rubbish. After all, you’d be an odd sort of fish if you welcomed rubbish and wanted it to remain within the living spaces.

    Course, the problem is, and it’s one that all hierarchical structures are susceptible to, is that once the noble cause such as litter becomes a secondary consideration behind the clear evidence that the whole enterprise has now become corrupted by greed and all the human failings that accompany it, the once welcomed mantra of ‘let’s get shot of the shit and the rubbish’, is now considerably less attractive than the dreadful bloody litter and the shit that got the noble cause and the hirearchial structure going in the first place.

    Quite simply the error in the design of tackling noble causes, such as the shit and the litter, within public service hierarchy’s, is found at the singular point when you make the decision and take that fateful step toward outsourcing the bloody enterprise to groups who want to make money. This is the element of hirearchial corruption that has gone unchecked which has then resulted in tyrannical administration in dealing with all the shit, dog ends, litter and other unpleasant things that the noble cause wanted to address.

    The people will wonder why it all went so badly wrong. I don’t know why they bother. If you outsource it, make it a profitable enterprise and then build into it Performance Indicators, a graph that highlights positive Outcomes and the actual fixed penalty ticket targets the recipient and charts the activity of the giver of the bastard ticket, then why be surprised it all turns out to be a bloody crap idea on how to get rid of shit and rubbish.

    For my part, I reckon it’s all fairly predictable and inevitably became doomed to fail at the very moment it became an issue to outsource to a PLC.

  3. It is a shame there is not the same fervour to protest about the other ways Wirral Council Pickpocket Fagin and team of crooked acolytes cook up. Such as the cosy relationship with Wirral Chamber of ConMerce, Magenta and similar with the wholesale transfer of public assets which are then turned into commercial cash cows to feed their cronies. A good example of this is the Birkenhead BID which fleeces small businesses by charging a mandatory Levy with no input in how their money is spent. Despite lots of coverage on here there has been little enthusiasm by the wider community (business and political) to protest. But it seems it is not worth it when it is the right thing to do, but onlyu worth it when jumping onto the publicity bandwagon gets some self promotion. How many of these are protesting about the Wirral Growth Company and demanding to see how the contracts to handle the promised £billion investment in Birkenhead have been awarded to the same people who run Wirral Chamber and Birkenhead BID? Not many then?

    • The WCOC are rotten to the core and
      surely must be running out of steam!

      All the members appear to be brainwashed by the verbal diarrhoea that comes out of PB’s mouth on a daily basis more fool them

      As for the levy charge surely they
      must have to answer to a governing body?

      Their that deluded they think they’ve sorted the town centre out as theirs no town hosts walking around anymore?
      and have know moved into the restaurant/ bar trade with the latest Woodside food village

      You couldn’t invent this shit!

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