A Day of Protest at Wallasey Town Hall Part 1 : ‘There’s always one…’

Lordy photo

He’s ‘armless really…

As we predicted in Sunday’s  Hoylake Golf Resort : Protest and Protect post the start to the week would be a challenging one for the ruling Labour administration at Wirral Council.

However we couldn’t have predicted that it would start so early with an unexpected surprise at the end of what seems to be the dreariest Wirral Council meeting ever. As you can see from our exclusive footage serial whistleblower Martin Morton makes a return to the scene of many a crime. We are grateful for his son for forwarding the footage , apparently Morton Jnr is at University studying film and is making a video about whistleblowing. Should be essential viewing and if it involves Wirral Council –  x-rated!


Of course we just took that the message on Morton’s t-shirt – LORDY, I HOPE THERE ARE TAPES – was addressed directly to us at Wirral Leaks. Is this an example of what is known in modern parlance as ‘meta’? For as we know ‘His Lordship’ has known about Wirralgate since 2013 and knows that there are tapes (as does Mr Morton and many others) and which would (and should have) brought the corrupt ruling Labour administration crashing down a long time ago .

However we appreciate that for many of our readers and the wider public that the origins of the quote on the t-shirt may be somewhat obscure. We’ve done a bit of research and apparently these are the infamous words of former FBI Director James Comey commenting on alleged recorded conversations between him and US President Donald Trump.

Lordy gif

Unfortunately you won’t see the footage on the Wirral Council website or, rather disappointingly on John Brace’s video coverage – although we understand that he wouldn’t want to spoil the enjoyment of the 4 people who have endured the video so far.

Unfortunately there is no sound but we understand that belligerent Cllr Bernie ‘The Bruiser’ Mooney shouts out :

“There’s always one…”  

and you can lip read Mr Morton’s reply :

Yes,there is…

Apparently the cheeky wave from Morton was directed at Wirral Council’s Head of Communications Kev ‘Lost Boy’ MacCallum who was sitting there stony-faced and cross-armed and you can see Cllr Phill ‘Two L and Back’ Brightmore leaving his seat to get a good look at the message on the t-shirt. Meanwhile the three wise monkeys at the back ( Head of Law Philip McCourt, council ‘leader’ Cllr Phil ‘Power Boy Pip’ Davies and council CEO  Eric ‘Feeble’ Robinson appear to be having a jolly good laugh at Morton’s expense )

Watching that sickening section of footage (we advise you watch it on full screen and focus on the three of them) we can’t help thinking that Morton should have pulled this stunt way back in 2013 at the Improvement Board meeting where Power Boy Pip couldn’t even stay in the room when Morton spoke. Now, like a typical coward –  and oh how weakness and cowardice have characterised his political career – Pip feels confident with  a room full of cronies behind him to LOL.

We’re left wondering as to who will have the last laugh?  History tells us it will be Pip and co – but that’s only because other people who had the means to do something about it, have instead, simply allowed it or in some cases through fear or favour , facilitated it. Shame on you all…





9 thoughts on “A Day of Protest at Wallasey Town Hall Part 1 : ‘There’s always one…’

  1. I can’t follow this at all, Mr Leaks. I was at one of the overlflow meetings yesterday evening, and the ‘whistleblower’ appears to be in a committee room, not the council chamber. (Signed) ‘Perplexed’ of Higher Tranmere.

    > WordPress.com

      • The video coverage I published is of the Cabinet meeting itself rather than what happened before or after. The above happened after.

        The silent protest took me a little by surprise and a few seconds after it had started, everyone involved in it left the room. Kind of a “blink and you’ll miss it” sort of protest.

        Whereas I’m more use to the protests that go on for an hour or so, which at least gives time to take some photos!

  2. Well done Martin. Very well done old friend. You’re a credit to yourself, your loved ones, particularly your lad, your many friends and, last but not least, a huge credit to the mighty Wirral peninsular shaking, history making, Council prodding, Sin exposing, intolerant to any fucking about in public office ‘ing’, the one and the only mighty, forever rattling the wrongdoing twats who seemingly keep getting voted into office’ing’. the incomparable WIRRAL LEAKS who’s author now lives in France.

      • Yeah, but the pictures of the electronic voting on the Conservative motion are wrong as it shows a hung 31:31 vote when it’s actually 31:32. Cllr Tony Norbury voted against (although the electronic voting shows him as not voting).

        Wirral Council don’t count the electronic voting as the true vote for a recorded or card vote. Wirral Council only count what the councillor actually reads out as their vote.

  3. the Borough solicitor finds it funny ? Does this bafoon think anything is serious? Not his problem tho 😏 yet another drain on Wirral taxpayers.. he lives out of borough and it would appear cares not for the spirialling loss of frontline service on Wirral as it doesn’t affect him or his own .. judging by the horrific spend on external legal presence his ability to ensure compliance and intrinsic governance is pants. Read your own book mr funny guy 🙄

  4. Mr Morton motions must have been difficult for him to perform, and , to some extent, awkward for the viewer.

    But his sentiment, well that is powerful.

    The House interviewing Cohen in Washington, a similar parading of wrongdoing in public, as one representative said

    Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

    Not the same intensity but black people crossing the bridge at Selma to be battered and bruised by a corrupt sheriff s men.

    Openly Publicly so all could see the flagrant badness

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