A Day of Protest at Wallasey Town Hall Part 2 : A scorched earth approach to Wirral’s Green Belt

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Many thanks to those who have sent us photos from last night’s extraordinary turnout at the Wirral Council Extraordinary Meeting to discuss Wirral’s Green Belt and specifically Notices of Motion on the Hoylake Golf Resort. There were many pictures to choose from but we’ve tried to keep them as apolitical as possible. We’ll be also be posting a couple of further candid shots later as we think they’re particularly telling and worthy of a post of their own.

When it came to it the Green Belt debate was by the by as the Labour group seemed to want to carry on their ongoing self-immolation in front of a large audience.  Not only do certain sections of the local Labour Party hierarchy seem to have a scorched earth policy when it comes to the Green Belt it also seems to apply to members of their own party.

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First up there was Cllr Chris Meaden and a ‘personal statement’  about her recent deselection about which you’d really need to have a heart of stone not to laugh. It was the usual unsubstantiated attacks on other Labour Party members and ‘poor-me’ on parade.The blown kisses to family members in the public gallery was a nice touch to end on.  There was a standing ovation from the Tory benches (yes, the Tory benches) as Meaden had previously warned that the Labour Group ,which she had been a part of for so many years, wouldn’t stand they’d been told they couldn’t ( by the party whip? The party ‘leader’? Sonic rays from outer space?) So does Meaden want us believe that  in all the years she’d been a councillor that she never followed such directions?  A sickening postscript to this show of disloyalty on both sides of the Labour schism was Cllr Steve ‘Foulkesy’ Foulkes telling Cllr Meaden he would still be her ‘fwend’ ! Not so much BFF but BSF!

Our favourite aspect of the night’s proceedings were the repeated digs from right across the political spectrum pointing to Cllr Phil ‘Power Boy Pip’ Davies’ failure of leadership. However it was best evidenced by Wirral’s most prominent political power couple Labour’s Cllr Jo Bird and Cllr Tony Norbury. We couldn’t help thinking that the former would make the better future leader but it was clear that she wanted shut of Pip pronto! Cllr Norbury was more mealymouthed about why he was voting against the Tory Notice of Motion to ditch the Hoylake Golf Resort (which was narrowly lost) claiming that the evening’s proceedings were a political stunt and protesting was a complete waste of time . Norbury thereby managed to alienate the public gallery and further protestors in the overflow Committee rooms.  Way to go, Tone!

Norbury went on to claim that although he agreed with the Notice of Motion a) he wouldn’t side with Tories and b) if he did he would be suspended by the Labour whip. So kudos goes to Labour Cllr Jean Robinson for sticking by her principles and calling time on the Council ‘leader’s expensive ego trip and not kowtowing to political pressure.Whether she’ll be suspended  by the Labour Group for doing so is a moot point but if she isn’t it will make Cllr Norbury’s protestations seem like empty words…

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10 thoughts on “A Day of Protest at Wallasey Town Hall Part 2 : A scorched earth approach to Wirral’s Green Belt

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  2. The craziest aspect to all this was noticing how alleged “Labour” on Wirral, with their golf courses and luxury homes, have lurched all the way across to the extreme, Tory right.

    This became obvious when we saw dyed-in-the-wool, well-to-do Tories like Lewis, Blakeley and failed leader Green pleading how all that money would be much better spent on societal needs such as rocketing homelessness or building much-needed social housing, like they’ve had their noses buried deep in the Morning Star.

  3. I wonder how Cllr Adrian Jones voted… (0f course I know how he voted) I just thought I would mention his name….haha

    He hasn’t had a mention for a while has he…..?

    • He’s a golf and luxury home loving Jeremy Corbyn supporter !

      At last that’s what it says on his tin. I imagine he boasts the most luxurious home in Seacombe now, what with £50k to £60k per annum of our recycled council tax crossing the Alas Jones and Jones domestic threshold.

      No wonder he can afford to dress as Santa, posing as the ultimate philanthropist to Wallasey’s gullible children every Christmas.

      My daughters have been warned to keep WELL AWAY from elected officials, shaking tins and giving sweets away in the street.

  4. Love him or loath him I cannot help but admire Corbyn for at least having the courage of his convictions regarding party whipping and his votes in parliament. (At least in the past). It’s somehow seems ironic when his ‘to die for’ Local Labour Councillor supporters cannot put the wishes and good of Wirral residents above that of their own personal careers when voting, despite protesting ‘unquivering’ support for them. What happened to United We Stand and solidarity chant? Does not that apply when ‘Big Phil’ lays down the law and threatens to smack bottoms should they dare to support the wishes of residents in Wirral? Local political parties in Wirral should learn to put politics aside when voting against local residents. It could come back to bite them in exactly the same place ‘Big Phil’ ‘threatened’ to smack for dissent when it comes to election time.

    Like Windscale the name of the Hoylake (Green Belt Stealing) Golf luxury Hotel Resort can be changed to something else but that will not fool the residents who want this total waste of Council Tax money stopped forthwith.

    • Hard right Labour Adrian Jones would die for Corbyn.
      Hard left Labour Jo Bird would die for Corbyn.
      Hard left Labour Tony Norbury would die for Corbyn.

      Somebody’s f*cking lying.
      …or all three.

      I would suggest the latter.

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