Heads up on Halliday


After first being sent to elected members, we understand that a confidential report concerned with allegations involving controversial Wirral Council appointment  Stuart/Stewart Halliday and others ,which was exclusively revealed by Wirral Leaks , is due to be published shortly . For those wanting to do a bit of background reading in the mean time (especially as the story can’t be found anywhere else ) we recommend :

Halliday Money : The Rising Son of York

The Curse of Leaky Towers : Heave-ho for Halliday ?!

EXCLUSIVE : What’s in a Name? – Is this the real reason the controversial, high profile Stewart/Stuart Halliday appointment was suddenly dropped by Wirral Council?

Halliday fallout : Will Wirral Council Deputy CEO David Armstrong be the fall guy ?

The report is due before the Audit and Risk Management Committee (ARMC) and up until now there have been no moves to make the report an exempt item on the agenda. As the next meeting of ARMC is on 11 March we expect the report to be available to the public early next week. This is curious for a number reasons ,not least the reluctance , or more accurately the fierce resistance, of Wirral Council to publish a previous investigation report from 2015 which as far as we are aware has never been so much the subject of curiosity let alone discussion by members of ARMC. But more on the Warren Report another time…

All we’ve managed to elicit so far on this latest report is that it is “…worth watching out for…”

Tune in to Wirral Leaks for our forensic analysis of the findings when the report can be found on the Wirral Council website.



6 thoughts on “Heads up on Halliday

  1. Exclusive the report will be missing key information that will allow for all to come to a conclusion. Personally I think it’s fair to say he was a bit like our Ken Dodd our Mr Halliday, a tax evaders or just plain old greedy either way I’m sure this report will not damage a reputation such as his and he will be back behind the wheel of another Local Government Council using the words like it was just a misunderstanding my lord. Look forward to the read all in good time Leaky.
    Anymore updates on the Lipshit? He seems to have slipped under your radar unless he used Hallidays tax monies to cross your palms to keep 🤫. Keep up the good work

  2. I don’t like his head. I don’t. Odd I know but I simply don’t like his head. And it’s not just the head I’ve taken against. It’s all the other component parts that are attached to the head that we all commonly refer to as the face upon the head.

    I don’t like the look of him. And I’m not revealing this simply to please Charles who I believe first alerted the Mighty Leaks to the antecedent history of this fella who’s head and face displeases my cognitive abilities.

    See, I’m a simple man with simple basic needs. In short, whoever is taking our money, public money, I need to see whether or not I can trust the face and it’s head that’s affixed to our money lactating teat. Can I trust them, do I like their face and would I leave my milk money on the mat outside knowing that this fella was the Paperboy who delivered my Wirral View a full hour before the Milkman arrived to collect his money?

    These are the things that go through my mind more trequently than I’d like. And I’m rarely wrong. I said the same about Saddam Hussein, the same about Gaddaffi, the same about each member of The Spice Girls and the exact same things about Jean Claude Juncker and the first fella to become infected by the Ebola contagion.

    Go with your instincts I say! Trust them. Judge a man on his facial features and his cranium rather than his deeds or anything else you’d associate with rational reason and intelligent debate. I don’t like the look of him and it’d take a lot of hard work and endeavour to get me to change my mind about his head and his face.

    You’ll note I’ve said nothing about the bits of him that are connected beneath the neck. That’s because I’m a reasonable man who refuses to comment on stuff he can’t see or knows nothing about.

    Mind, that said, if there was a picture of him showing all of his body parts that I haven’t thus far complained about, namely the trunk, the legs and the arms, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t like them bits either. But seeing as I can’t see them, I’ll not comment further upon them.

  3. I wonder if the report will deal merely with the remuneration claims by Halliday`s consultancy company which proved not to be registered at Company House or, presumably, with the VAT authorities.
    I would have liked to have seen the enquiry broadened into how this man, with an appalling contract compliance record whilst in York, was ever allowed to set foot on the Wirral and stuff his bank account with £300,000 for 21 months work AND then be offered the grandiose position of “Corporate Director of Economic and Housing Growth.”.
    His York misdemeanours were well known to Eric Robinson ( I told him in a direct e.mail) and to the then Leader of the Conservative opposition Jeff Green shortly after news of his appointment was reported in Private Eye and our own Wirral Leaks.

    I have a suspicion that, as is the usual in Wirral, the report will be so heavily whitewashed and redacted as to be almost unintelligible and our inept C.E.O. will, once again, escape censure.

  4. Off with his head…..throw away the key……however like most ex employees of Wirral he will walk away with a nice sum of money with a nice little back hander for keeping QT about it. Maybe an FOI is on the cards, full investigation, full exposure and demand to include the response from HMRC when Halliday was reported. Or has anyone already asked?

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