No Kingdom for Two Mayors

kingdom Anderson

Our thanks again to ‘Liverpool Litter Plod’ for capturing  footage of  Kingdom protestor , Metro Mayor  Steve ‘The Brickie ‘ Rotheram and Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson prior to  yesterday’s Merseytravel meeting.

As you can see both a rather tetchy Rotheram and a somewhat more relaxed  Anderson  make their feelings clear on the subject of Wirral Council’s continued use of Kingdom Security. However it remains in the hands of Wirral councillors and specifically the ruling Labour administration to address what is beginning to look more and more like a punitive tax on the poor and vulnerable and very little to do with  litter enforcement or environmental concerns.


4 thoughts on “No Kingdom for Two Mayors

  1. It’s very clear it’s a scam as kingdom have had the run of merseyside for years and all they’ve cleaned up is the cash.

  2. Shame on Frank you didn’t even want to listen, you didn’t want know you didn’t care, neither did the aggressive Steve Rotherham …look at the guidelines, or like WBC you want to ignore them, why?

  3. Here we go again. Another swipe at my Artiste Joe. This is the last thing we need as we begin the Spring stage tour of The Adams Family.

    I’ve been his agent for years and whilst his roles are invariably limited, mostly because of his genes that many hope will not survive another generation, he always gives of his best and never, under any circumstances, does he ever hurtle off the stage to attack one of the many regular hecklers that tip up during his matinee performances. He’s simply the consummate professional and I’m proud to have him amongst my stable of Artistes that are often called upon to play historical villains or the arse end of the pantomime horse.

    I’d urge everyone to ignore these cruel journalistic pieces and pop along to see Joe on stage playing Uncle Fester in The Adams Family.

  4. Surely it is better for the investors to know who they are getting into be with before their reputation is damaged?

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