The Audit Report is out – but is Halliday?

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The report into the Stewart Halliday affair and payments that were made for his consultancy work by Wirral Council via Forge House Associates has been published (inevitably on a Friday afternoon) on the Wirral Council website and can be found here

We’ll leave you to read the Recommendations /Actions Required and would welcome our reader’s thoughts . Needless to say we have a few of our own and we will preparing a more considered analysis once we have studied the report in detail and made some further enquiries…

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However we would ask you to observe the fact, like we will do , that all investigations may not have been concluded

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The only outstanding issue for us, is that in the light of the report and the actions required which include that no further work will be commissioned from Forge House Associates Ltd,  we are seeking a public statement from Wirral Council confirming that Stewart Halliday is no longer Corporate Director for Economic and Housing Growth or indeed a holder of any public office at Wirral Council.

Oh and can we just say we told you so…

20 thoughts on “The Audit Report is out – but is Halliday?

    • Sorry, I forgot to add…

      Nothing will happen.
      “Nobody is at fault”.
      Reputation Management shall sweep all before it and protect / burnish the shite.

      Halliday knows this, as did Bill Norman, David Green, Councillor Foulkes, et al.

      I have a recorded conversation between me and York Council’s Internal fraud investigators Veritau. I told them about Halliday’s conduct in very close detail years ago.

      They never got back to me and he was whitewashed.

      He knows he’s onto a winner here. Where will he pop up next?

  1. WBC employs knaves and villains COS it ain’t their money, and they don’t care.Hallidays funeral meats will be scarce cold ere WBC weds another such imposthume of a punk

    Summat was always rotten in the state of WBC

    “Due process boyo ” is not the rapier to despatch such villeins

    WBC is a tragedy played out before us all

  2. As I suspected, no one in Wallasey Town Hall is prepared to have a proper investigation into why, this totally discredited man, was paid huge amounts for his consultancy although a simple “Google” would have brought his York City transgressions to light .
    What the Hell were the employees of Wirral H.R. Department doing?
    Why did Eric Robinson and Jeff Green not act immediately the full scandal was brought to their attention?
    And to make things even worse they extended his annual consultancy contract for a further 9 months and then gave him a highly paid position within the council hierarchy.

    Another major scandal to be swept under the carpet and most unlikely to feature in the local media or to be a factor in the forthcoming local elections..

      • I think that Hell will freeze over before Mister Grant makes any criticism of Wirral Council which might jeopardise his column payments in Wirral Globe.

    • His persuasive nature, charm, cockiness or just plain old bullshit. He must have talked the talk, I don’t know the chap but from what I’ve read compliments of our Charles is eye opening. What did he do for near on £200k per year was he a strategists or something? I’d be checking out these organisations he has worked with just to ensure no underhand deals had been done taking onboard his past adventures. I have high hopes of being employed with this council but not sure I would fit the bill now knowing that being an honest, hard working individual meets the requirements.

      • Dear Ronald
        In our experience the attributes you list are not required to be a senior officer at Wirral Council.
        Try conniving,obsequious,amoral,dishonest,venal,sociopathic…

      • Dear Ronald,

        I reckon with a name like Ronald, you will be in with a good chance of getting a job here. We always like a good Maccies on the Wirral. Ha.Ha.

  3. Appendix 5 of the Report makes interesting reading.
    It appears that Halliday had some direct involvement in the handing out of contracts worth a total of £118,048.00 to unspecified suppliers.
    The Report claims that it was not in his gift to set up contracts so why does his signature appear on the invoices and what influence did he have over the selection of the suppliers?

    Would you not have thought that, bearing in mind his contract history in York, he would not have been allowed within a mile of any suppliers.?

    I think that the admirable Paul is the ideal man to start of load of F.of I.`s running as to the nature of the contracts.
    Sadly, for domestic and health reasons, I no longer have the time or energy.

  4. Trigger alert.

    Photo of toxins, currently being purged from the poisonous Wirral body politic.

  5. G’day Leaky and “Inty”

    Which of you will start a book.

    How many minutes into the next “Fudge It and Risk It Mis-Management Committee or any meeting for that matter will it take tha little fat ugly welsh egit Clowncillor Adrian “Santa Claws” Jones to say

    “I’ve got an audit trail on me”.

    How has the little arsehole been allowed to get away with being a vile creti and “Dunny Chain Wearer” on more than one occasion.

    Him and Missus Bilong Him Nurse Rat was a partnership made in Hell.



    May “Due process boyo” rot in fucking hell.

    In due process.


  6. I am going to state the obvious.

    Whenever I see a company set up in say sept 16 I know it must report it’s accounts in June 18 to Companies house, and prepare a ct600 for the HMRC then, or at latest sept18.

    There has been a loophole due to rapid proliferation of limited companies( can be set up for £12) where companies are folded before accounts submitted. Often HMRC and revenue do not follow through and demand accounts.

    Clearly tax vat and dues may never be paid.

    I will check Mr Halliday and Ms Steads history on companies House to see if a pattern exists.

    • Elizeth Ann stead and Stuart Halliday appear to be restricted to the two forge house companies…subject to subtle alterations in their names within Companies House.

      However a public official gorging on the test of public money should not rely on non compliance with law for companies House to strike them off i.e. they do not prepare accounts, they do not submit a ds01 ( request for dissolution incorporating effective oath that all creditors asked for objections, that company has not traded for three months).

      Again the law has no teeth and we must rely on ethics of WBC to dismiss such an official.
      Readers will remember Mr Adderley and Lockwood engineering and Big grant where WBC did not refer the case to the liquidators of Lockwood engineering.

  7. It seems like an open and shut case:
    4.1 Payments made by Wirral Council for Consultancy Services
    4.1.1 Prior to 2018, the consultancy services provided to the Council, were procured through
    Matrix Recruitment Agency. However, from February 2018 to date the Council has been
    paying Forge House Associates Limited for these services. See Appendix 1, for details
    of all payments made to Forge House Associates Limited and accompanying notes of
    correspondence with the company in relation to the supplier account and payments.
    See also Appendix 2 for a timeline of events document.
    4.1.2 Liz Stead (LS) and Stewart Halliday (SH) are both listed on Companies House as
    Directors of Forge Associates Limited (Dissolved 25 Sep 2018) and as “persons with
    significant financial control” in relation to Forge House Associates LINCS Limited
    (Incorporated 3 October 2018). However, Forge House Associates Limited has been
    quoted on all invoices received by the Council prior to and after the 25 September 2018,
    which would make the later invoices “false” as the company is dissolved.

  8. And who told Phil this in 2016?
    “Experience from other councils shows the management of the investor interface
    and its associated lead generation work is most successfully managed as part of a
    discrete organisation at arm’s length from the council.”

      • Why can we not look up the accounts of the contractor who was paid £200k of our money? Cos they are not filed.

        How do we know then that all liabilities are paid?? The consultant having paid his own tax and no on his directors remuneration. The company having paid over its corporation tax and it’s vat.

        No declaration under Dissolution one form has been made that the company has no creditors ere it is dissolved.

        And the fact that a public official has had his company compulsorily struck off.
        How much vat…£200,000/6 viz £33,333

        How much paye / ni ?

        £166,666 less travelling costs say £150k

        Approx one third so £50,000

        Can we ask if £83k has been duly paid to HMRC which had Halliday been an employee would have been paid

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