Jo given the Bird in the Phoney War of Words

Jo Bird

Dearie me,  no wonder we’re thinking of throwing the towel in . We know when we’re beat when what we’re increasingly being called upon to report on matters that are simply beyond parody –  and beyond a joke.  Moreover the political hypocrisy on display is playing havoc with our collective gag reflex.

Now we’ve long held our political system (and the institutions which support it) are broken beyond repair .The latest tragi-comic instalment in the Wirral section was acted out – and boy, do we mean acted – at Wallasey Town Hall last night as there was a Tory team flounce out of the Wirral Council Chamber in protest that Labour councillor Jo Bird being  allowed to go ahead with a speech  despite earlier being suspended – yes, another one – from the Labour Party. Cllr Bird’s suspension followed comments she made last year at a meeting in Manchester where she ‘ jokingly’ referred to ‘Jew Process” (geddit?) when it came to investigations about anti-semitism in the Labour Party and then riffed  on the near -sacred Pastor Martin Niemoller Nazi persecution quotation :

Screen Shot 2019-03-05 at 16.03.38

It’s a quote that been adopted for various causes over the years – we’ve even used it – but is most closely associated with the Holocaust and it’s always useful to remember that Niemoller later expressed  regrets about his own anti-semitism .  Apparently Bird didn’t so much adopt as adapt this quote as follows :

“They came for the anti-zionists, and I stood up because I was not a target, I stood up in solidarity. And then they came for the socialists but they couldn’t get us because we were having a party, the Labour Party.”

Cllr Bird then went on to justify her comments at last night’s meeting :

“As you know from our last council meeting, this Birdie has a self-deprecating sense of humour.I am sorry for any offence caused by my plays on words – that was not my intention.”

Listen Jo , here’s a word  from the Wirral Leaks wise guys. We know a crap pun when we hear one – let’s face it we’ve made enough of ’em  – but really “Jew Process”  Jo ? Even speaking as a Jewish woman it seems crass and insensitive and well,  just not funny . We have to ask whether all things considered  and especially in the current  febrile political atmosphere was it worth it for a cheap laugh?

We’ll have a laugh and a joke at most things, especially those people and the institutions that you’re not supposed criticise. Whilst there are very few subjects we would consider off limits when it comes to humour it’s  a definite that the Holocaust would be one of them. As for your ‘self-deprecating’ sense of humour Jo,  either – a) you’re  not as funny as you think you are b) you’re not as funny as doting Cllr Tony Norbury thinks you are or c) you need a new scriptwriter…

However nobody comes out of last night’s debacle with any credit least of all the Tories. They’ve been quite happy to sit on their hands  when various witnesses testify that Cllr George Davies calls a former Wirral Council Director of Law A BLOODY USELESS CHINK  and even worse tries to organise a smear campaign against their then leader Jeff Green. Cllr Davies has spent the last six years (and lots of public money)  ensuring compromised ,corrupt  politicians and public officials protect him from any consequences. But then for all his pig ignorant racism  and arrogant untouchable corruption (which his party leader Cllr Phil ‘Power Boy Pip’ Davies has condoned – for he is a confirmed ear- witness to the notorious ‘Wirralgate’ recording ) for the so-called Tory ‘opposition’ Cllr George Davies is The ‘Right’ Kind of Labour Politician.

All of which makes last night’s petty  parade of ‘faux outrage’ (© ex Cllr Matthew Patrick) yet another example of the Tories hypocritical and empty political posturing… and if we hear a whispered and exasperated  cry of “Are they still banging on about Wirralgate?” emanating from the Tory benches we can only reply ” Yes, we are . It’s called being consistent,persistent and without contradiction… you really need to try it sometime…”



10 thoughts on “Jo given the Bird in the Phoney War of Words

  1. It’s worth noting that the journalist who ‘broke’ the original story about Jo Bird was one of those involved in the phone hacking by The S*n and the News of the World and who was named by the Leveson inquiry. It was disappointing that the Echo’s Tom Houghton failed to mention (in a related story about last night’s Wirral Council meeting) that , as you note, Jo is Jewish and that the S*n/NoW journalist reported this as “Jo Bird… who says she is Jewish”. What cheap and snide ‘journalism’ that is. It would also be interesting for Tom to investigate how many of the Tory councillors who walked out when Jo spoke have the same proud record of anti-racism that Jo has. (I am not in the Labour Party but have come to admire Jo Bird’s clear stand on issues which affect people of all races and parties in Wirral.) In fact Tory councillors belong to a party which bases its policies on ‘conscious cruelty’ and a ‘hostile environment’; even Anna Soubry left because amongst other things, she had to admit that the Prime Minister is a racist.
    And, as readers of your posts are fully aware, what a horrible lot are the Labour leadership.

  2. I filmed the whole meeting yes, the first two clips (out of 5) have been published (which covers the first hour). Clip 1 here and Clip 2 here .

    This happened later in last 90 or so minutes of the meeting (there were three further clips which were parts 3-5).

    Unfortunately I accidentally deleted them before the upload had finished (clip 3 got 44% of the way through) and have been unable (despite trying) to recover the deleted files. Unfortunately the backup is done over the weekend and I accidentally deleted on the Tuesday afternoon.

    There is a also copy held on the memory card of the camera, but as I had 4 public meetings to cover on the Tuesday that copy got erased on Tuesday morning.

    I’ll try to be more careful in the future!

    I deleted it because I ran out of space on the partition on Tuesday afternoon, also something else happened on Tuesday which meant I wasn’t paying attention as much as I should have been.

  3. I know it’s definitely anti-Semitic for a Tory councillor to openly dress as a Nazi SS officer and wear all the sinister regalia. I mean it’s been happening up and down the country, but you won’t see it recorded much in the Tory billionaire tax avoider-owned newspapers, will you?

    But is it anti-Semitic for a Wirral Tory leader called Ian Lewis, along with his party colleagues and disgruntled LabTories Moira McLaughlin and Jo Meaden to get off their Tory arses and walk out of the chamber while a Jewish Councillor is recounting the sad history of her family during the war and her own lived experience of anti-Semitism?

    I just watched this happen on a Wirral Council video which is now up there for posterity.

    Maybe our great, great, great, great, great grandchildren will one day spot how fucking, grossly hypocritical and damned RACIST was the hostile environment their forefathers occupied ????!!!!

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