Kingdom Kicked To The Kerb

Here’s the leaked email sent by Cllr Anita Leech to Elected Members this morning :


Sent on behalf of Cllr Anita Leech


Dear Members


I am writing to inform you that this morning our contract with Kingdom Services Group has been terminated by mutual consent.


I have provided the statement below to the local media.


“Residents have told us time and again how important clean streets are. They want us to tackle the small minority of people who think it is OK to drop litter, fly-tip, and allow their pets to foul the streets.


“This is why we launched our zero-tolerance policy towards this environmental crime. Our primary concern was and remains to protect our local environment, maintaining the area’s many beauty spots and improving areas where environmental crimes repeatedly take place.


“The goal of the contract with Kingdom was to deter and punish those who commit environmental crime. But it is clear the approach wasn’t right for everyone and so, after listening to the feedback and meeting with many residents, we have decided to end the contract by mutual consent.


“We will now take some time to reconsider our wider litter and dog fouling strategy. Later this year, we will launch an extensive consultation with residents to help develop a new method of prevention which works for local people and keeps our beautiful borough litter-free.”


I look forward to discussing this with you all on 18 March.


Kind Regards,




6 thoughts on “Kingdom Kicked To The Kerb

  1. Where’s her criticism of Kingdom?
    Where’s her admission of failure?
    Where’s her acceptance that the council took WAY TOO LONG to finally get rid of the bastards?
    Where’s her acknowledgement that Lord Leaky called this right VERY EARLY ON?!

    • It’s been a travesty of justice from the start unbelievable they’ve gotten away with this, Kingdom should have been taken to court along with the council leaders who hired them. The list of illegalities that’s been happening and ignored are immense, main one being demanding money with menace. A lot of residents need the money back I would say.

  2. “Consultation with the residents” how wonderful. Now that Kingdom have been binned does that mean £300 fines for not recording a tea bag placed in commercial waste will be scrapped?

  3. I have lots of dag walking round here, different places. There is lots of mess, coke bottles, waste chips, sickle. One of which I have not seen is dog poo. Some poo but not “lots” It seems to me that , a my walks have been in the wrong place, or that someone has been looking for a problem which was overstated. I suspect that persons in the council has either a problem, or that they have somenthing which impells that to
    be exaggerated, to make the cause for people like so-called Freedom.

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