Pip’s Poisoned Chalice : Who will follow the ‘Leader’ ?

Well, it all seems to be a bit of a death wish  – or should that be witch hunt – situation  with the local Labour Party at the moment isn’t it? The local Tory group must be loving it as it follows their time honoured tradition of identifying the problems of others without having to find solutions of their own .

However the big question, not to mention the big challenge for the person who gets passed this particular poisoned chalice , is who will be the next ‘leader’ of the  local Labour Group at Wirral Council when – thank the Lord – Cllr Phil ‘Power Boy Pip’ Davies,   pops off to pastures new.

We suppose the big question between suspensions, deselections and ‘retirements’ is whether there will be anyone left to choose from? By rights the obvious choice at the moment would be Cllr George Davies,  especially now that his co-Deputy Leader  Cllr Bernie ‘The Bruiser’ Nooney has been rumbled by her local Constituency Labour Party .  But surely even the local Labour Party wouldn’t opt  for a racist liar as their leader?  But then again didn’t they once have Cllr Steve ‘Foulkesy’ Foulkes as their head honcho so we suppose anything is possible!

Historically,  the selection process and outcome was fairly straightforward. Birkenhead MP Frank Field just made his preference known and it was a done deal. The only criteria would be that the Labour leader at Wallasey Town Hall would bend to Frankenfield’s will. Both Foulksey and Pip fitted the bill perfectly.

Now currently local party members actually get to vote and are apparently being very careful not to upset the  Labour whip who is under the control of the current ruling cabal in case they lose their right to vote in the leadership contest. Well that was Cllr Tony ‘Tight Fit’ Norbury’s feeble excuse as to why he voted for continuing with the Hoylake Golf Resort proposal although he didn’t agree with doing so !

We don’t know whether Cllr Norbury is in the running to be Labour ‘leader’ as we know he wants the ‘top job’ as Labour’s next Parliamentary candidate for Birkenhead. We suppose he’s hedging his bets waiting the result of the Birkenhead Constituency Labour Party selection, which as we know had to be rearranged following the last debacle which we covered in this EXCLUSIVE : And the new Parliamentary Labour candidate for Birkenhead is…

What we do know that current Councillors Chris Meaden, Moira McLaughlin and  Mike Sullivan are out of the running as they’re now ‘Independent’ councillors. ‘Independent’ of what we ask ourselves? ‘Reality’ judging by the comments emanating from the ‘Three Stooges’ . “Be careful what you wish for. Our little group could hold the balance of power come May.” Cllr Sullivan is quoted as saying this week. Yes, Mike whatever you say but then we know you’re prone to a bit of the hyperbolics which nevertheless are always good for a laugh. As you can see below Cllrs McLaughlin / Meaden are already on the local campaign trail but then, as today’s Kingdom Security announcement confirms ,everything a local councillor does at the moment is all about electioneering . ‘ A Concerned Resident’ sends us this letter with the attached comment  :

MM:CMHi. This letter is currently being delivered to residents of Rock Ferry, signed by our two ‘independent’ councillors who “think it would be helpful to let people know” what they are up to. Looks like blatant electioneering to me, using taxpayers money to publicise themselves. 

Regards, A Concerned Resident


So who does this leave us with in the Labour Group leadership race? Any suggestions? Now that Cllr Jo Bird has been nobbled (for now anyway)  our ante-post tips would be Cllr Phill ‘Two L and Back’ Brightmore and  Cllr Janette ‘Milly Tant’ Williamson (Gawd ‘elp us) but then again there is former leader Yvonne Nolan waiting in the wings hoping to get elected in Rock Ferry . However the way things are going at the moment we advise ‘doing a Norbury’ and hedge your bets ’til the local election results are in and see what we’re, er, left with…

10 thoughts on “Pip’s Poisoned Chalice : Who will follow the ‘Leader’ ?

  1. G’day Leaky

    Time for “Clowncillor ADMINISTRATION” to take over the asylum.

    You couldn’t be serious that “Philly “FUCKING” Liar’s” “Ugly Twin Brother with the Comb Over from Hell” or “Fouklesy The ex- Dunny Chain Wearer from the Brawl at The Hall in the name of a Charity Ball” are contenders.

    There would be more chance of the Little Welsh Egit Shit Jones with MIssus Bilong Him Nurse Rat getting his fourth or fifth go at fucking wirral. After all he would be the only one there with an audit trail covering his enormous ARSE for every penny in allowances he got under false pretences and every word he had uttered….usually lying words before he stabbed his mates in the back.



    Bring in administration.


  2. Re: the hard right “independent” letter about street lights out.

    Some of these could be out because there is a cable fault, i.e. a dead cable feeding the lamppost.

    The cable network belongs to Scottish Power (it used to be Manweb when I was a cable jointer working there pre-privatisation, around 1994). They used to take six weeks to fix back then and cost around £400 to £500. Double or treble that now (both the time to fix and the cost).

    So here’s a message of advice for the people of Rock Ferry. Rather than RE-ELECT these two fraudsters, have a little think about the practicalities of effecting street light repairs. Yes, I know this council is a basket case, as were both of their fly-by-night outsourced highways contractors.

    If it’s a dead cable, it can’t be fixed by the council, whether that’s an internal or outsourced contractor. It has to be referred to Scottish Power. Due to the to-ing and fro-ing and exchanging of emails, it will take a matter of months. We did it quicker back in the day via letters through snail mail. There wasn’t any email back then.

    A basket case council will do its utmost to blame Scottish Power, take it from me. I know. Wittingham and crowd are past masters at deflecting responsibility.

    Whatever you do people of Rock Ferry, don’t vote these two chancers back in. They’ll be doing their utmost to grab any glory, proclaiming in their illiterate leaflets that it was THEY who whipped the council and Scottish Power into shape.


    Thank you so much. From somebody who knows about these things.

  3. The likelihood is it’ll be someone who’s as equally incompetent as the present incumbent. And there’s nothing wrong with incompetence. It’s perfectly normal. All hirearchial organisations have to manage those amongst them who are incapable of doing their jobs and carrying out the purpose of their roles.

    What generally happens is that those amongst the group who’ve shown themselves to have reached their own personal level of incompetence are deployed by those who are still competent to carry out roles within the hirearchy that are unlikely to make matters worse. Whilst the competent never tell the incompetent that they are indeed incompetent, they simply manage the situation and never place the incompetent bungling idiot in a place or situation where outsiders can see something is terribly wrong.

    That’s the way you manage a Councillor or an Officer who shouldn’t be anywhere in close proximity to a lever of power. You simply deploy them well away from doing anything at all that might fracture the enterprise and bring about chaos.

    Of course, this management strategy only works when there are several competent people deployed within the enterprise who can manage themselves and the others within the hirearchy who cannot manage themselves or any complicated task that they’re ever involved in. Sadly, because this Council has an abundance of people who’ve already reached their own personal level of incompetence, this management tool cannot work.

    Therein lies the problem. Abnormality tends to lend itself toward attracting incompetence toward the bright light of public service, and upon the Wirral, where the normal rules of managing idiocy do not apply, I can confidently predict from a 108 miles away, that the next one up will be someone who is incapable of completing the task they’ve been elected to carry out. Not because they are bad, evil or even plain stupid. It’s because they’ve already reached their own personal level of incompetence and nobody ever took them to one side and revealed the truth.

    The best you can hope for is that once the winner is anointed he or she does absolutely nothing. Nothing at all. If they can do that and continue to do nothing then the people of the Wirral have got a chance to just about manage the culture of incompetence within public service.

    • G’day Bobby Boy

      I just luv you and your work.

      “Philly “FUCKING” Liar” was a perfect choice when Foulksey the dim-witted fuck up self imploded.

      I do think The ex-Dunny Chain Wearer from the Brawl at the Hall in the Name of a Charity Ball is probably the best of them to lead….

      But for fucks sake.



      “Philly” was that just a fucking liar and always gave it away when he went crimson as the lies flowed.

      Please write more often Bobby… luv ya XXXXXXXXXX

      • I got one of those letters. First class too which is unusual so I was immediately suspicious. I live in the area they’re talking about. I wonder when the building starts on the old Rock Ferry High site how many of our lovely independant folks got their backs scratched when they got planning permission. Those public meetings were something else. Anyway I digress, yes it’s fucking scary walking down our road in the pitch black. But you’re going to feel okay when I tell you what they’ve done up to now. They’ve put up a mirror on the corner. I feel so much better. I mean it’s hardly noticeable and I use a bigger one for my mascara but still it’s good to know we’re in the “independents” hands come the revolution.

      • Hello James. As always it’s good to read you. I often spare a moment during my supping of Ale and talking bollocks to the lads in my Ale House and think of you and hope that all is well and good times are there for you just around the corner.

        My best wishes and very warmest regards to you lad. Rob.

  4. Borra Da James,

    I think I know who is going be the next leader of the local Labour Party.
    I think they will playing that George Harrison song… Party Seacombe…

    Ouu… do you get the clues?

    • G’day Bobby and “Inty”

      Two of my bessies.

      Things aren’t brilliant Bobsly but I have been poisoned by wirral haven’t I?

      The place I grew up and loved before I met this Clowncil Cabal.

      As for you “Inty” don’t give me any of that language of the welsh egit see you next Tuesday.

      It won’t matter who takes on the poisoned chalice as far as the likes of Davies Davies Jones Jones Armstrong Tour Foulkes Adderley Basnett Ball Wilkie Norman Burgess et al are concerned they all had a filthy grubby hand in the Wirral “Funny” Bizz £2,000,000.00 scandal and will rot in hell after a miserable retirement.




      Luv you two boys in a very very special way. XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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