Wirral Well Hard : Another Liptrot Mystery

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The Liptrot Mystery established from the outset that Wirral Council leader Cllr Phil ‘Power Boy Pip’ Davies pet PR -person Martin Liptrot was a man of mystery.

The main mystery of course being how did he keep repeatedly landing well remunerated and influential posts at Wirral Council ? We’d call him enigmatic if that didn’t carry connotations of being vaguely interesting . Liptrot is only interesting to us in the sense of the famous curse  ‘May you live in interesting times’.


We are certainly living in ‘interesting times’ and particularly at Wirral Council with several high profile departures in the offing (more on those in forthcoming posts). However in the aftermath of the Stewart Halliday affair we’d alluded to reports that Liptrot had also recently slipped out the back door (not a euphemism).

Try as we might, we’ve been trying to find out the whys and wherefores of this potentially intriguing development. However our usual sources are on pain of death to reveal anything at the moment so we’ve had to resort to a bit of research (i.e Google) .

As you can see above from our first port(al) of call Liptrot was NOT FOUND at the now seemingly defunct ‘Wirral.Well Made.’ website (can somebody tell us what the bloody full stops are all about ?) We could never quite work out what ‘Wirral.Well Made.’ was, other than Liptrot’s stupidly titled marketing tool (not a euphemism) and the PR arm of the Wirral Growth Company , which now appears to have taken over the website under its own name with the ‘Wirral.Well Made.’ imprint consigned to a domain name. Furthermore there have been no Facebook posts on the ‘Wirral. Well Made.’ page since mid-February and nothing on their Twitter feed since December.

All of which adds to the mystery and inevitably leads to speculation, not least from those pesky kids at Leaky Towers. We ask ourselves : Is the latest ‘Liptrot Mystery’ further fallout from the Stewart Halliday scandal? Is it anything to do with the infamous alleged  Train Rage  incident? Or is it Liptrot’s realisation that with your personal benefactor bailing out that the ‘belligerence and bullshit’ game is up?

As we know how Wirral Council are keen to promote their business and regeneration flagship that they will be anxious to quash this speculation and in the public interest clarify the situation about Liptrot’s crucial role in the future success of the Wirral Growth Company…and no, we don’t need another artist’s impression.

Liptrot pose

Mean and moody Marty










6 thoughts on “Wirral Well Hard : Another Liptrot Mystery

  1. His LinkedIn account is now a complete dead end. Quickly after the fisticuffs at Liverpool Central the spoilsport closed off access to his info. Now his account is no longer there.

    Who ever heard of a PR pro without an extensive, voluminous LinkedIn account?

    • He’s a pseudo anyhow…… if he had nothing to hide like a real journalist he’d be out in the open clearing his character. Plain to see he’s been found out and nobody to hide behind anymore now that Philly Power Boy Lying Fucker Davies and Happy Fucking Halliday have gone. Good riddance is all I say

      • G’day DD

        Couldn’t you be a bit more specific abot the wirral low lifw.



        I know I have good reason to badmouth them as they shat all over “Highbrow” and I.

        Do you?


  2. G’day Leaky, “Highbrow” “Inty” Bobby, Paul, Martin, Chas

    As much as I luv and respect you boys…

    No way in the world would I support any of you in the shafting of any innocent (or guilty) person just because I can.

    Davies Davies Jones Jones Foulkes Tour Williamson Adderley Ball Basnett Armstrong Foulkes are vile cretinous low life bullies.

    May karma be very kind to them. ha ha



    Their families don’t deserve them unless they support there orrible actions.


    May their retirements be short and painful.

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