Halliday and Our Last Hurrah!


Halliday : The unacceptable face of local government

We’ve waited for the dust to settle and the hot air to dissipate following this Monday’s meeting of the Audit & Risk Management Committee. This meeting included an agenda item discussing the audit report into the Stewart Halliday/Wirral Council clusterfuck which we’d already given you the heads up about in these posts  : Heads up on Halliday and The Audit Report is out – but is Halliday? and The Halliday Report – Money for the few not the many…

Indeed we’d started giving you all the heads up about Halliday since 23 February 2017 and as you can read at your leisure here in dozens of posts since … but then why let facts get in the way of the Liverpool Echo/Wirral Globe report which can plagiarise a local blog and rewrite history to exclude all reference to the history of this latest Wirral Council debacle?

Wirral Leaks not only called this one way back , WE SHOUTED OUT LOUD – but it would appear that Wirral Council just don’t want to listen and the vast majority of people of Wirral just don’t get to hear…until the damage is done.

So true to our outsider ways (and for completeness) we’ll be taking an oblique view of the latest proceedings and thanking, yes thanking , Mr Halliday not only for the consistent high quality blog fodder he has provided us these past two years but how this case as a whole serves as an exemplar of how incompetence/greed/dishonesty/collusion  are seemingly not only deeply entrenched but endemic across our public institutions.

Of the many comments that winged their way to us from people who have observed the Wirral Council webcast this one succinctly nails the main issues raised :

If you haven’t watched/listened to Cllr Kathy Hodson’s comments, then you should…. she’s on the money. She pulls up that Halliday had no authority to procure/order services/contractors, yet had authorised payments by signing off invoices – she said that’s like marking your own homework (shame she didn’t use the ‘F’ word ?!!!!)
Another very important point was that she queries how his invoices are annotated when amounts invoiced are different ? She was making the point that if he invoiced different amounts how did that relate to the work he was doing?
Good to see/hear Jeff Green asking why CX  (Eric Robinson) and S151  (Shaer Halewood) didn’t get to know until 24th/25th Jan, when officers knew on 16th – it was very convenient that they didn’t (or say they didn’t) know, when the CX announced that Halliday was to be the Interim Director of Housing Growth etc on was it 24th Jan?
The S151 officer doesn’t come across as very bright, or am I being unfair ? She says some staff who weren’t senior and some who were, didn’t realise or think the matter was serious enough to be brought to the attention of the CX… ????? A consultant who had been paid £300k, and was to be appointed as a Director, was invoicing the council using a dissolved company which had an invalid vat number ? If that isn’t a serious matter, I don’t know what is…. They should have been told immediately! She says ‘it was an error on my part that my staff hadn’t informed me by that time’ ? How can it be an error on her part ? Maybe she was so friendly with Halliday that they didn’t want to risk being bollocked for spoiling the love in? Maybe she’s such a tyrant she would have shot the messenger ? Anyway, it’s an interesting choice of words, to say she was at fault ?!!!
Also good to hear Cllr Phil Gilchrist saying that he had (before Halliday’s original appointment) drawn to the attention of the CX what had happened at York, and referred to reports and A&G meetings etc. The CX said that he had spoken to the CX of York (presumably Kersten England), and she had said it was ok, and she even gave Halliday a reference. We all now why she did that, don’t we ?… She defended Halliday to stop him landing her in it !!! 
As an aside, did anyone notice the sub-titles ? Very poor interpretation.

Halewood : another unacceptable face

For what it’s worth here are our thoughts and observations  : Firstly, we were taken aback at the sheer gall of Finance Director Shaer Halewood who’s curious mea culpa seems to be more a case of wanting to have her cake,eat it and then throw it up all over less senior Wirral Council staff. All in the name of  protecting Wirral Council CEO Eric ‘Feeble’ Robinson.
We can see how Ms Halewood got the job can’t we ? A classic example of of the ‘Kiss Up/ Kick Down’ culture that still permeates the council . Meanwhile can we forget the distractions about who knew what when ? The simple fact is that HALLIDAY SHOULDN’T HAVE GOT A CONSULTANCY JOB AT WIRRAL COUNCIL IN THE FIRST PLACE ! Essentially everything that followed his engagement is a failure of due diligence and all roads (via York) lead back to Eric Robinson  …
Eric Gut

Robinson : unacceptable everything

Meanwhile for us at Wirral Leaks the Halliday case has proved to be the catalyst – if not the cause – of our decision to capitulate to corporate forces and pack it all in, which in some quarters will be seen as money well spent regardless of how much public money was lavished on Halliday.
More news on our last hurrah to follow…

15 thoughts on “Halliday and Our Last Hurrah!

  1. Just hope a criminal investigation now takes place…..or will Merseyside Police decide the matter to be too political?

  2. Has the money been paid back?
    if not you’d like to think WBC had
    got a court order in place to put a hold on the money until the matter is sorted

  3. Good grief! I’ve just had a peep at Eric’s photographic image. I know! Judge a man or woman by their deeds and all that, but heavens above, how can one completely ignore the breadth and the size of his gigantic bulging waistline. That’s some gut! Surely he wasn’t this fat when he first tipped up on the Wirral. Did they weigh him in and would they weigh him out?

    It’s not as if he’s asked the photographer to just take a head shot. He doesn’t give a fuck about his appearance. He’s sprawled out there, probably wearing matching shoes, laid back, jacket undone, his white Pierre Cardin shirt and it’s buttons bursting from their cotton threads with his facial stare menacingly glaring out at you saying, ‘get in my tummy.’ The mans got the look of hunger about him and there’s only one thing worse than a Chief Executive in the shit over the appointment of Mr Halliday. It’s a Chief Executive in the shit over the appointment of Mr Halliday who’s fucking starving.

    The man uses a nose bag. It’s the only explanation. I’d say that the Council have done nothing to provide a duty of care toward their fat employee. If they cared about Eric they’d have had him doing an intensive set of squat thrusts, press ups and some sprints up and down the Wallasey Town Hall staircase.

    What do they expect? Appoint Eric as Chief Executive on a salary of around a 140 grand a year and the outcome is inevitable. He gets fat, his cholesterol hits thirty five and all biological tests conclude he’s now evolved into more of a swine than a human.

    There you go. They don’t care a jot about anyone!

  4. Question 1: Are anomalies relating to invoices raised with the Director of Finance, as a matter of course?

    Question 2: Would the team within the Finance Department responsible for identifying the anomaly in this case have been aware that the invoices pertained to an individual that was shortly to be appointed to a Chief Officer post?

    In both cases, I suspect not.

    And, if I’m right, then this would make Halewood (and McCourt with his condescending “two and two” remark) the most appalling ‘throwers under-the-bus’

  5. Please publish the asset management “leak” afor ye go. There’s someone there sweating everyday on this. 😁

  6. G’day Leaky

    Don’t go

    Don’t go.

    By the way what does Grant (Chocolate Teapot) Thornton actually get paid for?

    I’ll tell you being ex Audit Commission.

    Fuck all and look at twiddly grants and when they question they get told to mind their own business and enormous fees.



    Don’t start me on the innefective cops.

    Luv ya La don’t go anywhere. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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