Dear Eric , Now about this Halliday guy…

Our commentator in yesterday’s Halliday and Our Last Hurrah! post gave a shout out to Lib Dem Cllr Phil Gilchrist which prompted us to scurrying to our leaks archive to retrieve an email sent by Gilchrist to hapless and hopeless CEO Eric ‘Feeble’ Robinson raising concerns about the Stewart Halliday appointment .

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So along with esteemed Wirral citizen and friend of Wirral Leaks ,Charles Nunn, who also dared raise the same concerns with Stressed Eric  (after all he does pay the guy’s over-inflated salary) – only to be labelled ‘vexatious’  – might we suggest that Wirral Council’s CEO needs to get out from under his armour-plated desk and be held publicly accountable for this debacle ?

Here’s Stressed Eric’s response and our comment which we published here on April 28 2017 – two days before Gilchrist also contacted him – coincidence much?

Indomitable local resident Charles Nunn is particularly aggrieved that his Council Tax and that of many other Wirral tax payers appears to be being spent on a series of snake oil salesmen and has pursued this matter with Wirral Council CEO (the ‘O’ seemingly standing for ostrich) Eric ‘Feeble’ Robinson. Stressed Eric provided the following response:

Dear Mr Nunn

Thank you for your email  dated 13 March 2017 and follow up email on 26 March 2017.

The Council’s Human Resources Team has confirmed the following:

Mr Halliday is engaged via an agency through the Council’s contract with Matrix Ltd.  Under the process, Matrix require supplying agencies to supply references for the previous two years employment history.

These references were sent directly to the line manager recruiting the worker.  There is no requirement for our Human Resources Team to be involved in all such engagements.  The line manager also elected to seek an additional reference from the former Chief Executive of York Council and subsequently a further reference was provided to the agency by the Director of Communities and Neighbourhoods still currently working at York.

We have been advised by Mr Halliday that he refutes all the allegations which are matter of ongoing dispute between him and his previous employer. It is not appropriate for Wirral Council to comment any further on these allegations.


Eric Robinson
Chief Executive
Wirral Council

And to think for his trouble Wirral Council were having Nunn of it and resorted to tried and tested tactics which we reported here

What better way of avoiding scrutiny and accountability by pulling the ‘vexatious’ card from the bottom of the pack. The latest target of this dubious tactic is our old friend Charles Nunn – who has been denied information about consultant Stewart Halliday’s ongoing (?) inflated remuneration because he might say mean things on social media. Wirral Council solicitor Rosemary Lyon , who must be a delicate little flower ,  is also upset by Charles’ ‘tone’ and writes:

I consider that you as a third party are pursuing a legitimate interest.
However I consider that that legitimate interest has been lessened by the
tone of your request in asking the Council to confirm whether “there will
be no further contract extension for this man?”

I have had regard to the guidance issued by the ICO “Dealing with
vexatious requests (Section 14) 20151218 Version 1.3. Paragraph 56 states
that “The context and history in which a request is made will often be a
major factor in determining whether the request is vexatious.” Having
regard to your previous requests about the same individual and also having
regard to comments you have made in the public domain concerning this
individual, I consider that the tone of part of this request for
information is potentially vexatious.

I consider that the processing of personal data ie the release of personal
data in respect of  Mr Halliday is unwarranted  by reason of prejudice to
the rights and freedoms or legitimate interests of him as the data
subject………..I consider that disclosure of the requested information would be
unwarranted having regard to the prejudice that would be caused to the
rights and legitimate interests of Stewart Halliday. 

For full details : Stewart Halliday FOI Request

Wirral Leaks is left wondering ‘Whatever happened to Ms Lyon ?’ and whether in the light of subsequent events she is now regretting her classic  ‘I was only following orders’ response along with her collusive role in other matters which we fully intend to come to before we shut up shop…


12 thoughts on “Dear Eric , Now about this Halliday guy…

  1. Oh I enjoyed reading this post My Lord. It reminds me of the ‘good old days’ of sticking the boot in….

    Good on you (tut tut for me saying all this)

    • G’day “Inty”

      Glad your happy and smiley despite wirral.

      The pile of shite just gets higher and higher.

      Davies Davies Jones Jones Foulkes Tour Adderley Basnett Ball Bradbury Armstrong Wilkie Norman Burgess Blott Squash McCourt Abbott Gilchrist Green Williamson Crispy Crème Doughty et al

      How does so much crud dross and filth accumulate in one Clown Hall?



      Don’t go yet Lordy until this crap is dumped in Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant wirral Waters.

      Has “Philly “FUCKING” Liar pissed off yet after contributing fuck all from Shanghai, Reno etc etc?

      Piss off to a rotten retirement Philly….


      Publicly apologise to the Wirral “Funny” Bizz £2,000,000.00 knock off scandal whistleblowers on the way out of Wallasey Shit Hall.

      Don’t go Lordsville keep sending the French letters XXXXXXXX

  2. Lord Leaky

    May I ask, not vexatiously, how long the wirralleaks archive will remain to be consulted?

    Is it agreeable to you to allow others to zip the archive so it may be shared again and again? To be shared as and when necessary as it remains a testament to disabuse ingenues of any concept that local government is in anyway honest or competent.

    It is your copyright but maybe a new blogger will emerge and, say Cllr Foulkes falls again from the path of righteousness, it would be useful to be able to reference his past misdemeanours in your archives.

    • The Leaks archive will remain in perpetuity.
      An announcement on our future intentions will follow – currently consulting and negotiating g with ,er, ‘stakeholders’…

      • JJ, I must have missed something when I flounced off stage to my Make Up trailer after cursing both you and your crop,,,,a reaction I now regret. What’s this about you quitting?

        I genuinely don’t know what’s going on. Paul hasn’t told me, mostly because he’s getting ‘blocked’ by throngs and I’m bogged down keeping a comprehensive record of who he has upset with his forthright writing style.

        Would you mind telling me JJ. Rob.

  3. Having entered the Halliday affair a couple of years ago with feelings of great anger. I now leave it with feelings of despair and resignation.
    In the corrupt organisation that is Wirral Council,the residents are treated with contempt by the senior officers and merely seen as a cash machine for their own inflated salaries and egos.

    No one ever takes responsibility for the many, many Council failings which have not only cost large sums of money but adversely effected many lives.
    If there are departures they are accompanied by large pay-offs with the recipient often moving seamlessly into another Local Government post or a Regional Quango.
    Our elected Councillors allow the salaried senior staff to run rings around them.

    Whatever the outcome for Halliday, he walks away with sums of money in his account that the average Council Tax payer can only dream of. I would not be at all surprised were he to turn up as a consultant to another organisation who cannot be bothered to carry out simple background checks, such is the incestuous nature of local politics.

    As Lord Leaky intimates that he is coming to the end of his superb blogs I would like to wish him “all the best” for his continuing life in the French flesh pots.
    His parting will be much missed but, no doubt, celebrated in Wallasey Town Hall.

    Fortunately we have Paul and John Brace to pick up the baton and run with it.

    May I also add my grateful thanks to a handful of York City residents – including one Councillor -who were so incensed by Halliday`s behaviour in York and the failure of the Council to pursue his many misdemeanours, that they willingly co-operated and contributed when they learned of his presence here on the Wirral.

  4. Whilst this pickpocket is on his toes, I would be interested to know what is happening within the council’s procurement department? This is staffed by a right shower of nuggets who trawl over what people order and spend and woe betide if you don’t follow the rules. One manager was buying items with petty cash rather than pay the agreed 10 x cost that the council had contracted to and was up for a disciplinary!
    All council contracts are subject to a procurement process, the level oof which is dictated by the value. Who was overseeing this?
    Also any council supplier has to have a suppliers number. A form is filled in with a lot of details and I would have assumed been checked. Who signed this off?

    • Who remembers Wirral Council’s “new suppliers” of around ten years ago? The ones who’d become inconvenient and subsequently received large, five figure payments in the hope they’d bugger off and shut up?

      It was all part of a tax evasion exercise conducted by unknown senior officers who had enough “friends” in HMRC Bootle to stave off the kind of criminal action that would descend from a great height upon OUR heads were we to evade £7,000+ in VAT.

  5. Much have I travelled in the realms of dross
    And many a poorly state and burghdom seen
    Round many peninsula s have I been
    Which dullards of fealty to Party hold
    Oft of a sly response had I been told
    Which lowly pharisees use to get off clean
    But never shall I taste of its pure serene
    But here reported n Eric’s lame email
    When Leaky spoke out loud and bold
    Then felt I like some watcher of the skies
    When a new planet swims into his ken
    Or like stout Cortez when with eagle eyes
    First he star’d at the Pacific-and all his men
    Looked at each other with a wild surmise
    Silent upon a peak in Darien

    Leaky the reproduction of this above email exchange twixt CEO and Councillor shows it all, it is the very Kernel of WBC, it’s modus operandi, it’s lameness…
    A Jesus needs to whip these Pharisees out of our temple

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