Wirral Leaks : Past, Present,Future …

24th November

Thanks for all your kind messages of support which followed our announcement that Wirral Leaks will soon be winding down, but not just yet…

How could we leave you all, especially when the blog has never been so widely read and appreciated ? Moreover we know we’ve said this before and whilst we don’t want to known as making more comebacks than Barbra Streisand we think it’s time to quit whilst we’re at the top of our game.

However we think we owe it to our faithful followers to clarify our position. As we said the catalyst for our decision – but not the cause – was prompted by the Halliday case. Whilst it gives Stewart Halliday more credence and influence than he deserves somehow that case just made us want to recite the last diary entry of Carry On star Kenneth Williams :

Screen Shot 2019-03-16 at 19.13.48

It’s just become so bloody pointless recounting the seemingly endless parade of incompetence,dishonesty, collusion, corruption  and fuckwittery (INSERT OWN PEJORATIVE ADJECTIVE HERE) at Wirral Council and other Wirral institutions… and then to add insult to injury to have the local mainstream media leech off you!

So this is where we’re at…


Rest assured the Wirral Leaks archive will remain in perpetuity. So when karma strikes aka ‘The Curse of Leaky Towers’ finally catches up with the sociopaths who run the show  we’ll be lying on our sun lounger sipping a cocktail, raising an arched eyebrow and  saying we told you so


For now the parade will continue ,especially in the light of the upcoming local elections. Therefore for now we’d like to make a special request to send us election leaflets, councillor sightings and general electioneering particularly as purdah – the publicity restrictions that should be observed by local authorities during the pre-election period – are about to kick in. Please note :


Screen Shot 2019-03-16 at 21.13.19


Who knows?  All we do know is that we can’t continue with our current output – it does nothing for our our mental health or our blood pressure . What we can promise is that we will continue to provide a platform for what we consider to be independent thought and important causes – which basically means all we have to do is press the ‘publish and be damned ‘ button.

However we intend that our final salvoes will be special reports which conclude long running investigations into the following matters :

  • Cllr Paul Doughty/Pensions Committee
  • Wirral Council Procurement
  • Wirral Chamber of Commerce
  • Wirralgate

We will be posting requests for your invaluable contributions on these subjects over the next few days. We could use Wirral Council-speak and say it’s all in the name of openness and transparency. We prefer to say it’s about getting all the dirt that’s fit to print out there – for posterity’s sake if nothing else…

11 thoughts on “Wirral Leaks : Past, Present,Future …

  1. G’day Leaky

    More comebacks than Streisand my arse.

    More comebacks than Foulkes “The ex-dunny chain wearer from the Brawl at The Hall in the name of a Charity Ball”.



    Please don’t go till “Philly “FUCKING” Liar” properly apologises to the Wirral “Funny” Bizz £2,000,000.00 knock off scandal whistleblowers who were just trying to be good citizens.

    They lied they cheated they obfuscated.

    For what??????

    Luv yer so much and your work. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  2. Delegate JJ. That’s the answer. You’ve definitely got a couple of writers on these here pages who can produce good solid investigative work and are capable of taking up some of the slack and responsibility that’ll allow you to ease back and control the monster that is Wirral Leaks.

    For a starters your output is too great. You could quite easily limit your output and manage yourself better. Being burned out is no weakness. Looking at the last few months since I decided to emerge from my burrow I’ve noticed a huge increase in literary work from you and it’s inevitable that you begin to feel the strain of constantly feeding the monster.

    We all have to manage ourselves. I do. Unfortunately for me, women can’t keep their hands off me. They’re forever scurrying up my drainpipe, tapping on my window begging me to let them in and allow myself to be ravished and violated by these crazed demented wanton strumpets. Nowadays, cognisant that I’m very desirable to women and I’m unable to stop them acting like fools desperate for my manly love and in pursuit of their own selfish personal sexual gratification, I now choose to nail the windows shut and when they come a tapping during the hours of darkness, I tell them, ‘fuck off you old bags. I’m trying to get some sleep in here’.

    See, I simply manage myself better than I once did, and this my highly respected and esteemed friend is what you must do in order to tame this beast Wirral Leaks and allow yourself some time to recharge the creative batteries. Course, in my case, nailing the windows shut rarely helps when thirty six of these women dressed in skimpy garments have managed to break into my home to hide and secrete themselves up in my attic and emerge while I’m laid in bed nibbling on scratchings. I do what I can to manage my curse of being gorgeous and I’d respectfully suggest you do the same to manage the mighty Wirral Leaks.

    • For openness and transparency I’d like to know is behind Wirral Leaks we have lots of rumours but would be nice to sign off with who you are.

      Good execution on all reads btw

      • We’re not usually prone to paraphrasing Churchill but let’s do so and adapt his famous observation of Russia : ” We cannot forecast to you the action of Wirral Leaks. It is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma; but perhaps there is a key. That key is the Wirral public interest.”

      • It’s the best kept secret I know of.
        And I’ve been around a while.
        I get my bus pass this summer if the Merseytravel board, including Foulkes and Abbey (the latter for not much longer) will allow me to have it.

  3. Your Lordship surely with over 1.000.000 and a more than 10 fold worth of comments and dozens of followers including the 66 at the Town Hall you could still continue from afar. You are a well loved member of the Wirral community and have probably caused Wirral council to rethink some major decisions and exposed major corruption and incompetence so why stop???. You will be sadly missed if you leave Wirral without your brilliant overview.
    Ask Bobby to send the ladies round to mine, I will leave the windows open, only joking,

  4. My windows are always open but never get the girls climbing my drain pipes (I`m not joking Johanathon). But seriously, the loss of Wirral Leaks will be a bit of a disaster unless someone else takes up the reigns. You have exposed and expanded on all the scandals and corruption within Wirral Clowncil and it must have had some effect in the inner sanctums of the King Street Palace.Good luck in the future and all your followers will be devastated to see you go.

    • You have nothing new on the new council officers so probably a wise move to quit while your ahead of yourselves. Damn good bit of media coverage over the years I’d say and you can hold your head high and maybe come work for Wirral as the media advisory, you have done well old boy and salute you sir. Maybe we will see some form of comeback once we know about the last few Armstrong & Ball but until then enjoy🍸

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