Wood is out but Wirral Children’s Services are not out of the woods…

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This is a big week at Wirral Council. So many comings and goings we can hardly keep up. Unfortunately some high profile departures will mean that some Wirral Council senior managers will be leaving before we get the chance to publish what we believe to be the real reasons behind some of the sudden departures.

We understand that one who has already slipped out the back door is John Wood who was brought in to help with Children’s Services ‘improvement journey’ last July as the head of Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) at Wirral Council. Read more here : SEND for Help

Now just after 9 months in post we understand that Wood has gone. Although it must be said the writing was on the wall when he himself hinted at the challenges he faced at Wirral Council in our  Special Educational Needs and Disability : ‘ The best interests of the children have definitely not been at the forefront of everyone’s thinking…’  story.

What we do know is that there is an impending Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman report which won’t make pleasant reading for Wirral Council and particularly those in the SEND Department formerly headed by Wood. We anticipate that the Ombudsman will find that Wirral Council were at fault and recommend urgent actions following a serious complaint involving a child with special educational needs. From what we understand it is unclear whether Wirral Council staff have had any training in SEND law.  The law is clear, as is the guidance to which the department must adhere. However it would appear that Wirral Council are simply making up their own rules as they go along – no change there then. Hence the Ombudsman ruling and need for ‘urgent actions’.

Moreover we also understand that John Wood was involved in leading an investigation that is being described to us – and with apparent justification – as a cover up by Wirral Council. The case involves an allegation of abuse at a special needs school.

Much,much more on both of these stories over the next few weeks.

All we will say for now is that whilst Wood may have found a way out but it would appear Children’s Services are not yet out of the woods when it comes to their ‘improvement journey’! …



8 thoughts on “Wood is out but Wirral Children’s Services are not out of the woods…

  1. That Umsha Bell woman from Wirral evolutions came in to support Woody woodpecker but couldn’t see past being stuck up the bigwigs arses. Typical of the so called fuck up brigade just move onto other Local Authorities and accept it.

  2. Maybe the money held back by SEND towards Egremont Primary school in Seacombe has resulted in the reports this week of mass redundancies to the vital support staff.
    Wirral councils total silence in this is deafening seeing as it’s only up the road from Wallasey town hall.
    The council would probably say it’s not their problem as they transferred the school over to Oak Trees Trust but vital SEND funding has been held back due to a paperwork error.
    With the announcement of redundancies in the local press neither the head of the council or our new Metro Mayor had any comments when pressed on social media but pressed the block button over and over.
    Oak Trees trust is another branch of ex council suits who pass as community spirited but are in it for the exorbitant wages and quick profits.
    A read of their accounts show very healthy balances but very very strange they would propose cuts to the support staff in a school that finishes bottom in every performance chart they have surely a cash injection would be needed for support staff to turn the performance around.
    The other schools in the trust are in Meols,Bebington and Spital and they make cuts in Seacombe.

  3. Talking of legalities, I have mentioned this before. Wirral Clowncil were told by their legal department some years ago that it was deemed illegal to remove SNE children from their obligated transport provisions if that child was granted a mobility car. So what have WBC been doing over the past couple of years….yep, got it in one, removing children in receipt of a mobility car from transport provision. As the higher rate mobility allowance (which actually funds these cars) is a NON means tested benefit should WBC be seen to means testing it…..I beleive they should not.

  4. Well I dunno if this has anything to do with it but after a bit of a battle the council have decided to fund an out of area school for my daughter. Wirral Council – all is forgiven!

  5. Course, I do realise I’m overly fixated on photographic images and what I’m about to express has absolutely nothing to do with absolutely anything, but it is a strange photograph.

    This particular image looks like it’s been airbrushed and set within a cleverly crafted setting that wouldn’t look out of place on a large granite headstone in a cemetery burial plot.

    It’s like something you’d have on the front page of the crematorium chapel service memorial sheet to celebrate the passing on their loved one as they all stand there singing The Old Rugged Cross and then leaving the dreadfully tragic event to the sounds of Eric Clapton’s Tears In Heaven.

    Even on my bestest days, and there ain’t been bloody many, I’ve never looked like this fella does. My guess is this photograph is his creation and it’s been produced and released into the public domain by himself giving me the impression that he’s no business being dead.

    On a more positive note, because I’m a fair man, I like his head and the face that’s clearly affixed to the skull. There’s nothing wrong with the head or the face and if there were things wrong with them I’d be the first to say something. Whatsmore, if this fella ever tipped up and tapped on my door flogging Life Insurance or Double Glazing, I’d have absolutely no problem inviting him in and across my threshold to discuss this highly unlikely business transaction. Why? Because me windows are fine, I don’t need anymore insurance and he’s got the face of a man I could trust. That’s why! Mind, appearances can be deceiving can’t they.

  6. G’day Bobby

    Don’t let him in whatever you do.

    He looks far to like Clinton to me and he would only mess all over your greatest asset and then deny it.



    I usually agree totally with you, but, not this time my friend he’s like a creep that was in my class at school.

    Luv ya La

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