Procuring the Procurer



It didn’t take a Sherlock Holmes or even a Jessica Fletcher to work out who today’s mystery departee from Wirral Council was :

Screen Shot 2019-03-29 at 22.52.04

That’s a curious description on his Linked In page as Sherlock was responsible for  ‘Asset Management’  and ‘Procurement’ at Wirral Council during which time he got to know a lot of contractors who were used by Wirral Council. Now that he is the lucky recipient of a nice early retirement package it would appear that there could be a lucrative hook up for Sherlock in his new role as,yes, you guessed it, a ‘consultant’.  So, by the looks of it his Linked In page will need updating as his ‘retirement’ will be very brief.

Apparently he was asked today at his farewell bash at the Town Hall what were his plans for ‘retirement’ to which he replied :

“No, no still going to work… doing two days a week working for Mac Roofing as a consultant 2 days a week working for Metro as a consultant …” 

Could this be the same Mac Roofing that Sherlock gave this glowing reference which can be found on their website? I think we should be told!


When we recounted all this to a well placed source at Wirral Council they told us :

These two are both contractors to the council, both wishing to improve their stake in the share of the cash cow council . Metro provide our cleaning services and would be nice if we could squeeze others out to accommodate the new consultant . If the council had any balls they would call in a conflict if interest and monitor the situation as X is not without his friends within and they strategically placed to give the contracts out… and will.
Make no mistake people are aware of your post but never openly discussed , I and thousands more hate the back hand dealings where corporate governance is non-existent and employees can invoice with phoney tax numbers and what makes it worse , we are all cowards and sit back and watch and in some cases officials knowing the truth don’t highlight it. Doing the right thing is not doing the right thing in Wirral Council. 

6 thoughts on “Procuring the Procurer

  1. Well some do ‘the right thing’.. the Wirral Biz whistle blowers for instance… on the topic of the 2 million pounds knock off: the Mighty and high vis Highbrow and the very foul mouthed and very decent Aussie. (Both got screwed mind you)

    Keep your eye open for the BOOMERANG…

    • G’day “Inty” and The Great Lord

      “Philly “FUCKING” Liar’s mummy must be so proud.

      She must admire the way he shat all over the two Wirral “Funny” Bizz £2,000,000.00 knock off whistle blowers.

      She must be so proud of the way he lied and lied and lied.

      She must think we deserved all his son spewed out just because we wanted to stop a massive theft and what did her darling do…

      He allowed the thieves to be paid for a further 18 months after the whistleblowing he let AdderleyDadderleyLally and his dogsbody “The Chamber Potty” get away with asset stripping and promoted them.



      What did you do to deserve that Mrs Davies?

      Luv yer “Int” and Leaky XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


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