Campaign Trail Tales : Bullying and Intimidation by Councillors

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We are dismayed but not surprised by the following press statement issued by Stop Hoylake Golf Resort Action Group /Defend Wirral’s Green and Open Spaces. We would  suggest to them that they make a Code of Conduct complaint but we think a more useful course of action would be to publicly name and shame the councillor involved so that the people of Wirral know what kind of person is representing them…
Stop the Hoylake Golf Resort Action Group/Defend Wirrals Green and Open Spaces, have witnessed first hand, bullying,intimidation and Harassment from those leafleting for Labour Councillors on Wirral.
Recently there have been two incidents within the Thingwall and Pensby ward, where two of our members on separate occasions have been bullied and harassed, whilst leafleting for our campaign. We find this behaviour totally unacceptable to our campaign.
On the 9th March whilst out leafleting, one of our lady members was shouted at and verbally abused by a senior labour figure within Wirral Borough Council. On behalf of our member, I wrote to the person in question asking for a full apology, stating that, our members are instructed not to engage with any members of the labour group,or any other group who they may encounter whilst leafleting, this is a strict rule within our group.
The lady in question was walking on the opposite side of the road to the senior officer when shouting started from their side. This has left are member very uneasy and traumatised.
On behalf of our member I wrote to the council official for a full apology to which I received a unreserved apology, which we accepted, it was mentioned to the person concerned that, I would appreciate if your members did not engage with ours during leafleting, we all have a job to do and we should be able to do it without prejudice. The official agreed.
However, the following week on the 16th March, one of our members neighbours had a knock on the door from an elderly gentleman. the gentleman asked if the person he was speaking to would be voting labour in the forthcoming by-elections, to which he received a answer saying no, definitely not. The reasons where explained to the gentleman about building on our greenbelt, especially when at council meetings the labour councillor for the ward of Thingwall and Pensby, can be seen voting to build on greenbelt, on at least four different occasions, when, in his news letter to residents, he says he will protect every blade of grass on the greenbelt areas. After this conversation the elderly gentleman left.
However, approximately three minutes later there was a knock on the door  again, this time it was the councillor himself. This time, the councillor was very abusive, with threating behaviour and abusive language. My members neighbour was preparing a childrens party at the time, so there where family members who must have heard the language from this councillor. It was a  very upsetting experience and once again, is totally unacceptable to members of the public to have verbal abuse thrown at them from councillors who mislead their constituents. It is shocking.
I as chairperson for the fore-mentioned groups, wrote to the councillor for a full  apology, I wrote on two separate occasions, he failed both times to even give the curtsey of a reply.
As the chairperson of the groups mentioned, I keep a rolling update of our petition signatures that we have to date. The figure is growing at a daily rate, it stands at 28,523 currently. The residents of Wirral are infuriated at the proposals to build on our greenbelt. Residents on our peninsula believe we are the forgotten shores, everywhere else seems to receive good coverage except Wirral.
Maybe our councillors realise this and therefore treat their constituents with the utmost contempt.
Finally, this case of intimidation and bullying must be addressed, if we are to encourage people to come out and vote at local elections. I will stress strongly, that the bullying was carried out, not by the momentum groups(whoever they are), but by acting councillors, yet these are the same people who accuse others of trying to ruin their party. The information that these councillors give out, is totally and utterly false. The  bullying, intimidation and harassment comes from within the cabinet.
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Your chance to lose the abusive councillors is on May 2nd

14 thoughts on “Campaign Trail Tales : Bullying and Intimidation by Councillors

  1. Hi. You say we can lose these abusive Councillors on May 2nd? So can we take it the people concerned are up for election?

  2. The Councillor should be publicly named. It is unacceptable for councillors or anyone in public office to be giving abuse to members of the public. They are ambassadors for the Wirral and are supposed to be setting a good example. Although with the present bunch of councillors and elected MP’s it is clear the term “good example” indicates showing how best practice for being corrupt, decietful, fraudulent, lying cheats motivated by self interest. They are good at this at least.

    • Militant?

      With the information already provided we can narrow this down to a male councillor “representing” Pensby and Thingwall, and as stated, one who has been voting in favour of the 160 luxury houses attached to the Hoylake Golf Course.

      With a couple of minutes extra research, his identity becomes obvious, we can see he’s been in for some years, and doesn’t even live in the area he “represents”.

      To describe this time-served, hard right Labour cabinet member who’s been laying waste to the area as ‘Militant’ would be like describing Doctor Harold Shipman as a kindly, misunderstood, bumbling old physician with a wonderful bedside manner.

  3. It’s great that your exposing this but your lack of naming and shaming seems to be selective and suspicious?

    Your very fast to put pen to paper usually so who are these people you talk about and why have you chosen not to name them. Surely they should be reported to the Labour Party as this behaviour is against their rules too.

      • If some councillor was abusive or threatening to me or my family I’d be giving him a good verbal back and then kicking the shit out of them then report them to the LGA. They are not above the law and don’t have these so called super powers, they must have been on a power trip

  4. Should be reported to the Council’s Election Officer as it is an offence under electioneering legislation…those responsible will happily apologise if the matter isn’t taken any further!

  5. I had sight of the Pat Hackett (New Brighton Cllr) leaflet the other day. I was surprised to learn that he had been campaigning to save the Green Belt from ‘the Council’ (as if somehow he was not the Council) Would this mean that Pat Hackett had actually been voting against the ‘Council’ whenever the Green Belt issue came up. Ok Pat, I stand to be corrected..

  6. reference jimmy crickets description of councillors he is spot on and what an example lays in wait to take his seat for the tories. in the pensby area.

    Every labour councillor has voted to build on our greenbelt, Luxury Houses, not affordable, affordable rents, social or otherwise, they voted for LUXURY housing. All except one, that was the Upton councillor, she was the only one brave enough to defy the whip in something that she believes in, SAVING OUR GREENBELT from the greed of developers. I would suggest that, we understand that there maybe a need for houses, but they have to be the right houses. Houses for NEED not GREED.
    To me, it is a sad state of affairs when a LABOUR council decides to jump into bed with the greed of developers, Going to a DEVELOPERS SEMINAR, saying that the council will have to shout louder than the nimbys and yes, this was a LABOUR councillor.
    The situation on Wirral has to be put right, we urgently need change, if we keep voting for what we have got, we will get have what we have got.

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