Smart Meters – Not so smart!

Smart meter

The latest in our series written by ‘Bright Spark’ which explores existing wireless technology and the planned 5G roll out:

In our previous articles we highlighted the dangers of the new blue/white light emitted from the Council’s new lamppost replacement programme, as well as the extremely dangerous microwave radiating transmitters that are on top of each lamppost that are forming part of the 5G infrastructure grid planned for Liverpool and the Wirral. We then focused on the totally inadequate ‘safety standards’ quoted by the Council, Government and industry for wireless devises and cell towers. The ICNIRP/PHE ‘safety guidelines’ that are used are out-dated and based on the assumption that non-ionising microwave radiation is perfectly safe as long as it does not heat a fluid filled mannequin head up by several degrees over a short few minute exposure!

This week we would like to bring your attention to the dangers of smart meters, another part of the 5G grid and Internet of Things that the Government and Council are supporting. Smart Meters are being pushed by the Government and utility companies under the guise of convenience and helping to save energy. What they are not telling you is the catastrophic health and environmental dangers of this, yet another, microwave emitting spying devise.

If you do not have a smart meter as yet (electricity, gas and water), we urge you do your research and refuse a smart meter at all costs. It is not a legal requirement, despite the pressure that utility companies are putting people under to swap them. If you have one already, it is not easy to request a change back to an analogue meter, but please do your research and, even if you have to fight and pay for the swap, we would urge you to consider this for your health’s sake and that of your family and neighbours.

Smart meters contain two microwave transmitters, one to communicate with the cell towers and the other to scan your home’s devises for usage, monitoring every smart devise as it does so. They utilise ‘pulsed’ microwave frequencies and, if you have a microwave detector, a strong piercing pulse of non-ionising microwaves can be detected every 10 to 20 seconds. Pulsed microwave signals have been shown to be biologically very harmful. Many people have reported feeling unwell, sleeplessness, anxiety, depression, heart changes, decreased cognitive function, sleeplessness, headaches, tinnitus to name a few symptoms soon after the installation of smart meters. Some meters pulse up to 190,000 times per day (essentially constant pulsing). These pulses can travel nearly 2 miles and may conduct along all copper electrical wiring within a home and community. The pulses are then re-radiated into the living environment. TuRr6FZrnZG7X3NKwy7WwqN9xjKTFQDuMCK72J1fny4_o

Smart meters, being pushed out into homes by government and utility companies also form part of the Internet of Things and the 5G infrastructure control grid. These are sold as convenient and ‘energy saving’. There are, however, many reports noting that no energy is saved and/or bills increase. Energy savings still depend on users actually ‘reducing’ usage which can be encouraged regardless of a smart meter display which may be rarely looked at.

Smart meters also increase demand on cell towers, increasing the numbers of these monstrosities across our streets next to our homes. Vast amounts of energy is needed to maintain the data in data centres. Eventually, energy may be charged differently for different devises or different times of day. Utility companies will know every movement you make within your own home, know when you are in the bathroom, what time you go to bed, what you watch and know when you are away. There are plans to replace care workers for old and dementia patients with spying smart devises and smart meters will form part of the information collected and sent back to the monitoring centres to monitor their movements…all part of the Councils 5G health plan!!!.

Residents often do not know that smart meters have been installed in close by properties and may therefore unknowingly be affected but still feeling health symptoms. On a large estate or block of flats there could be many hundreds or even thousands of smart meters, each emitting hundreds of thousands of pulses per day along with all the pulses from all of the smart devises they are collecting data from. As the signals travel for many miles and also jump onto electrical wires, everyone will be affected along with pets, surrounding wildlife and insects.

As demonstrated by Daniel Hirsch, Senior Nuclear Policy Lecturer at UCSC, ‘Smart’ Meters can expose the body to 160x to 800x times as much microwave radiation as mobile phones. ‘Smart’ Meters emit intense pulses of radiation in excess of 190,000 times every day. This will massively increase the EMF exposure to members of a household, their neighbours and environment. It has been shown that pulsed frequencies have an especially damaging effect biologically. em-radiation-our-health-risk

Jerry Flynn is a retired Captain in the Communications Electronics Engineering Branch from the Canadian Armed Forces. He extensively studied radio communications, including radio and antenna theory, the radio frequency spectrum, radar and telephone systems, electronic warfare, signals intelligence, and more. Most of the dangers he clearly explains are the same issues as the UK and it is worth taking the time to review his work which relates to smart meters and wireless in general. jerry-flynn-military-radio-expert/

Mike Mitchen is UK based and has done a lot of research and work to highlight the dangers of smart meters and this video and his work is worth the time to watch.

Smart meters are currently not a legal obligation in the UK and you can insist on a refusal. Do not accept a ‘dumbed down meter’ as this only means that that particular company cannot read it, but it is still trying to establish transmission.

This is a helpful UK site for information on smart meters, their dangers and provides resources and letters you can use to send to your utility company withdrawing implied consent.

There are so many reasons to refuse a smart meter. We would encourage you to do your research and share this information with your family and friends.

In the coming weeks we will focus more on what 5G is. Make no mistake this is planned for Liverpool and the Wirral and the infrastructure is being rolled out with fury in preparation without knowledge or consent from the population. 5G will take wireless radiation exposures and dangers to a whole new level.


4 thoughts on “Smart Meters – Not so smart!

  1. I used to manage a meter warehouse for a UK utility and stocked water, gas and electricity meters. I have refused any form of smart meter in my own home and will continue to do so. In my experience very few people have gained anything from having one fitted and the cost to us all through our energy and water bills is very high. The government are providing no cash for the rollout of smart meters and neither are the utility companies – installation is free to the household having one fitted but be assured we are all paying the cost in our energy bills (whether you have one yourself or not) – one of the main reasons for the continuous hike in energy prices.

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