Birkenhead – A Place of Depravity

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That’s not us making that declaration that’s the man who hopes to be the Labour candidate at the next General Election.

Cllr Tony ‘ Thick as Mince’ Norbury took to Twitter on April 2nd to share this absolutely priceless tweet. Our initial response to which was : ” Only 55% of Birkonians are living in a place of depravity?”

Perhaps Cllr Norbury has been on the campaign trail in Conway Street/Argyle Street of a Saturday night where ‘depravity’ would certainly be an apt description, otherwise we can only assume that Norbury failed to recall the word ‘deprivation’.  However as malapropisms go this has to be one of the most unintentionally hilarious ones we’ve come across.

Might we also suggest that if Norbury wants to take over the mantle of Frank Field and continue to indulge in the poverty porn so beloved of the current incumbent as the MP for Birkenhead he also needs to know that the town he desperately longs to represent is a ‘constituency’…


18 thoughts on “Birkenhead – A Place of Depravity

  1. So thats why his council decided to license an official fly tip in Cleveland Street in his constituency. We might be depraved and living in poverty but thats no reason to start dumping rubbish near our houses and schools and churches and then claiming it is a recycling centre. Its been closed since November but people are still tipping mattresses and furniture there. Last time I heard anything Brian Kenny said he was lost for words back in November.

  2. Mr Norbury needs lesson in spelling at the very least.
    An adult male with his vocabulary cannot be allowed anywhere near the levers of power.

    He being a candidate for MP signifies that we are near the End of Days.

  3. Frank Field is probably a fine speller, but he lacks empathy with the people he is supposed to represent, a high proportion of whom are vulnerable and, yes, deprived. When I cast my vote for our next MP, it won’t be their ability to spell that tops my list of desirable characteristics.

    • There’s no art to find the mind’s construction in the face

      I wonder how one might certify that Mr Norbury has empathy with deprived Birkonians?

      One can however measure mental capacity, which manifests itself at the very least for a middle-aged person in mastery of spelling and the English language. Empathy does not deal with parsing fine points of legislation nor in navigating the political minefield.

      Mr Field might have achieved many alternate career heights but chose to dedicate himself to public service. Might Mr Norbury have achieved or will he achieve the same earning power that Mr Field have given up to do the best he could to serve the people of Wirral?

  4. I’m not so sure this reference to depravity is the wrong word to describe parts of life in Birkenhead. Perhaps the author intended this. Perhaps, before he rightly alluded to poverty and deprivation, his first thought was to mention and highlight the depraved nature that’s been germinated as a direct result of the abnormality that is Wirral Borough Council.

    I reckon, and if I reckon something it’s normally something that’s worth reckoning upon, that it’s a fairly common consequence for abnormal governance to impact on society and cause its component parts, people, to become bloody depraved. Makes perfect sense to me if my thoughts are worth a jot of notice.

    For my part, I’ll readily admit to being depraved. Anyone who can write and think as I do has gotta be suffering from depravity, so I’d say that Mr Norbury has chosen his words carefully and probably quite rightly reckons we’re afflicted by depravity.

    You’ve only got to reflect on the emergence of so many registered Dogging Associations and the one hundred thousand daily hits on Red Hot Wirral Housewives to realise that the unholy abnormal WBC has sent us all mad. The Dogging Associations! You’ve got the Ten, the Tranmere Ten, the Heswell Horde, the Seacombe Sixty and many others who nightly gather in public places for sexual gratification to acknowledge that just maybe Mr Norbury has a point.

    Me? I’m popping across to the Wirral in May to meet up with Cardin and hopefully some of the other lads and while I’m there I’m fully cognisant that I’m probably going to encounter some unwanted depravity from women who can’t keep their hands off me. And when it happens, and I reckon it will, I won’t blame the women who’ve found out which hotel I’m in, have scurried up the drainpipe of the hotel, got into my room and violated me while I was busy minding me own bloody business. I’ll blame Wirral Borough Council for making abnormality the normality on the Wirral peninsular.

  5. BOOMERANG for Cllr Tony Norbury…..

    ‘We have given them almost six years to own up and say it was all wrong, they’ve lied, cheated, hidden stuff, obfuscated and told bare faced lies.’

    (James Griffiths, the Aussie, on the Wirral Biz/Council scandal)

  6. G’day Leaky

    How long ago did “Philly “FUCKING” Liar” go into purdah?

    Does he think if he doesn’t tell whoppers this year people will forget what a stinking, pink cheeked mamby pamby caldy boy of an arsehole LIAR he has always been for the good of




    “Philly” fuck off now you lying barstard.

    Luv your stll here Leaksville XXXXXXXXXXXXX

    I think I am going to finally meet The Bobster the best ever thing out of 47 XXXXX

  7. This is just hilarious. However, ‘depravity’ is certainly and absolutely the correct word when you re-apply it in respect of certain council divisions, officers and councillors. I assume they all know exactly who they are.

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