The Local Election Circus Comes To Wirral

The names in the frames have been announced  for the local elections to be held on Thursday May 2 2019 . So we bring you the Wirral Leaks cut out and keep guide to where we think  the keenest contests will take place and which candidates to watch.

The first match up that caught our eye was the political celebrity death match to be held in the Rock Ferry ward where  ‘Independent’ Cllr Chris Meaden goes head to head with the official Labour candidate and former local Labour Group leader Yvonne Nolan.

Screen Shot 2019-04-07 at 08.33.04

Credit where it’s due at least Cllr Meaden is throwing herself into the ring and is prepared to put herself to an electoral test unlike Councillors Mike Sullivan, Moira McLaughlin and Bill Davies who also fly under the flag of ‘Independent’. It will be interesting to see whether the Rock Ferry electorate vote for ‘personality’ over ‘politics’. Although with Rock Ferry regularly having the lowest voter turn out in the local elections we suspect that the winner of this particular political battle will be the one who best galvanises the local electorate from their political apathy. Good luck with that one.

Elsewhere judging by the resources that the local Labour group are throwing at the Birkenhead & Tranmere and Prenton wards, and the results last time round, it would seem they are anticipating a strong challenge from Green Party candidates Steve Hayes and Chris Cooke respectively.  The former is contesting current Wirral Council leader Cllr Phil ‘Power Boy Pip’ Davies’ ward now that the cowardly lion has bailed out of facing a public vote . The latter is up against Labour Wirral Council Cabinet member for being permanently excited, Cllr Angie Davies, who has been touted as a potential Labour Group leader (no laughing at the back) so this will be a particularly interesting ward to keep an eye on.

Screen Shot 2019-04-07 at 08.48.36

Screen Shot 2019-04-07 at 08.51.06

Another anticipated closely fought political battle involving someone else who has been spoken of as a future Labour Group leader will be taking place in the Pensby & Thingwall ward where Cllr Phill ‘Two L and Back’ Brightmore faces Conservative candidate Mike Collins , who we know is a particular favourite of ex Wirral Council control room staff. When Collins stood last time in this ward the final count was very close. So who will take the spoils this time round? The political heavyweight or the actual heavyweight? People of Pensby & Thingwall you decide!

Screen Shot 2019-04-07 at 09.39.55

Astonishingly we find that Cllr Steve ‘Foulkesy’ Foulkes  is actually allowed to stand in the Claughton ward. It is an appalling indictment of the state of Wirral politics and the standard of its politicians. And then again look at his ‘proposer’,  fellow Claughton councillor George Davies. Of course, Davies , as Frank Field’s electoral agent is used to doing the dirty work when it comes to such matters.  Below is a picture from the local elections last time around and what the lucky people of Claughton can look forward to suddenly appearing on the doorstep over the next few weeks – but then knowing what the people of Claughton know about Foulkesy’s antics over the years they get what they deserve

George as Igor

And finally… if the name of the UKIP candidate for the Wallasey ward is to be believed it would appear that Santa Claus is coming to town in time for the local elections but then it must be said we don’t believe in any of them…

Screen Shot 2019-04-07 at 09.22.40



13 thoughts on “The Local Election Circus Comes To Wirral

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  2. Why bother voting for any of them? Seriously, there’s some logic behind this. Whoever you vote for, deep down within the marrow of yer bones you just know it’s a complete waste of your time. You also should know,or suspect at the very least, that whatever they say they’ll do they actually won’t. They won’t do it because they either can’t because they’re incapable of doing it or they can’t be bothered to do it because they really don’t want to do it. Either way, whatever their real motivation is, they’re lying or simply taking advantage of you and your vote that understandably yearns for some noble cause for a change of the way things now are.

    These people want your vote because they’ve convinced themselves that your life will be a whole lot better if they’ve got some say or involvement in it. They want and need confirmation that they are significant. They want to speak publicly. They long to be in a meeting to be heard uttering mindless rubbish that’s never challenged because all the other speakers have also been churning out meaningless codswallop. Moreover, they’ve all got high hopes that once in the ‘tent of power’ they’ll manage to weasel their way onto a committee that enhances their Councillor salary and elevated them higher up the chain of command.

    For the most part, many or even most of them are narcissistic characters, probably bordering on sociopathic and they really couldn’t care less about you and your life, so why bother yourself voting for one of them who will disappoint and let you down.

    Frankly, if you’ve gotta vote, and I share your belief that we should all excercise our hard won democratic right to vote, then at least cast your vote to the one who’s face you kind of like or the one who you think will do you and your loved ones the least harm. Voting in any other way is an excercise in pointless futility and one that’ll lead you to eventually conclude, ‘why did I bother’.

  3. So of the four Rock Ferry candidates, only Chris Meadon lives in the bloody place. Something wrong somewhere.

  4. I’m struggling a bit with this.
    I mean, should I vote Labour, Green (belt) or spoil my damn paper in frustration?

  5. With a history of making females cry,grassing and bullying of staff Wallasey Town hall will be a perfect place for Collins.
    Who exactly does the background checks on these candidates then again Folksey is in the pot again sums it up.

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