Eric Sees Red Over Green Belt

It really comes to something when Wirral CEO Eric ‘Feeble’ Robinson has to step in and call out the desperate electioneering tactics of Labour councillors and particularly Cllr Phil ‘Two L and Back’ Brightmore.

Cllr Brightmore was given the platform by the ever compliant Local Democracy (ha!ha!ha!) Reporter Tom ‘Media’ Houghton in the Liverpool Echo to star as the saviour of Wirral’s Green Belt and in an article titled Leaked documents reveal 22 huge Wirral green belt sites have been SAVED from developers  where Brightmore rejoices :

After months of relentless campaigning, countless meetings and a local petition backed by thousands, the council document indicates our community’s green belt has been saved for future generations to enjoy. Our arguments were clear and strong. They were listened to. This is great news for our community. The Tory order and ridiculous housing targets remain, and must be fought. However, it looks like our community will not be affected and no local green belt will be released for development.

Unfortunately the report was later denied by a Wirral Council ‘spokesman’ and the article had to be ‘updated’. We can exclusively reveal that yet another leak to us identifies that the Wirral Council ‘spokesman’ was none other than Eric ‘Feeble’ Robinson himself :

Screen Shot 2019-04-09 at 19.52.56

Tell you what though with this demonstration of media manipulation , blatant electioneering  and political dissemblance Brightmore is shaping up to be a future Labour Group leader isn’t he ? …and that is about as ‘poisonous and insulting’ (© Cllr Steve Foulkes)  as we can get !

6 thoughts on “Eric Sees Red Over Green Belt

  1. The Tactics shown by the Pensby Councillor and that of his guru, political reporter. Is blatantly breaking the Electoral Commission rules. He and his cohort have contrived and colluded to gain political platform and political gain in May elections.
    This has got to be reported to the commission and it has also got to lead to dismissals. We have seen dirty tricks before, but this is lower than a snakes belly, to woe voters with hysteria and produce what should be in the councils Local Plan, before it is even published, is nothing short of criminal.
    We have to tell the electorate of Pensby and Thingwall…. is this what you really want, or, do you want integrity and fact. It is your councillor who issues mis-information, no one else.
    Pressure should now be put on, not just Eric Robinson, but also the Labour Party nationally, to rid these people out of the party, that so many on Wirral, do support. Do not leave it to others, ALL of us should pick up our quills and start writing, it is so important.
    All those in the Labour Party and supporters, do you really want your party brought into disrepute in this way. It is shameful that this has happened, now we ALL have to deal with it.

  2. Sorry MR Brightmore but it is YOUR Labour held council that repeatedly votes to develop our greenbelt! and has nothing to do with the national policy (which in fact was introduced by YOUR Labour party when in office). Do not insult the residents of Wirral by claiming to be the campaigning guru riding to our rescue!! It simly doesn’t wash…..

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