A Blott on the Wirral Political Landscape


We had one of our wanting to bang our head against the wall moments when we’ve been reading, one year on from our Spot the Blott  and Blott’s Pension Pot stories, that mainstream media are suddenly outraged that last year former Wirral Council  Super Director turned Managing Director of Delivery Joe Blott bagged a cool half a million plus of Wirral council taxpayers money.

The outrage was sparked by Taxpayer’s Alliance annual report of highly paid public servants and this was the headline in the Daily Mail :

Screen Shot 2019-04-11 at 07.21.25

Needless to say the local press also belatedly gegged in on the story although the Liverpool Echo studiously avoided mentioning Blott by name. We were alerted to the fact that Tom Houghton did a bit of shit-stirring and sent his cut and paste job for the Liverpool Echo to the Crimewatch Wirral Facebook  page:

Screen Shot 2019-04-11 at 07.30.06

Of course we know that what lies behind the payment IS A CRIME and  we’d’ve thought an ambitious young journalist or local government basher the Daily Mail would want to investigate the matter further. Curiously neither want to question how a complete nonentity like Blott wheedles and schemes himself into a position where Wirral Council have no choice but to hand over massive wedges of public money.

Needless to say we have no qualms about joining the dots , making the connections and revealing how this truly appalling situation came about especially when ,for us, Blott has become the personification of the modern public servant  – where protecting the powerful takes precedence over protecting the public purse and the public interest…



18 thoughts on “A Blott on the Wirral Political Landscape

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  2. Meanwhile Jeremy Corbyn was in the house of commons the very same day this story broke in the Daily Mail, screeching to May about cuts to Local Councils…you couldn’t make it up. No wonder Wirral couldn’t take on its own staff to deal with the litter situation, instead they chose the perfect scam of Kingdom….

  3. Whoever actually authorisrs these payments should be brought to task…it is absolutely scandalous and enough is enough!

    • That’ll be the councillors who appear on the Employment and Appointments Committee. An old stalwart of this committee is harmless old “man of integrity” Lib Dem Phil Gilchrist. I mean, I haven’t got the time to do it but if you research all the pay-offs he’s put his signature to it would be well into the £millions. Pay-offs which include the £220,000 to abusers Mike Fowler and Maura Noone. Then there’s the knot of hard right, usual Labour suspects.

      But the arrangement for councillors is obvious enough. You receive a public money allowance, we coax you into doing our bidding, but whatever you do, don’t ask any awkward questions and ensure you put a highly official and businesslike gloss onto proceedings.

      Nothing to see here ! Move along !

      • I believe that I joined the Employment and Appointments Committee in June 2013. Based on the dates of reports on Wirral leaks the departure of Mike Fowler and Maura Noone took place before that. With regard to the arrangements made for the officers Kevin Adderley, Claire Fish and Joe Blott,
        I voted against the sums put forward at each of the meetings of the committee.

    • Thanks Phil, for taking the time to update us on what you DIDN’T do.
      Apologies if our memory failed us re: Noone and Fowler.

      Now, we’d really appreciate it if you could go back through the last six years and tell us what you DID do, accompanied by a figure for the total in public money paid out. We’d settle for a rough approximation, e.g. £1,234,567.

      It would be much appreciated, and in the spirit of Wirral Council’s oft trumpeted “openness and transparency”,


  4. Meanwhile as the guilty and the liars are rewarded with dirty cash, the truth bringers get it in the neck.

    Expect to hear very little about this as the weeks and months go by. Just mainstream rumour-mongering, spin, lies, rapid extradition to the US, followed by an unannounced secret trial where he won’t be able to defend himself. In other words, all the nasty stuff that Julian Assange spent his life battling against.

    And why now? Because of the sheer DREAD of an incoming Corbyn Government that might “risk” following due process by protecting and defending the TRUTH.

    Once Assange is in America – rumoured to be within the next 20 hours – i.e. tomorrow, Trump will help Assange in the same way Sarkozy, Cameron, Obama and Hillary Clinton “helped” Gaddafi.

    In fact, Hillary Clinton could make the following statement one day, “We came, we saw, he was illegally arrested and tried in secret…”

    Furthermore, “espionage” carries a death sentence.

  5. I’d normally take the time and the trouble to weave and spin some words that’d hopefully grab the readers attention and have them think I’ve made a reasonable point.

    That’s normally. Nothing about this feeding frenzy at the trough of public service is normal at all. So I’ll simply suggest that they can all fuck off and I hope their genes don’t survive another generation.

    Bollocks to them!

  6. Socialism at it’s very finest. The “poor workers” have been voting for them for generations and guess what…they’re still poor. Corrupt little turds in public office, especially at local level have a habit of protecting themselves and their position. A damned good argument for not devolving power to local areas. They just become unaccountable to anyone but their own cronies.

  7. Look at the poor Metro mayor, Mr Rotherham, needing about £7 million of OUR money to furnish him and his staff with office space….money well spent for Wirral residents!…..yet to see the proof.

  8. Why does houghton state it’s not a crime ?. We all know it’s a crime that this man was not investigated and consequently not sacked.. his departure payment should not have been paid if senior councillors did what they should have done and demanded transparency … Houghton you say you won’t investigate but yet you write nothing but your own personal “clean” assumption.. you like Blott, Tour and Armstrong are a drain on public finances…. and please stop stating you’re a journalist you’re not ! you’re a good friend of those that “take” from the public due to your reporting half stories . Stop it silly boy and grow some !

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