Outing Doughty : An Introduction


As we exclusively revealed in September of last year Labour councillor Paul Doughty would soon ‘Dance Away’ from Wirral politics . This time there have been no screaming headlines about bullying ,harassment,anti-semitism,Militant or a hard-left takeover.  However Doughty now finds himself  ‘auto-excluded’ from the Labour Party for campaigning for Cllr Chris Meaden ,the ‘Independent’ candidate in Rock Ferry, just a couple of weeks before he was due to quit as a Labour councillor.  Doughty’s crime? Appearing in a photo feebly wearing a white rosette and holding a leaflet supporting Cllr Meaden which appeared on Cllr Moira ‘Matron’ McLaughlin’s Facebook page ( we have more to say on this particular picture but we’ll save that for another time.)


We’re left to ask the question why it took the Labour Party so long to boot him out.  We can only assume that they thought he’d appeal to the ‘swing’ voter. However as we set out a few weeks ago in our Wirral Leaks : Past,Present,Future  post there were a few stories that we wanted to do before we too finally escaped the cesspit that is Wirral politics. The rise and fall of Doughty and his position as chair of the Merseyside Pension Fund , acting chair of the Local Authority Pension Fund Forum and astonishingly his recent appointment as the chair of Northern Local Government Pension Schemes was certainly one of them.

A number of sources have been in touch about Doughty over the years raising their concerns about various conflicts of interest, links to ‘colourful’ local businessmen/women and other eyebrow-raising matters . We have been investigating these further and busily compiling a Wirral Leaks ‘Special Report’ to commemorate Doughty’s curious political career. We are inviting further contributions and meanwhile offer you this sneak preview as to one of the real reasons that Doughty is now happy to be seen wearing the white rosette of ‘independence’ :

I bumped into Cllr Paul Doughty on Friday.  He told me he is not standing in the local elections this year because there are “just too many [pesky, darn-tootin’] conflicts of interest” with his architectural/development practice.  No, really?!!

Then he illustrated exactly the sort of conflict he was talking about, telling me that he has plans to build a 17-storey residential tower on the car park between the Cheshire Lines Building and Bridge Street, which would severely impact upon views out of the Hamilton Square Conservation Area and harmfully dominate views from within Hamilton Square Gardens …

And believe us there are plenty more other such ‘conflicts of interest’ that we intend to explore in our forthcoming ‘Special Report’…



10 thoughts on “Outing Doughty : An Introduction

  1. G’day Leaky

    So good riddance to another over fed self centred bully

    Clowncillor Crispy Cream Dough(nu)ty

    He stuck his oar into the Wirral “Funny” Bizz £2,000,000.00 knock off scandal and didn’t come out smelling of donuts more like the shite down at Kev and Stella’s Stinkin Stagnant wirral Waters.



    Yep Lordy he is up the with the crud and dross of Davies Davies Davies Jones Jones Adderley Basnett Foukles Wilkie Norman Tour Williamson Abbott “Crapapple” et al


    Ecca, The Spotty Faced £200,000.00 man are you going to blink blink blink and make “Philly “FUCKING” Liar to publicly and properly apologise to the two beautiful Wirral “Funny” Bizz whistle blowers?

    • The BOOMERANG appears to be still up there in air somewhere…..

      Anyway, you are right James… they need to fucking APOLOGISE.

  2. G’day Bobster47

    Fill yer boots mate.

    Have you ever seen a more self centred fat ugly greedy barstard bully?



    Looking forward to meeting you and boy will we do some damage.


    Much luv and to you Leaksville X

  3. Alleged “Labour” and business interests. The two never were happy bedfellows.

    Byeeeeee!! 😍😍😍😍

    P.S. If you’re “dancing away” take a few timely lessons from your Tory hero, fleet(flat)-footed Theresa May.

      • There’s a site down by Lairds on the New Chester road (Rivergate ltd) that’s been filled up with tipping which went on fire.

        Yes Mr. PD is the MD

        You couldn’t invent it!

  4. Former Councillor Paul Doughty gets a rather embarrassing plug for his business at 1:22:50 to 1:25:10 in the video of the proceedings of Thornton Hall Hotel Limited v Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council & Thornton Holdings – see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=czMdrQ7mlTU

    The lawyer states: “If that is right, the appellant was making a bogus application on a bogus document”. Ooops! However, to be fair, it is not clear that Paul Doughty was aware that the council had created a bogus permission.

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