Defend Our NHS: important public meeting – 25 April

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Dear friends of the NHS

Attached is our latest leaflet which will be distributed widely in the coming weeks. Please read and share it.

The leaflet is linked to our next public meeting which we urge you to attend (and to publicise widely):

Thursday, 25 April 2019 from 7:00pm

Birkenhead Town Hall, Hamilton Square.

At the meeting there will be an update on saving our walk-in services.

But the main focus will be our campaign urging people to #VoteNHS.

We are writing to and inviting EVERY candidate standing for election in May’s local council contest in Wirral. Those who are sitting councillors are being asked about their record in relation to health and care; new candidates are being asked about their position and their intentions if elected.  If they can’t attend they can still communicate their views.

Our message to candidates is clear: we have had enough warm words from councillors; we want ACTIONS which defend our NHS. Councillors have the power to do this. And our message to fellow residents of Wirral is clear: #VoteNHS

In December Wirral Council agreed overwhelmingly (a decision by councillors from the three main political parties) to collaborate more formally with the decisions of Wirral Clinical Commissioning Group (the CCG, the local subsidiary of NHS England*).

They had previously rolled over and accepted the government’s decision to abolish the NHS and replace it with local variations: the STP, the ACS and (the latest) the ICS or integrated care system. They had also actually welcomed US health corporations into Wirral.

We want our new council to set about reversing this complicity and to join with campaigners to reinstate our NHS locally and nationally.

Come along and join us. Let’s see how candidates respond to our reasonable request for answers. If you can’t attend please ask your candidates these questions before you vote.

    1. Did any sitting councillors vote for the new ‘integrated’ health and care arrangements with Wirral CCG last December – and if so WHY?
    2. By forming the partnership with the CCG Wirral Council is obliged to support (for example) the urgent care review and therefore to support whatever the ‘commissioners’ decide to do with walk-in services. Were your councillors or candidates aware of this?
    3. CCGs were set up by the government to bring about their plan to Americanise our NHS. Councils in other parts of the country have withdrawn their cooperation** with their CCGs and are refusing to go along with cuts and closures. Do your councillors and candidates support withdrawing support from the CCG and the plans to ‘slash, trash and privatise’. If not, WHY NOT?


Best wishes on behalf of Defend Our NHS 


* The boss of NHS England is Simon Stevens. Previously he spent a decade working for United Health, the USA’s leading private health corporation. He is a world expert in health privatisation. His ‘alternative’ CV is available on our Facebook page.

** For examples only: 1: Hammersmith & Fulham council successfully blocked the closure of Charing Cross Hospital; 2: Tower Hamlets, Hackney and Waltham Forest councils all opposed CCG cuts ; 3: Luton council pulled out of its local ‘integrated care system’ because it had little influence over the plans 4: seven councils rejected local ‘sustainability’ plans.



5 thoughts on “Defend Our NHS: important public meeting – 25 April

  1. I fear that almost certainly, my councillors, hard right Labour’s Jones, Jones and Stuart will be toeing the party line, backing the US quangos and hoping to flush NHS services down the toilet in return for personal favours, hidden inducements and bungs. Why else would they have voted FOR it?

    Who knows, they may even have invested some of their fat, public money allowances into portfolios of shares, spread betting upon the swashbuckling pirate US health companies who are knocking each other out of the way to get their hands on the NHS. It’s a distinct possibility if you do the research on these things and follow the money !

    After that’s done, they will hit the streets, spreading a rather different message, one which is telling the public that they support Corbyn, that they are lefties born and bred, and are actively defending the NHS to the hilt. And how in return they would like your vote – pretty please – because they can put it to good use “promoting and defending your interests” inside the Wirral Council chamber.

    A chamber where 20 councillors (18 Tories and 2 independents) recently walked out when a Jewish Labour lefty councillor was telling them about her family’s suffering and persecution during the holocaust. Remember, it’s the Tories who tried to destroy the NHS fledgling at birth 70 years ago, they obviously haven’t changed and are now keen to bring aboutl Death Wish II.

    So with hard right Labour not exactly an option, there won’t exactly be much NHS salvation on offer if you’re considering voting TORY or INDEPENDENT.

    Cheers all.

  2. This is a good read this and seems very well put….

    Why though (if this is a Wirral campaign group) are we being asked to ask how our Councillors voted? Why doesn’t this local campaign group simply tell us? (Were all the decisions taken in secret or something?) If the decisions weren’t all taken in secret I have no doubt that someone like Paul C. will tell us but that’s not the point… is it?

    • Does Stalin’s “Useful idiots” comment apply to canvassers?

      Is that what Foulkes thinks as he hands out reams of leaflets?

      Presumably Jim Crabtree once thought that? Schoolkids posting election leaflets was hardly Scouts post.

    • Hello Paul Martin, prospective Labour Councillor for Wallasey Village.

      What the hell is going on with the trees in Wallasey Village? Why have they pollarded all the trees between the roundabout and up to the Farmers Arms. Has the council never heard of a ‘crown reduction’ Oh I know that costs more money so fuck the environment and the look of a place. No let’s stubby shit pollarded trees. This is supposed to be a Labour Council. What a shambles.

      Good luck though mate. I mean that.


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