Gagging For Trees

tree gag

Here we have a rather worrying message to share from the Secretary of the local campaign group ‘For Trees’ who we have supported on this blog. Wirral Council appear to have learned nothing from the past and are resorting to a tried , tested (and failed) tactics of gags, bans and playing the victim of a vexatious complainant :

As some of you may know, WBC issued an order to the’ For Trees’ Secretary on 14th Mar 2019 . Perhaps it was inspired by Sheffield City Council’s (who saw fit to issue an injunction against one of their own Councillors protesting the removal of thousands of the city’s trees).

It tells me that;
 ‘we have received a large number of complaints in your name’
 ‘we note that you have raised certain arguments on numerous occasions which have already been answered in full, such as the use of glyphosate ‘
 that ;
‘it appears that you are acting with or leading a group of people who are coordinating complaints or who use the same arguments and the same points as you do in their complaints’;
and that;
‘you have complained about various staff members engaged by ourselves, including calling for Mary Worrall to resign’
Guilty as charged m’lud.
So the current  corporate director for business management, Paul Satoor, has communicated by letter that  WBC has invoked the policy ( ‘unreasonable and unreasonably persistent complaints procedure), in which I am debarred from communicating by letter or any other means for  a period of two years, with any Council staff unless it is about a ‘new’ subject (ie not about trees).  This new complaint can  only be addressed to Shelby Loudon at the ‘feedback’ team  where it will be filed but not responded to!
Never mind that the Council, who have stepped up their felling and dismantling of Wiral’s trees, are in breach of their statutory obligations to protect trees and to protect biodiversity, or that they’ve contracted Mancoed to do so when it is against the law, during the nesting season, to carry out these operations ( Wildlife & Countryside  Act as amended 1991).
Never mind that they are blithely carrying on the Glyphosate poisoning contract at the expense of every living thing on the Wirral and elsewhere, courtesy of the taxpayer – even though 15 countries have banned it,  and wiser Councils are following suit.
Never mind that they are asking Wirral’s residents to fund this gigantic and irremediable devastation of our environment when  the relevant officers are paid to protect it.
When the going gets tough, the Council get gagging… 

4 thoughts on “Gagging For Trees

  1. The local authority do not want tree lines streets because of the cost of maintaining them. They do not want fruit trees because they claim kids will use the fruit as missiles. They are only concerned with getting green flag status to all of the green spaces and beaches in Wirral but do not want those pesky people who pay for it to use them because then they have to clean up litter and empty bins. This “pesky people” attitude extends to complaints against the council from said people and especially those who repeatedly press for answers when faced with evasive responses. If you are looking for transparency and co-operation from Wirral Council you are looking in the wrong place.

  2. Wirral Council branded me “vexatious” three times in response to FOI requests in an attempt to shut me up.

    It didn’t work because with a good deal of patience, coupled with the assistance of the law / ICO guidance I overturned Surjit Tour (Head of Law) three times. A badge of honour that I took great pleasure in waving under his nose until he f*cked off to Sandwell.

    What we’re up against here is a deep-seated cultural disease problem, or a malignant cancer if you will.

    By the time you’re settled in as a senior at Wirral Council, the fervent desire to be as opaque and stonewalling as f*ck has seeped into your bastard bone marrow. You WILL NOT escape. “Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch’intrate” – Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.

    Even though Paul Satoor used his connections with the Tory Leader of the Opposition and his sidekick Rennie to “get on” and to worm his way into this basket case, he obviously is not made of the right stuff.

    He’s your atypical prostrate yes-man who is never going to rock the boat and will simply tag along and abuse the power invested in him. Anything for an easy life and f*ck the public.

    Here’s a tweet I did when I discovered that Satoor had landed a six-figure salaried job “with a little help from his friends” on the inside (if elected officials can be termed “the inside” when the bastards are supposed to be serving us, the public.

    • G’day Paul

      You bring back such memories mentioning “Philly “FUCKING” Liar’s Ugly Twin Brother with the Comb Over from Hell’s” BFF

      “Sir Git”

      “The Shyster”

      The scum bag arsehole liar that had a meeting with us Wirral “Funny” Bizz £2,000,000.00 knock off scandal whistle blowers and everyone’s arse wipe “The Pretend Friend Jones” about their auditor Beverley Edwards investigation and the first words out of “The Shyster’s” Lying filthy gob were

      “I haven’t read the report”.

      ha ha ha ha ha ha ha



      Believe anyone at wirral at your peril.

      Sorry I have been absent Lordy I have been very poorly so with karma “Philly “FUCKING” Liar” must be as sick as a parrot.

      Don’t let him go Leaksville till he publicly and properly apologises to us Wirral “Funny” Bizz whistle blowers.


      Why did he pay “Highbrow’s £10,000.00+ court costs erm erm


      Rot in Hell Phlip

      Let us know when he is going to crawl under a rock Lordsville.

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