The Genuine Article 2 : Where ‘Tory Cuts’ is not a typo…

For political balance we had to comment on last week’s Wirral Globe wraparound following our The Genuine Article : Can you spot the difference between news headlines and political adverts?  post where we questioned the ethics of paying for ‘Advertisement Features’ that look like news stories.

This time it’s the local Labour Party that are at it (for circa £5K a pop). And needless to say what a pisspoor job they make of it. In the absence of any radical political ideas of their own they just resort to the mantra ‘ Tory Cuts’ (not a typo) which seems to be the order of the day. The front page contains 5 variations on this theme  (count ’em). Valid maybe, but bloody repetitive and lazy at the same time…






Talking of right wing the big news on the Labour front is that right out of left field (or should that be right field?) we hear that Cllr Paul Stuart is currently being promoted as the future Labour Group leader of choice of those who get a bit upset when it comes to the words ‘socialist’, ‘democracy’ and ‘Corbyn’.

We’re not complaining . With Cllr Stuart as ‘Leader’ of anything whatsoever it will be like shooting fish in a barrel when it comes to political satire…


4 thoughts on “The Genuine Article 2 : Where ‘Tory Cuts’ is not a typo…

  1. Borra da , My Lord. For the sake of political balance I feel I should mention another runner for the Labour Party leadership. The Aussie has always warned we should watch out for him:

    Cllr Adrian Jones

    I seem to recall the Aussie tends to refer to him in not the most glowing of terms…

    • Yackiedoo “Intie”

      Don’t wind me up you pomme barstard.

      “The Pretend Friend” “Pretend Santa” Pretend Clowncillor” is an absolute arsehole.

      He listened to “Highbrow” with his long suffering “Missus Bilong Him Nurse Rat” and feigned disgust at the Wirral “Funny” Bizz £2,000,000.00 knock off. He then went on with AdderleyDadderleyDooLally, Basnett, “Philly “FUCKING” Liar” and that shitbag “Shyster” Tourbus who everyone used to ride to innocence especially when guilty, and led HIS MATE…………”THE GREAT HIGHBROW” up the garden path for years with his political games.

      A complete fucking horror The Little welsh EGIT.



      I still luv yer ya pomme barstard “Ints” but I am not well or in the mood to tell you what I really think of the wirral cabal.


  2. I’ve just been illegally banned from tweeting on Twitter for a week (more on the blog), so here’s hoping this link works…

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