Into the Void


The contest to be the next Labour Group leader on Wirral Council and fill the blank void of nothingness soon to be left by current Wirral Council ‘leader’  Cllr Phil ‘Power Boy Pip’ Davies is proving to be such a fast moving story that our tip off that Cllr Paul Stuart was in line for the top job has already passed its sell by date. Sources tell us :

Don’t know where you got the Cllr Stuart for Leader story but that’s already old news.  Cllr Stuart does not want the post, so has withdrawn.
The new name in the frame to “help the Party heal”, and “lay out Labours vision for Wirral” ( or put another way the person willing to take £50k + in return for allowing the sorry collection currently running things to keep their allowances) is dog shit supremo Cllr Anita Leech.  Despite only having been in cabinet for five minutes Leech is the best that the current cabal can come up with. On the bright side there are still two weeks to go before the meeting to decide the next leader, so who knows maybe by then they might even select Tony ( pick me) Norbury, now that would be a sign of complete desperation!!!
And not to be left out (geddit) the “left” have decide to rally round Cllr Pat ( why talk for five minutes when you drone on for an hour) Hackett as their chosen “seat warmer” as interim Leader , in anticipation of the return of Yvonne ( voice of the people) Nolan.   They need somebody malleable, controllable and compliant until their contingent has the necessary numbers, after another round of deselections into the 2020 elections, to inflict their particular brand of middle class ‘socialism’ ( sorry I mean create the workers paradise that Wirral residents have been dreaming of) on our borough.  Pat is totally in the thrall of Paul Davies, and his muse Kathy Miller, who run, I mean organise for the benefit of the huddled masses, New Brighton Labour Party and was so grateful to escape the blood letting that saw 3 Labour Cllrs deselected that he has proven he has what it takes to be the the puppet they need…
As ever we’ll be reporting on developments as they happen and the way things are going almost anything will and can happen!…

8 thoughts on “Into the Void

  1. Ouu a good bit of internal gossip from the New Brighton Labour part.

    So this Paul Davies guy and Ms Miller have got some influence. They had better watch out for the 2 faced New Brighton Cllr Tony Jones. Yea the slimy bastard who is also Chairman of the New Brighton lifeboat and was actively involved in the fucking over of the old lifeboat crew; sacking them all and losing over 300 years of experience. And since then at least 2 tractors fucked stuck washed up in the sand.

    Influential people, I am sure, will feel like asking awkward questions…

    More information can be found on the ‘The Truth About New Brighton Lifeboat face book public group’

  2. Vote for the person that will look into the pay structure of the council. These councillors now are robbing the people of wirral.

  3. Such compliments. It has never been suggested that I enthral anyone before; usually annoy would be a more appropriate word. If only I could help organise or run New Brighton Labour as you suggest but I am still suspended and haven’t attended a meeting for 2 years. As for Kathy being my “muse” I am not sure if you are talking in the classical sense meaning she is a goddess or in the more modern sense a source of artistic inspiration?
    Paul Davies

  4. Bear with me my Lord.

    As I’m banned from Twitter for another six days, I can’t put up one of those handy picture / link thingies for readers to click on.

    Anyway, this refers to the recent response to these pages from Councillor Gilchrist where he came on here a few posts ago, implying he was all sweetness and light and a dedicated public servant of high standing – I paraphrase.

    Something then started nagging away at me, something of dubious character from the dim and distant past. As you know, I don’t often find cause to offer links to my blog on here…

    …but this is one of those rare occasions where I think it’s important that the public gets to espy the syphilis running sores lurking beneath the glossy coat of the rabid, Wirral Council mutt.

    The occasion in question was the Employment & Appointments Committee which sat on 7th June 2012 – where big, fat fibber Cllr Gilchrist sat as a deputy – to discuss then CEO Mr Jim Wilkie’s request for early voluntary retirement:

    I quote from the E&A committee meeting…

    “Councillor Gilchrist expressed the view that as Mr Wilkie had made known his views that he didn’t feel he was the best person to take the Council forward it would not be helpful to have any uncertainty over the post of Chief Executive and therefore he could not support Councillor [Jeffrey bubbles bon bon] Green’s motion [to investigate the circumstances of the hurried departure of Fowler & Noone, days before the release of the full Klonowski Report].”

    We know Councillor Gilchrist tunes in to Wirral Leaks regularly. Perhaps he has an explanation for why he helped to grease the path for CEO Wilkie to avoid accountability and for why whistleblower Martin Morton continued to fester on the dole as a result?

    Oh, and for why he came on here recently claiming he joined the Employment & Committee Committee a whole year later, and omitting to mention he’d sat on it as a deputy and contributed in large part to the miserable basket case we see before our very eyes in the here and now?

    I’m sure he’s fully aware, people have long memories and such sweeping decisions carry the DIREST of consequences.


  5. Bit of poor article this. Not sure who wrote it but it sounds like someone with an axe to grind and not especially bothered with the truth. I’m a member of New Brighton Labour Party. Meetings are run in a respectful manner. All opinions are listened even if we may disagree with each other. A recent debate on Brexit heard a myriad of opinions.
    The meetings are run by Kathy Miller and Linda Wall. They certainly do not dominate and everyone is given the chance to contribute. Paul Davies, as he has already mentioned, is currently suspended. Very unfairly in my opinion.

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