“We are not going to haul anyone over the coals for this…” – Eric Robinson

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Many of our readers have asked us to comment on this week’s Wirral Council meeting of the Audit & Risk Management Committee which discussed the fall out from the Stewart Halliday scandal , the full gory story you can read in our Halliday Archive.

To be honest we couldn’t bring ourselves to watch the webcast or read the ‘Journo-Come-Lately’ local press reports because as we commented in our Wirral Leaks : Past,Present,Future post this is perhaps the story that frustrates us more than any other we have covered. Is it the most compelling and appalling case of institutional corruption at Wirral Council ? No, that’ll be ‘Wirralgate’ episode.  Nevertheless it has been the one story more than any other story that makes us want to repeatedly do this :

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However you kept plying us with excerpts and quotes and  like the moth’s great imperfection we find ourselves succumbing to the fatal charm of the Wirral Council flame. The quote we were particularly drawn to was the title of the post uttered by Wirral CEO Eric ‘Feeble’ Robinson. And what a quote it is – somehow summing up the well, ‘feebleness’ , of Wirral Council ‘management’ team and elected member ‘scrutiny’.

Robinson’s sly blaming of ‘junior staff’ for a situation where someone like Halliday can nearly QUADRUPLE his income at Wirral Council having left his previous employer not so much under a cloud but a tornado of unanswered questions and evasions of responsibility was a new low in the cowardly history of Wirral Council. Especially when Wirral Leaks readers will know our very own City of York correspondent, the indomitable Charles Nunn, had written to Stressed Eric appraising him of the genuine concerns about Halliday that were emerging from across the Pennines. Remember this wasn’t an employer/employee relationship where termination of employment is fraught with legal complications. Halliday was initially employed as a (highly paid) consultant. When failures of due diligence became apparent it would have been legitimate to tell Halliday ‘off you pop’ – but no this is Wirral Council where throwing good money after bad has been turned into an art form. Eric ‘Feeble’ Robinson misses the point by a country  mile when he says the infamous episode has caused him and Wirral Council ’embarrassment’. Robinson seems to think that ‘taking responsibility’ is the same as ‘accountability’.

No, sweetheart what happened here (and which was completely avoidable) cost Wirral council taxpayers a shedload of money. But then again it’s not your money so what’s a little ’embarrassment’ between you and your bank account?!

Memo to Eric: The reason you get paid big bucks (£200K plus substantial Returning Officer top ups) is that the BUCK STOPS WITH YOU!…

Do we want people ‘hauled over the coals’? Not necessarily – but what we don’t want is failure to be rewarded with hundreds of thousands of pounds of public money again and again and again…

Eric Gut

8 thoughts on ““We are not going to haul anyone over the coals for this…” – Eric Robinson

  1. So…lessons were not learned after Wirralbiz!!!!

    But I heard these self same mantras

    No officer responsible

    Lessons to be learned

    Failure of process


    We can only hold them in contempt.

  2. G’day Leaky

    You could haul the Blinking CEO over the coals mate and then you could close all the food banks and feed the homeless and needy on PIG for years.



    Hey Ecca don’t forget to tell “Philly “FUCKING” Liar” to apologise properly and publicly to the Wirral “Funny” Bizz £2,000,000.00 knock off scandal whistleblowers.

    Paying “Highbrow’s” £10,000.00+ court costs is just not justice enough.

    You fat barsterd.

    Luv your still here Lordy XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXx

  3. Surely Halliday has committed a criminal offence, so to say ‘no heads should role’ is not relevant…a fraud investigation is!

    • The question is clear.

      If Halliday company was dissolved it could have no bank account.

      Previously we have seen WBC erroneously lard the accounts of fraudsters so if that happened 6 years ago how has process ever changed?

      In my long career I cannot think of any instance where a private firm of mine has ever paid money into a bank account other than the one duly authorized (excepting Wirralbiz of course who as council contractor made several such errors)

  4. Imagine being aboard some doomed and fatally holed sea faring vessel and it’s just you and Eric who were to survive the terrible ordeal and you both got washed up on a deserted island with limited food resources.

    Imagine the first thoughts. You hit the shingle beach. Your completely fucked and then, after spitting out a gallon of brine you howl at the heavens, ‘thank you Jesus. Thank you Lord. I’m saved’, only then to realise that fifty fucking yards further up the beach, there’s bloody Eric stood there looking you up and down with that sneering look that says, ‘I’m fucking hungry. I’ve either got to kill the competition for these limited food resources or eat it. Get in my belly!’

    Now. I’m no expert on survival techniques and I’ve no intention of ever boarding a Mersey Ferry with Eric on board, but I reckon he’s got it in him to become a cannibal. He’d eat me. He’d eat you and he’d eat any other poor bastard that survived a ship wrecking.

    Any man who’s capable of becoming as fat as he is and his very first thoughts after escaping death following a shipwreck is to eat another survivor is not fit to be the Chief Executive of WBC. And anyone who thinks otherwise, disagrees with me!

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