Who’s Resorting to Misleading Information? You Decide!


Cllr Phil ‘Power Boy Pip’ Davies, the outgoing Wirral Council ‘leader’ has repeatedly stated that campaigners opposing the Hoylake Golf Resort have been spreading ‘misleading’ information. However, apparently when asked to meet with campaigners to clarify his accusation he went strangely quiet. If Pip and his Council cronies are so outraged about ‘misleading’ information, we wonder why they haven’t bothered to correct any of the ‘misleading’ information being put out by the developers for the Hoylake Golf Resort?

In recent media articles and on their website the Nicklaus Joint Venture Group (NJVG) have stated the building the luxury golf resort houses will mean that the Hoylake Golf Resort link road will not be funded by the public purse. This information is incorrect as the Golf Resort road WILL be funded from the public purse. This ‘misleading’ information was brought to the attention of Wirral Council officers in February, but no response was received.

We understand that at the last Wirral West Constituency Meeting on 14th March a member of the public asked David ‘Golf’ Ball, Assistant Director of Housing and Economic Growth, to clarify whether the NJVG were correct to state that the road would not be publicly funded.

David Ball responded:

I’m not quite sure why the Nickalaus Joint Venture Group have said there is no public money going in to the road because as we did report, as you have rightly said, to the last Cabinet meeting …the link road has an opportunity for a number of sources of funding, one could be through grant from the Liverpool City Region as a transport scheme or the other alternative approach is to recycle the capital receipt that the Council would receive from the golf resort project into part funding that road, and that is my understanding of the position at the present time, so I don’t know why the Nicklaus Joint Venture Group said there was no public money required for that because that’s not my understanding of the position

Responding to cries from the audience about people being misled Cllr Jeff ‘Yellow’ Green stated:

To be fair to David…David won’t be able to give an answer about why people are being misled by the Joint Ventures web site, but I am sure he will go back and speak to them and make sure that it is corrected, is that right?

to which David Ball gave a resounding:


However at the time of this post, more than 6 weeks after the constituency meeting and 10 weeks after the ‘misleading information’ was first highlighted to Council officials, the incorrect information is still on the NJVG website.

Other misleading information which the NJVG is stating on their website is about the quality of the farmland that could be annexed by Hoylake Golf Resort. NJVG claim it is “poor quality grade 4 cultivated land”. The Wirral Society obtained further information from the Soil Association and Landis.org. They also sought the opinion of Cranfield University who produce the Soilscapes website and are sponsored by DEFRA. Rather than being poor farmland, the Soilscapes websites indicate that much of the land is productive, suitable for dairying or beef and some cereal or feed production. Cranfield University were also of the opinion that the soil could even be graded as ALC Class 1 if better irrigation was introduced. We don’t know exactly what that means but even we know that Class 1 sounds better than Grade 4.


Finally, we would like to highlight that one of the pages on the resort website says “Hoylake Resort will provide a beacon for tourism within Wirral” – accompanied by photos NOT of Wirral’s many fabulous tourist attractions and wonderful natural areas, but instead by photographs of the Liverpool skyline and bizarrely , Wallasey Town Hall. Not a green in sight! – which politically is just how Power Boy Pip and Co would like it!

Does this mean that the NJVG know what many already suspect – that despite what the top Council spinners may say about making Hoylake a “world class destination”, most golfers will finish their rounds of golf and disappear along the publicly funded road straight on to the motorway to go and visit the world class international attractions in Liverpool just 15 minutes away!…

Not that we’re suggesting that Wirral Council’s ruling administration would ever resort to misleading information. However we’d like to point out that in a recent Labour leaflet distributed in Birkenhead & Tranmere there was the usual ‘Vote Green Get Blue’ rhetoric and alleged evidence that  that Cllr Pat Cleary votes with the Tories. We are reliably informed that the image is being pointed out to residents on the doorstep.

It is certainly a ‘misleading’ piece of editing but certainly not as technically proficient as piecing together the panoramic that shows the full vote that was occurring out of view which had six out of seven Labour Councillors with their hands up as well!

A Green Party leaflet exposes the ‘misleading  information’ here :


Now that’s what we call evidence of ‘misleading information’.

Over to you Cllr Phil ‘Power Boy Pip’ Davies to evidence campaigners opposing the Hoylake Golf Resort have been spreading ‘misleading’ information.  Although no doubt he’ll be too busy counting the minutes until his leaving do to be held at Wallasey Town Hall on May 8th…




7 thoughts on “Who’s Resorting to Misleading Information? You Decide!

  1. The hypocrisy of the Labour Party in trying to make political capital out of the Green Party’s voting record really makes my blood boil. I consulted my local Labour Councillor (Cllr Phill Davies) a few years ago about the council’s position on the Bedroom Tax when a so-called ‘spare room’ is used as a home office to allow a disabled person to engage in paid work.

    I was told that the council opposed this Tory Government policy. Thus emboldened, I challenged the demand for Bedroom Tax in my case. I went to court in 2014, quoting the precedent of SC236/13/02942, SC947/13/04285 and a case in West Berkshire: 00399554, which related to a home office.

    On this basis, District Judge D M Taylor supported my application because I use my ‘spare room’ as a home office (Ref: SC062/14/00514). My liability for Bedroom Tax was deleted.

    I really did not expect what happened next. Despite what the Leader of the council had told me about his party’s political opposition to the Bedroom Tax, the council decided to appeal the decision in my case to the Upper Tribunal (CH/5146/2014).

    This led directly to the law being changed, so that an exemption on the basis that a ‘spare room’ is used as a home office to allow a disabled person to work can no longer be used to avoid liability for Bedroom Tax.

    The Wirral Labour Party supposedly opposes the Tory Bedroom Tax but it successfully changed the law to remove an exemption that has been used in several places across England. How hypocritical to claim that if you vote Green you get Blue! In my experience, voting Red will not guarantee that you don’t get Blue!

      • G’day Lordy

        We can say

        “Philly “FUCKING” Liar”



        Still waiting for our proper and public apology over Wirral “Funny” Bizz “Dill Brain”.

        Luv ya Leaks XXXXXXXXXXXX

    • Dear Philip,

      To be more accurate, it’s “the hypocrisy of the outgoing, old guard, squatting, hard right element of the Labour Party whose days are numbered”. And you probably know that this issue has nothing to do with “The Labour Party” led by Jeremy Corbyn, whom I imagine would be rightly supporting you against these Tory Wirral vermin.

      • Well Paul lets hope you are correct about the ‘the old guard going’ I hope I am correct in thinking that the ‘new guard’ will be immediately announcing an APOLOGY to the Wirral Biz whistle blowers… ie to the Aussie and the Mighty Highbrow…

      • Inty, I’m not so sure that apology will be forthcoming. Call me a cynic, but I’m going on the Labour left’s 💥deafening💥 silence – if we cast our minds back over the last two decades – during countless Wirral Council right wing Labour scandals, including the £2mil knock off 😜

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