Election Anticipation Part 1


OK gang are you all set for tomorrow’s local elections? We have a slew of last minute election news for you. It’s been a bumper time for us – but then it always is at this point in the political cycle. Sometimes we know when we’re being played and sometimes we play along and sometimes we don’t  but a cause we’re always happy to support is Defend Our NHS . We’ve been asked about prospective councillors who also support the cause – answers below:

  1. Wirral! The fight to #DefendourNHS continues! In the absence of a meaningful response to the 32000 residents who demanded the protection of our walk-in provision we are restarting the campaign.
    Watch for more information but meanwhile SIGN and SHARE the petition!
  2. Wirral! If you want to #VoteNHS in the local council elections on Thursday we can help you decide who to vote for. Ten candidates turned up to our hustings last week. Others sent apologies and a total of twenty-six sent answers to our questions about their stance on the NHS. (All ninety candidates were offered this opportunity but as you’ll see sixty-four did not reply.) You can find out who responded and what they said here.  
  3. Wirral!  Everyone! If you value your GP service then please note this urgent campaign to STOP PRIMARY CARE NETWORKS / SAVE OUR GP PRACTICES. GPs are being pressured into signing up to these new networks by MAY 15TH. Please watch this short film, and do all you can to tell your GP and fellow patients about the dangers they face.
  4. Everyone! Why the NHS long-term plan is a #longtermscam
Best wishes on behalf of Defend Our NHS

5 thoughts on “Election Anticipation Part 1

  1. As so often, the information on the Defend Our NHS Facebook page cannot be read by those of us who do not and will not have a Facebook account. If you want information to be public, make your Facebook page public.

  2. Abandon ship !

  3. Hmmm.

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