Election Anticipation Part 2 – Political Tricks in Pensby & Thingwall

A concerned voter from the Pensby & Thingwall ward has been in touch with us  about the sitting councillor Phill ‘Two L and Back’ Brightmore and his rather casual approach to facts .They told us :

I am a resident in the Thingwall/Pensby ward. I recently received a leaflet through my door from Councillor Phillip Brightmore which stated that a leaked document from the council showed that the Green Belt land in his ward had been recommended for rejection, and he claimed that after much campaigning “we have been listened to”.
This strongly inferred that he was responsible for saving the Green Belt in his ward.
I have been in conversation via email with him for the past week, challenging him on this issue as the Green Belt review is still in progress, and his claims were not consistent with the council’s statement on the current situation. After many emails, on 28th April I received and email from him stating that “the council has made no decision, and those who tell you it has are incorrect”. We have come a full circle!!
The rather tetchy response that our source received is as follows:
Brightmore email-3
However as you can see from the original leaflet it would appear that Cllr Brightmore knows his own ‘political tricks’ best . Despite his best attempts at gaslighting  it is no wonder our source didn’t need to convince herself that he was, in his words, ‘lying’.
Brightmore Leaflet
The impression we get from all this is that, in a ward that promises to be  close call between Brightmore and former Wirral Council employee turned Tory politician Mike Collins, that the former has had to resort to the ‘political tricks’ exposed above . We just pity the poor voters of Pensby & Thingwall having to choose between these two.
However it would be a real shame for the Labour Party if Brightmore were to lose as he seems to have similar attributes of outgoing local Labour Group ‘leader’ Cllr Phil ‘Power Boy Pip’ Davies when it comes to honesty,integrity,openness and transparency. As our readers will appreciate , that is not meant as a compliment or a recommendation.

5 thoughts on “Election Anticipation Part 2 – Political Tricks in Pensby & Thingwall

  1. The Labour hard right and senior volunteers at Wallasey CLP have kissed and made up. Rather than deselect Angela Eagle, they want to join forces and win the Wallasey seat. Paul Martin, the candidate, has Twitter blocked us since our forensic research outed him as a phoney.

    The public need real, principled candidates. We’ve had a bellyful of shallow careerists and abusers.

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