Election Anticipation Part 3 – The Final Day



There can be no-one who will be looking forward to tomorrow than soon to be ex-Labour councillors Phil Davies and Paul Doughty as it will (hopefully ) be their final day  day in public office.

We believe that the fact that neither of them sought the public vote this time round is indicative of Davies’s cowardice and Doughty’s canniness. Both knew the net was closing in , their days were numbered and they’ve been counting the seconds until they can drop the pretence about upholding the Seven Principles of Public Life.

Nevertheless readers will have to wait until after the election for our very special tribute to these most self-serving of public servants.

Wirral politics won’t be the same without either of them and as far as we’re concerned that can only be a good thing!…

3 thoughts on “Election Anticipation Part 3 – The Final Day

  1. G’day “Philly “FUCKING” LIar”



    You only have today to apologise publicly and properly to the Wirral “Funny” Bizz £2,000,000.00 knock off scandal whistleblowers.

    You and your little hairy twat of a welsh egit leprechaun got the whole of the fuckin awful shithole at Brighton Street to all stay schtum you vile cretinous moron.



    No apology today Philly Dillbrain and you will be able to tune in on a weekly basis for the rest of your natural to read my ridiculous comments.

    Don’t forget to tell the grandkids the name of the site.


    Luv to abuse you for your filthy lies.

    wirral will be much better for your departure, watch out for that


  2. The whole of council needs a revamp not just these 2, that includes Ian Lewis’s motley crew. One would say you all knew about corruption, the wrong doings and so on but you all stood and watched it happen. Looking from the outside in then I would say morph you into the city region, assess the need and then remove you lot and then have a fresh page to play with.
    Make a stand and bring back Arthur Scargil.

  3. G’day Leaky

    Which one is Pinky and which one is Porky?



    Both fat lying pigs.

    Luv yer Lordy XXXXXXXXXXXXX

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