Wirral Local Elections – Wow!

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We didn’t know whether we were still dreaming this morning when we woke up to  the news that Labour have LOST OVERALL CONTROL OF WIRRAL COUNCIL.

Some astonishing results included Birkenhead and Tranmere where the Greens ANNIHILATED Labour. Remember this was the ward that outgoing (and now gone) Wirral Council ‘leader’ Phil ‘Power Boy Pip’ Davies was due to stand. We told you he knew the writing was on the wall and in typical Pip fashion popped off before he was publicly humiliated.  However we didn’t anticipate the scale of the victory of the Greens – who DOUBLED the Labour vote. We can only echo the word of Cllr Pat Cleary who  ,up until now anyway, was the only Green councillor on Wirral Council – WOW!

Other astonishing results meant that  Independent  Cllr Meaden was defeated, Cllr Brightmore was booted out and Cllr (Angie) Davies was downed by another victory for the Greens in Prenton.

Meanwhile we’re going to have a lie down in a darkened room and come back to you with our full analysis of yesterday’s events and what it means for the future on politics on Wirral…


16 thoughts on “Wirral Local Elections – Wow!

  1. I think Wirral has taken a small step in the right direction and the smaller parties are supplying a better level of Honesty and respect for the electorate, let’s hope the big two will take note and not continue to take the general public for granted while wallowing inside the Party Political Parasite Bubble of Westminster real progress for the people takes place Locally and I hope this continues.

  2. Cllr Collins will keep you busy for the next few years i have absolutely no doubt about that more skeletons than a Pirate film..

    • He must be working some sort of daily miracle for his ward constituents to be reinstalled to public office. There is simply nothing positive whatsoever to be found within his historical political career – unless he is actually doing positive stuff for his ward which we don’t hear of? Or did the majority simply see a red rosette and scrawl a ‘X’ in the box without looking at the ‘F’ word it represented with its odious and shameful audit trail?

  3. Good that the Looney Tunes have lost overall control. Still beggars belief that they have a hand on the tiller after years and years of sheer incompetance and stupidity,.

      • G’day Leaky

        Whilst the old haggard peroxided blonde is still there the feeble pathetic old impotent low achievers in Brighton Street will still fall for (her) it.

        I am old enough to remember what Lime Street looked like and what the pathetic old clientele looked like.

        The e(r)lected obese member low lives of wirral.



        Have you properly and publicly apologised “Philly “FUCKING” Liar” to the two Wirral “Funny” Bizz £2,000,000.00 knock off scandal whistleblowers?

        You lied and lied and lied and 65 fuckwits went along with your lies.

        Luv your still her Lordy XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

        What a night and mainly down to you.


  4. Collins as a councillor ? oh my fuck.
    Surely this is not the same lying backstabbing-lazy-fly shit picking sack of shit who worked at the community patrol and left with stress and had a miraculous recovery to start work at Atlas security doing the same job.

    Not the same Collins who stopped peoples wages when they where off on bereavement leave.
    Un bloody believable if it is.????????????????????????????????????

  5. And WELL DONE to James Griffiths, the Aussie, also.

    (I will let you explain to me why you were hanging around Lime St another time …haha)

    • Good video here of hard right Labour former councillor Angela Davies in floods of tears after being found sadly lacking and untrustworthy. Well done voters of Wirral. Nice job and keep knocking the bastards down. There’s still a long way to go xxx

      See 01:54…

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