Birkenhead – A Prevalence for Depression

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You won’t be reading this in Wirral View or Wirral Globe and certainly not Wirral Life but research by the Guardian shows the most depressed neighbourhoods in England are all in the north and the Midlands and as you can see above four of the top 15 are in and around Birkenhead.

But then that’s what you get when the local MP invites a ‘stunning lawyer’ who he worked with in the Child Poverty Action Group with the expectation of career advancement via the endless supply of poor/depressed people to Birkenhead.  What a ‘stunning’ legacy they leave behind.

The good news for those hitting the Sertraline and other unprescribed supplements of their own choice to get them through the daily grind of living in Birkenhead is that Frank Field is well and truly on his way out .

With the election of not one but two Green councillors in Birkenhead it has to be the case  that in the words of that great pop philosopher Yazz ,  ‘ The Only Way is Up’…

10 thoughts on “Birkenhead – A Prevalence for Depression

  1. ‘Liked’ but please translate that as ‘******* angry’ at the economic incompetence, the conscious cruelty, the delusionism, and the callous indifference which have brought our town to this state.

  2. How strange! T’other day I journeyed up to Wallasey JJ to meet the lads at the Wellington Ale House. As I joined the M53 happily listening to the saucy wench on my SatNav and laughing my head off like some demented headcase enormously exited looking forward to meeting the lads, I happened to pop the radio on and out came Paper Bastard Lace singing, ‘Billy Don’t Be A Hero’.

    Then two very strange and unexpected things happened. Firstly I saw an image of Frank Field on an advertising notice board which was very debilitating and upsetting for very obvious reasons. Then, secondly I spied a traffic information sign telling me I was 13 miles from Birkenhead. In that one single moment, I went from being joyous, carefree, laughing me head off over God knows what and feeling happy to suddenly for no explainable reason determined to commit suicide and end my life. It was then some unearthly inner voice began chanting to me that it’d make perfect sense to scale a high building, throw myself off it and die terribly. Over and over again, the same demonic chant, ‘die fatso. Die!’

    At the very point when Paper Lace sang, ‘Don’t Be A Fool With Your Life’ I realised that I’d become very depressed very quickly, it was probably because I’d seen the image of Frank Field and I needed to get into Wallasey as soon as possible, park the car up, write a goodbye note, purchase some rope, find a tree and kill myself.

    By the time I got close to The Wellington Hotel, I was overwhelmed with grief and manic depression crying me eyes out wondering who sold rope, or if necessary and if I could afford it, a small pocket Derringer pistol with a bullet in its chamber. That’s how quickly I became depressed.

    Then, the gloom lifted. As quickly as it had come it left me. All thoughts of depression and suicide were gone. I had no need for a rope or to find a strong sturdy tree with a thick bough for me to dangle from. I was saved. The voice in my head had gone and all because I spotted a newspaper stand reporting that Blair’s Labour ideology had lost control of WBC.

    There you go. That’s what can happen when you visit the Wirral and see a picture of Frank Field. It’s really no wonder that people of the Wirral can suffer with mental health and a sense of bewilderment and despair.

    • Re: your very last paragraph……. I normally always erupt into animated paroxysms of sheer volcanic rage whenever I see a photo of Pip ‘Impervious’ Davies – as it is ALWAYS ALWAYS the exact same pose that you see him in – perhaps he is so vain he deliberately vets his images that are published so that they all show the same vacuous ‘Stepford Wife’-like oh-so-earnest gaze into the camera !

  3. This is what happens when Birkenhead is sacrificed on the alter of the “Poverty Czar” Frankenfield for 30+ years. How else was he going to carve himself a career as the authority on poverty unless his constituency was the worst in the UK, if not the EU. How many generations of families have been condemned to abject poverty, economic misery and grinding misery in his quest for fame?
    A sensible person would conclude things would have improved during this time if the top guy on poverty was in charge and he was doing his job properly. But then add in the corrupt local council who all squandered the EU £billions with fat salaries and contracts for their mates and you have a lethal combination for the area. It is not likely to improve either unfortunately.

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  5. Well, they can certainly count ME among the ‘depressed’ statistics then that is for sure, because, in the three years since I relocated back to the Wirral (having lived at the other end of the Mersey in Edgeley, Stockport, for the past 27 years – EXACTLY half my life), I have had nothing but utter bullshit and lies and deceit – and the rest – from this clueless, scandalously dysfunctional ‘authority’ in return for my council taxes – be it simple things such as replying to letters and emails and COMMUNICATING with the residents, to engagement with officers over pressing issues such as street lighting, pavements, potholes, weeding, unnecessary tree felling, wasting of tax payers money on all manner of pointless vanity projects and the rest, etc etc, I could fucking go on….

    It’s no coincidence that over the three years I have lived here, my mental health problems have started to exacerbate / deteriorate in direct parallel proportion with the falling standard of services this council has been (not) providing. How can it take ANY council THREE YEARS AND COUNTING to identify and repair specific (and repeatedly-logged) potholes and street lights (wherever they may be) which have been a DIRECT danger to people’s safety, and STILL continue to proffer pathetic excuses about lack of funding (no, that won’t wash because there are millions being wasted on other trivialities as we all know too bloody well), and continue to dither about with such Herculean levels of ineptitude, displaying nothing but pure arrogance and sheer indifference to the suffering of those who have been crying out for action for so long?

    So yes, thanks to the fucking council – and them alone – my state of mental health and well being has been put squarely to the sword since 2016, and the prospects are not looking too rosy as I now harbour a desperate desire to get the fuck out …. but where to exactly, after all the time and trouble and effort it has taken me to uproot from Stockport and re-settle back here in the first place just to be nearer my family?

    • We can answer this question :
      How can it take ANY council THREE YEARS AND COUNTING to identify and repair specific (and repeatedly-logged) potholes and street lights (wherever they may be) which have been a DIRECT danger to people’s safety ?

      Because the managers in the Highways Dept are untouchable.

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