EXCLUSIVE : Wirral Council – Another Day, Another Damning Report

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To have one damning Local Government & Social Care Ombudsman report ruling against you looks like carelessness but to have two in the same week looks like,er …Wirral Council.

After Wirral Globe brought you news of Report found vulnerable man put ‘at risk’ because of Wirral Council failings   where we find that a son raised concerns about the quality of care his father received and charges relating to that care and the  Ombudsman subsequently found Wirral Council at fault for closing a safeguarding investigation without completing it , for failing to comply with its own procedures and for the appalling way they dealt with (or didn’t deal with) the son’s complaint,  we bring you our own exclusive which we gave you the heads up about a few weeks ago in our Wood is out but Wirral Children’s Sevices are not out of the woods… story where we wondered about the reasons behind the premature departure of John Wood Wirral Council’s former head Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) :

What we do know is that there is an impending Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman report which won’t make pleasant reading for Wirral Council and particularly those in the SEND Department formerly headed by Wood. We anticipate that the Ombudsman will find that Wirral Council were at fault and recommend urgent actions following a serious complaint involving a child with special educational needs. From what we understand it is unclear whether Wirral Council staff have had any training in SEND law.  The law is clear, as is the guidance to which the department must adhere. However it would appear that Wirral Council are simply making up their own rules as they go along – no change there then.

As we anticipated the Ombudsman report which details the delay in completing and issuing a Education, Health and Care Plan for a child with special needs is the usual Wirral Council production when it comes to vulnerable people – you know the very people who they purport that they want to protect and yet fail to do so time and time again :

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4 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE : Wirral Council – Another Day, Another Damning Report

  1. “£500 in recognition of the injustice”.

    So it’s a kick in the teeth from the Ombudsman.

    Injustice layered upon injustice. Particularly when you know that someone who made a habit of feigning forgetfulness and lying under oath over several years to an assortment of local judges – done to conceal council abuse – pocketed £570,000 for his troubles.

  2. G’day Leaks

    Doesn’t look like “Philly “FUCKING” Liar” is going to give that proper and public apology to the Wirral “Funny” Bizz £2,000,000.00 knock off scandal whistle blowers before he pisses off to a miserable old age riddled with guilt and karma.

    So “Crisp Packet” it must be down to you and Ecca The Blinking CEO to do his good deeds for him.

    So mouldy Cheesy and Onion “Crisp Packet you were all over Wirral “Funny” Bizz giving them thousands for business plans for a COMMUNITY CENTRE

    For fuck’s sake.

    I hope you could see through Raworth and Turnbull or God help wirral.



    So “Crispy” waiting waiting for the apology you were all over “Philly’s” lies like the other 64.

    Luv yer Lordy XXXXXXXXXXXXX

    I bet the blues at wirral he he he are loving the Liverpool ride ha ha.

    How is Stella’s building going down Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant wirral Waters?

    Better than Philly’s golf course and big house!

  3. Funny how the very same OMBUDSMAN (if that is what they purport to call themselves) – overseen by the main chief adjudicator Chris Upjohn – then repeatedly reject and refuse to uphold many OTHER complaints and cases from the disgruntled public forwarded to them at great trouble, time and expense which rightfully go on about their council’s ineptitude at the simple things such as ‘communication’, ‘honesty’, ‘transparency’, and ‘integrity’, not to mention their commitment to deliver services to their residents within an acceptable time scale.

    My own complaint and dispute with the council which dragged on for over two years (and astonishingly still going on as I type) concerns their total incompetence and lack of commitment in addressing the various issues regarding street lighting and their abject inability to communicate on the simplest and most straightforward level … but after spending over ten months seeing the case dragged out with countless emails and phone calls provided to corroborate the evidence showing how the council have failed, I get nothing but a desultory response from Mr Upjohn telling me that they could not find the council at fault (what?? They were ‘not in the wrong’ by taking SIX MONTHS to reply to the very first enquiry put to them about the dangerous state of our pavements and roads in the first place?) and therefore he could not uphold my complaint and will close the matter. Not once….but TWICE – even after I replied with a further letter imploring him to re-examine the evidence which I provided to him showing clearly how appalling the council’s lack of action on these matters has prevailed over a 20-month period.

    To say I was furious and cheated by the LGO ‘final decision’ is putting it mildly. But then I soon found out by reading up on countless other cases online that these complainants too have been at the receiving end of this clearly biased and shockingly dishonest bunch of swindlers. So, pray, what use exactly is a high-falutin’ authority such as LGO if all they do is simply kow tow to – and show favouritism to – the lies and bullshit that some of these dishonourable councils are so expert at – such as our own Wirral Borough Council – and show barely any consideration,compassion or sympathy to the plight of the ordinary tax paying citizen?

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