The Mighty Quinn 2 – Requires Improvement

We said this one would run and run and sure enough after our The Mighty Quinn post yesterday we have received some useful clarifications about recent Ofsted inspections (which we’ve amended) and the fact that Erica Sharman was an Assistant Head not a Deputy Head at St John Plessington Catholic College!
The additional information also suggests that we’re not the only ones making observations about inspections and questioning the ambitions of the Frank Field Education Trust.
Screen Shot 2019-05-11 at 20.26.42
Screen Shot 2019-05-11 at 20.27.01
Erica Sharman was an Assistant Head (I think), not deputy but was on Quinn’s senior team for 10 years (see page 1 and 2 of Plessington SLT above ).
It is significant that South Wirral High has just got a 3 (Requires Improvement) in every category – report published this week.
South Wirral High School – just inspected March 2019 – RI (3) in every category. (report released this week)
Originally they were inspected in Feb 2017 – the lead inspector then was Will Smith – they got a 3 RI which seemed fair at the time.
Ofsted returned to South Wirral in March 2019 and their report has just been published. Their Progress 8 score, the important national measure that all schools are judged against, has been bang on national average for two years in 2017 and 2018 with a score of 0 (top 50%). Whitby also got 0 (top 50%) in 2018 and was even higher nationally in 2017. Any school would anticipate being judged good with those figures, knowing they are in the top 50% of English schools nationally in terms of performance.
There are 3 local secondary schools that parents are choosing to send their children to rather than the Frank Field Trust Ellesmere Port C of E College,
The Whitby High School – inspected 7th Feb 2019
Ellesmere Port Catholic High School (EPCHS) – inspected March 2019
South Wirral High School – inspected 20th March 2019
Just as a point of reference, South Wirral comes under a different local authority to EPCHS and Whitby
South Wirral – Wirral
EPCHS and Whitby – Cheshire West and Chester
Is it an accident that all 3 competing local schools to the Frank Field Trust have been inspected in a 6 week period, two of which have been given RI (3) for possibly the next 30 months at least (until re-inspection) and we await the Catholic High’s report, whose delayed release is ominous in itself?
If a school gets 3 for leadership twice, it can be forced by the Local Authority (LA) to become part of a multi academy chain.
It is also no coincidence that all 3 schools are LA schools.
Does this mean that South Wirral High could be forced into a multi academy trust because it has got a 3 twice and 3 for leadership twice which is the deciding factor? We’ll see what the LA do…….
It actually says on the Frank Field Education Trust website :
“FFET plans to grow to 10-15 schools within the first three years of existence, this growth will be achieved through Free Schools, convertor and sponsored academies, initially in the Liverpool city region, and surrounding area. The Trust will operate across the North West, where the Trust Directors and the executive team have a strong understanding of the local context: specifically developing a Liverpool/ Wirral hub and a Cheshire/ Manchester hub.”
Their ambition is clear!


6 thoughts on “The Mighty Quinn 2 – Requires Improvement

  1. Yet more fat cat CEO scumbags at it again, corruption from the top . Behaving more like a Bankster kleptomaniac than someone who is in the Education service. How much money do you want Quinn? Greed is never good. As for Frank Field …not really Labour ,part of the established order not on side with the kids whose education suffers cutbacks and more cutbacks.

    • Thank you Wirralleaks. At last the truth and not “the spin”. All Respect to You. C.C. station green 🐸

  2. #Tommeh not welcome on Wirral.

    “Britain First” fan and convicted criminal Mr. Crapapple and other alleged racists, e.g. Councillor Davies, a number of Wirral right-wing Labour councillors who didn’t sign today’s letter on Skwawkbox and Twitter, sent by @Wirral_Labour … may beg to differ.

  3. There are some genuinely evil bastards who did Quinn’s Stalinist bullying and intimidation on that old list of senior SJP staff. They were the Polibureau of Quinn’s socialistic evil empire and some of those trots have buggered off elsewhere and so escape just censure. I would say that because I am a freethinker I totally reject the notion Superhead there is no such thing. I dont rate Field nor Momentum based candidates either since the impulse to bully, intimidate and eliminate is soviet and endemic in all extreme Marxist based movements which the above are all part of. I also totally reject any extreme right wing impulse and movement which certainly will operate in a similar way given the power. Jack Owen Drama Teacher.

    • There are just as many bullies in the non “socialistic”world. Bullies are everywhere. In the churches, in the tory party,the lib Dems. etc…I am surprised to hear Quinn called a “socialist”..In my book..a socialist is supposed to care for the good of the masses (the students) and provide education for all (not just for the priveleged ). People who put socialist s in with Stalinism confuse and take the pressure off the biggest thief’s of all The Bankers and their lacky minions be them Tories or Labour (the blairites n social climbers)’s not about politics . It’s about Money that should be getting spent Providing Children with enough Teachers, Assistants,Educators and opportunities. Greedy Dishonest Phony Moneygrabbers are Everywhere . Weed them out n burn them All.

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