Murphy’s Law

Sheila Murphy

Photo: ITV news

We note that veteran Wirral based political campaigner Sheila Murphy has spoken exclusively to ITV news who tell us  “the woman who used to be Labour’s top official in the North has left the party – saying membership had become like ‘being in an abusive relationship’…” 

Murphy spat her dummy out the day after the recent local elections  presumably because she had foreseen the likelihood that the Green Party would win the Birkenhead & Tranmere ward  after previously bemoaning that Labour Party members were actively supporting the Green Party :

“We were knocking on these people’s doors and they were openly telling us they were voting Green instead of Labour and even had Green posters in their window.  I reported them to the Local Campaign Forum and was told: ‘It’s their choice’.” For good measure, the local branch even posted on their Facebook page that the Greens were not the problem – their Labour council was…”  

Whilst Murphy has continued to campaign in Wirral under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership, she has now suddenly turned round and claimed that Jezza is to blame for ‘allowing a certain type of behaviour to happen.’

‘Certain types of behaviour’?  It would seem that ‘certain types of behaviour’  doesn’t include the reprehensible conduct of the likes of former Labour councillors Jim Crabtree or Louise Reecejones , current Labour councillors Steve Foulkes and George Davies that Murphy has chosen to ignore but which have rightly appalled other Labour Party members . It’s no coincidence that the Birkenhead & Tranmere ward was, until the recent local elections, held by Wirral Council ‘leader’ Phil Davies. It’s clear the local branch of the Labour Party wanted him gone ( for ‘certain types of behaviour)  and gone he has ( a Wirral Leaks ‘tribute’ will follow shortly). 

Murphy says that the local election results which resulted in loss of overall control  of Wirral Council by Labour and which is now a minority administration under Cllr Pat Hackett is ‘self-inflicted’. Whilst we can’t say we disagree with that assessment it seems to us that in this case  Murphy’s Law is , not just a case of what could go wrong will go wrong , but a law for one set of Labour Party members and another law for The Right Kind of Labour Politician …





8 thoughts on “Murphy’s Law

  1. G’day Leaks

    You mention above some of the scum bags of wirral.

    You don’t speak of the orrible Jones’s.

    How much have they had off with in allowances?

    and for what?

    £100,000.00 £200,000.00 £300,000.00 £400,000.00 £500,000.00 £600,000.00 £700,000.00?

    As far as I can tell from what “Highbrow” his mate he stabbed in the back tells me he spends his days getting himself an audit trail dodging all the shite.



    Value for money ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    Poor woman.


    • I’m not looking to be educated just a simple yes or no .. is this woman also an open racist like Foulkes and Davies

  2. Where was this nasty piece of work when the local Labour Council were abusing disabled people? When they spent nine years thieving hundreds of thousands of pounds from their bank accounts, which only stopped when a. the council got investigated and found out or b. the tenants died?

    Also, where was her local oversight when spiv Labour members were in league with crooked, gangster care organisations, who were setting up fake bank accounts through coercion, threatening violence, evicting disabled tenants, etc…?

    Where was she? Presumably, she fucking KNEW about it?

    But she was very silent about it all, wasn’t she, if I remember correctly. The name Sheila Murphy certainly didn’t pop up until very recently.

    Which tells us everything.

    Perhaps she was keeping a low profile for fear of soiling her own reputation?

    What was her own take on it I wonder, when her local Labour Wirral Council were found to be a corporately bullying and power-abusing council – this woman – who assures us she’s ONLY JUST DISCOVERED RECENTLY that she was in an abusive relationship…?

    Is she a LIAR? I wonder if she lies under oath to protect the party and to show her allegiance?

    The Nazis did that.

    It looks like we’ve stumbled across another, more senior deceiver – one who speaks with forked tongue – who at last has been flushed out of the concealing undergrowth.

    p.s. this interview seems to have been conducted in pleasant surroundings. Is that somewhere in leafy Wirral West (West Kirby beach?) where compulsive liar Phil Davies and Liverpool Central Station, Platform One’s Martin Liptrot reside? Wonder if Murphs, Davies and Lippers ever had private tete a tetes quaffing fine brandies, relaxing on some twat’s back garden patio, discussing how to effectively stay one step ahead of accountability, and how to squander suitcases full of council tax money in order to fund this crooked pursuit?

    These people are despicable. I am a person of fine, well-tuned sensibilities and they know precisely how to disgust me … repeatedly, ad nauseam, and to the very core of my being.

  3. Nothing to do with the fact she was posting in support of the independent party then and was getting expelled. Same old rubbish!!

    I don’t think putting LRJ in the mix you have as the proof she was set up by the inner cabal is extensive to be honest. Maybe take a look WIRRAL leaks cause that’s a story in its self.

  4. “For good measure, the local branch even posted on their Facebook page that the Greens were not the problem – their Labour council was…”

    That’s a good trick… because the local branch doesn’t HAVE a facebook page.

  5. G’day Leaky

    Was expecting someone/anyone to actually abuse me and say what good deeds the ARSEHOLE Jones’ had done for their

    £100,000.00 £200,000.00 £300,000.00 £400,000.00 £500,000.00 £600,000.00 £700,000.00

    in allowances.



    Who is the most stupid?

    The Jones’ or the electors of wirral?


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