Pip Pops Off : A Wirral Leaks Tribute

Before we provide you with our post local election reflections we need to commemorate that a week ago today the Annual Meeting of Wirral Council saw the  end of an era (pronounced error) as Phil ‘Power Boy Pip’ Davies’ tenure as council ‘leader’ officially ceased.

Here at Wirral Leaks we couldn’t let the momentous event pass without providing our own fitting tribute to a ‘man’ who given the choice between right and wrong would always choose the latter option . In our opinion this didn’t make him a political game player it just made him weak. A man who always seemed uncomfortable with ‘leadership’ being thrust upon him after the ignominious fall from grace of that consummate political game player Cllr Steve ‘Foulkesy’ Foulkes  in 2012, in the aftermath of a series of damning reports. This is how we commented on his ascendancy to the top of Wirral Council’s greasy pole:

Screen Shot 2019-05-19 at 19.21.10

As we were to subsequently find out if Power Boy Pip (as he was to become known to Wirral Leaks readers) excelled at anything it was ‘denial’. At this point we’d like to take a leaf out of Kipling’s ‘Just So’ stories and pose the question : ‘How did ‘Power Boy Pip’ get his name?’ Well, thereby hangs a tale from 2013 which you can read here where we mocked how Pip invested in himself ‘Strong leader powers’ and a Cabinet system that screamed weakness. A council criticised for its secrecy becomes less open and transparent,  a council criticised for its lack of accountability concentrates its power in someone who abuses it ,  a council criticised for the conduct of its elected members lets its councillors run amok  as George Davies, Louise Reecejones, Jim Crabtee and Steve Foulkes show their contempt for their ‘leader’ with their out of control conduct and yet somehow Pip only publicly criticises Reecejones – go figure .

We nailed it in our We Leak, Pip Squeaks  post when we wrote :

Of course we believe that ultimately what what will do for Power Boy Pip is his failure to rein in Cllrs  Steve Foulkes and George Davies and to stand up to Birkenhead MP Frank Field over the Wirralgate scandal. These are not the actions of a leader – this is a man out of his depth clutching onto a red flag of convenience and not waving but drowning………………

Pip was never a leader but always the ‘front man’ –  a turd-polishing pollyanna . The pinnacle of this ‘achievement’ being Local Government Chronicle’s ‘ Most Improved Council’ Award in 2015.


Needless to say Pip took his cue from the ne plus ultra of local political game players, Frank Field, who as we know , has spent 4 decades surrounding himself with ugly bullies and useful idiots . Conveniently Pip was to find many of both, not only in his own party but in the paid ranks of public servants at Wirral Council. However where Pip really began to become unstuck was the alliance made in hell (via West Kirby) with his infamous appointment of politically motivated spin doctor Martin Liptrot to whatever job ‘Liptrotsky’ wanted. The pitiful correspondence from Liptrot to the Council ‘leader’ dictating terms of his  grace and (political) favour employment was pitiful to behold and further evidence of Pip’s reliance on others to sustain him in power. This episode and further details of this disastrous appointment can be read in The Liptrot Mystery.

This reliance on the bad will of others has meant that the past 7 years have been one one long pay off party for some really horrible senior council officers . The routine seemed to be –  Inept? Here’s a cheque. Inept and knowing –  here’s a bigger cheque. Inept , knowing and prepared to do Pip’s dirty work (Hey, Joe  name your price!…)

Compare and contrast that with the fact that throughout his tenure as ‘leader’ (and even before that…) there wasn’t a Wirral Council whistleblower he wasn’t prepared to screw over. Except, of course, the one set of  bogus , so called Wirralgate ‘whistleblowers’ who had him over a barrel and could shaft him at the drop of a tape recording. Luckily for him he had those ‘special leader powers’ to get him out of a deeply corrupt hole of his own making by deciding to bring the Highways contract back in house and give Gary’s Gang what they wanted all along.  Obviously when the hired hands with their hands on the ‘record’ button it’s time to go visit your grandkids in Canada. For more details read here

So many unanswered questions and it shames councillors of all parties that Pip was allowed to quietly depart without them ever being asked. We never did hear the end of the Wirralgate saga did we ? The one that led to front page news stories, and an ‘independent’ investigation that has never seen the light of day ? But oh, believe us before we go you will dear reader!…

Typically, Pip isn’t around to see whether any of the 20 pledges in his much lauded 20/20 Vision thing are ever realised in 2020. Funny how we don’t hear about the pledges anymore isn’t it? There was a time when it seemed that every Labour councillor had to preface every utterance with reference to ‘pledges’ . Could it be that it was all complete bollocks and another reason Pip bailed out before the 20/20 Vision was, to mix a metaphor with a bit of the Bard,  proven to be the usual smoke and mirrors signifying nothing?

However whilst Pip will be gone he will not forgotten as the last ever Leaky Awards will be known as Pip Memorial Awards for Public Dishonour – winners to be announced in a glittering awards ceremony hosted by Pip beneficiaries – the Wirral Chamber of Commerce.

With our nasty head on (do we have any other? ) we were going to wish Pip a very short retirement but we suspect that as he merrily frolics with the Davies clan in Canada and he’s finally free of a position to which he was manifestly unsuited that the red suffused face ( part high blood pressure/part embarrassment) will be replaced by the rosy glow of contentment of knowing that he managed to blag it for so long.

Finally …do we have an extradition treaty with Canada ? Askin’ for a friend!


10 thoughts on “Pip Pops Off : A Wirral Leaks Tribute

  1. Excellent !! And sadly bang on . read and weep , shame on those councillors that know/knew and supported this dreadful regime , Christ you do that much head turning and crying we can do nothing so your purpose is what then 🤷🏻‍♀️ had solicitors whisper in your ear don’t say it could cost you.. shame on you for not going straight to parliament the head of MI6 or who ever to tell them what you know as a minimum even if considered a rumour your duty is to the public not your ego .. demand yet another investigation this will never go away until you wipe the slate and stop hiding behind process when convenient. Your hands are not tied other than to money

  2. My Lord,

    I feel I must APOLOGISE to the Aussie.
    I assured him that Philly Liar would APOLOGISE to his good self (as well as to the Mighty Highbrow) I was wrong. I didn’t happen.

    But… good news. I read that the new leader of Wirral Council, Pat Jacket, is intent on a new regime that will embrace ‘transparency’. I feel that I can sense an APOLOGY coming on to the Aussie…. so all is good. All will be well the Wirral Biz whistle blowers will soon be publicly vindicated…

    (Yes I am out of bed before the Aussie again this morning)

    Kisses to him ..xxx….and one to yourself My Lord. x

    • What a great friend you are Inty to our James. Wonderful loyalty and fully deserved by both James and the Oxford educated Hobro.
      Well done lad. Very well done.

  3. Wirral Labour Council lost the plot when they had overall power, perhaps now we’ll see a much better behaved Labour Council with its reduced number of Councillors, lesson learned
    we all hope.

  4. For young children who’ve never received any positive encouragement in their young lives and believe that they’re not going to achieve anything throughout their adulthood because they possibly have no useful skills or abilities, then this Councillor is someone who should inspire many of our young generation to go into politics.

    This then is someone who young people should aim to emulate. With no discernible abilities, no communicative skills and unless he’s kept them well hidden, no abilities at all, he managed to scale to the top of local Wirral politics.

    Yes indeed’y! To all those who follow Pip’s philosophy of ‘Dare To Fail’ and are convinced incompetence is no barrier to success, then be inspired and follow in his footsteps and get into local Wirral political life. Nobody will ever notice that you’re bloody incapable and not one observer will ever wonder, ‘How The Fuck Did He Get Here’, which I’m given to understand is the title to Liptrot’s Diary entry the very same day he negotiated his salary to start his job with WBC.

    Thinking about it one last time. The next time the family cat gifts you another ten unwanted kittens and your stood over the Mersey holding a sack containing six house bricks and the ten bloody unwanted cats who are probably all runts, think twice before you do it. One of those creatures could have been just like Pip. Completely useless but capable of scavenging about the place eventually reaching the very top of the entire Litter of the unwanted, even though, there are so many reasons or expectations to believe it’s completely impossible.

  5. G’day Leaky Bobster Paul Intie Martin Highbrow Ali Jonathon

    I waited to see what people would say about the good riddance of


    It appears not that many want to comment on a serial liar that they have paid exorbitant money to for a lot of years.


    The man deserves to have a miserable old age after shitting all over well meaning punters like “Highbrow” and me.

    OK we can laugh at the fat faced arsehole of a mamby pamby caldy boy but at what expense to poor people and people at those schools and shelters he and the Jones “Nurse Rat” shat all over.



    I just hope he gets what he deserves I got what I didn’t deserve.

    May the See you next Tuesday rot in Hell..

    Luv you gals and guys especially you Lordy XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    Don’t say it “Intie” I know you wanna. x

  6. G’day The Great Man

    I got a bit of a surprise when told I had a malignant cancer.

    I got a much big shock and hurt when “Philly “FUCKING” Liar” and his 65 parasites ganged up on “Highbrow” and I for nine years.



    May they get what they truly deserve…

    I can live with cancer

    more than being one of those orrible specimens.


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